Men's hair and beard styles 2013. 5 Men s Hairstyles to Complement Beards of All Shapes and Sizes

Celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo chooses five men’,s hairstyles to complement beards of all shapes and sizes –, as inspired by some of the red carpet’,s most hirsute heroes. Beard and hair styles.

“,Those men who took part in Movember may have become quite attached to their beards,”, says Asgar. “,Luckily, the cold winter months are the perfect time to continue growing out a beard or make a start if you haven’,t already. The festive season is a time when people forsake formality and routine in favour of comfort and warmth.

“,However, it’,s a common misconception that your beard will complement your hairstyle,”, he warns. “,This is often not the case. In order to enhance your new facial hair, a new hairstyle should also be on the cards.”,

“,The undercut works very well for those with a full beard with the same clipping length as the undercut. Ensure that the back and sides of the hair are shaved to either a #2 or #3 then apply the same length for your beard. It’,s a good idea for clients to invest in an electric clipper, so that they can consistently ensure the length of their beard is the same as the sides of the hair.”,

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Short and shaggy beard goes well with…, a side-swept style

“,With geek chic still popular, a side fringe is the perfect hairstyle to accompany a short shaggy beard. In order to really make this look work, ensure that the sides of your hair are kept at a reasonable length and allow your fringe to grow to the point that it can be swept to the side effectively.”,

Stubble goes well with…, something short and slick

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“,For short and slick hair, the person who always comes to mind is Ryan Gosling. His hair suits his short, well-kept stubble perfectly. With a smart hairstyle, the stubble adds a touch of masculinity and still maintains a casual look. Perfect for work and play.”,

A trimmed and shaped beard goes well with…, the man bun

“,The ultimate trendy style. This look for men’,s hair really rocketed in 2014, with celebrities such as Colin Farrell and Bradley Cooper showcasing the man bun. This look is perfect for those not wishing to spend too much time scrutinising their facial hair, just be sure to keep it trimmed and well-shaped, as this will ensure you maintain a relatively smart appearance whilst retaining that on-trend edge.”,

Beard and hairstyles 2013

“,The long, swept-back look has been brought to our attention thanks to guys like Chris Hemsworth, who showed off its full potential. When sweeping the hair back behind your ears, I would recommend a full beard. The main issue with this look is that you can often look too casual, bordering on scruffy. By shaping your beard regularly and keeping your hair swept back neatly, this look will become diverse enough to match with a smart suit.”,


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