Hair and beard styles 2013. Men's hair trend: undercut with a beard, yes or no?

/ 05.23.2014

Undercut hairstyles have become big business in the world of men's grooming. More popular than ever, it's the new rebellious cut du jour. One of the best things about it is the way it more or less tore up the established - and seemingly omnipresent - trend of barbershop fades, bringing something a little punchier to the table. Beard and hair styles.

The guy in the photo here has struck a particularly good balance. With his hair kept long and fairly wild on top, the contrast with the shaved part of his head is all the more noticeable. Add to that a 10-day beard (maybe 15, who knows) and you've got a look that's right on trend with a rugged edge.

The question is, are you brave enough to try a similar undercut style?

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Stay in control

If you do decide to make the cut, you'll probably need a few pointers to help with styling the longer, more unruly mop left behind on the top of your head. The main thing is to retain a certain amount of visible control over your hair. The rest is all personal taste.

To style: Warm a small amount of Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum and work it through the top of your hair. Add more when needed but be careful not to apply too much. Once you have a good amount of hold, shape the hair with your hands, twisting and tousling individual strands to add texture. Smooth down any hair that hasn't been undercut and you're good to go.

Hair and beard styles 2012

Be warned, cool though it looks, there is a possibility that some employers won't take too kindly to you rocking up to work with a somewhat jaunty section of hair missing...

What do you think? Would you try an undercut?

Beard hair looks like pubes

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