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It seems like bulging biceps and six-pack abs are no longer enough for today’s men. The trend for achieving stylish beards is driving men to switch to excellent shaving tools like 3 piece safety razors and trimmers. In the recent years, men sporting stylish beards have become quite prominent in red carpet events and fashion shows. Civil war beard styles.

A nice beard style lends a smart and masculine look and so guys are taking desperate measures to grow and maintain one of their own. While countless beard styles had graced the big screen and many award nights in the year 2016, we have come up with some of the most memorable looks.

The 42-year-old star Dwayne Johnson also known as “The Rock” was pictured sporting a goatee beard. Seeing the former WWF star turned actor in a grizzly goatee beard was nothing less than a surprise.

Tom Hardy is an English actor, screenwriter, and producer. He is a man with handsome looks and various styles suit him when it comes to facial hair. You need to see his enviable beard style for his role as John Fitzgerald in “The Revenant”. The actor was spotted with a well-groomed version of this facial hair at the premiere of “This Means War”.

If there’s anything more attractive than a man’s sense of humour, then it is surely a nice beard style. Paul Rudd perfectly fits in this criterion. Rudd rocked the premiere of Captain America: Civil War with a full grown beard.

Civil war era beard styles

Idris Elba is an English actor, musician and DJ. The actor looks ravishing with the facial hair God have favoured him with flawless whiskers. Idris is best known for his significant role in the BBC wrongdoing dramatisation Luther. You too can achieve this look using a butterfly safety razor.

Lee Pace who is often seen clean-shaven was spotted with a beard style on the opening night of L’Elisir D’Amore at the Metropolitan Opera. His facial hair added rugged sexiness to his personality and he was quite a sight at the event.

Ryan Reynolds a famous actor often sports a stylish beard. His facial hair is highly admired by a lot of men worldwide. You can also follow his style to get a new look.

The actor is highly admired for his mind blowing whiskers. His facial hair extends up to his sideburns and meets his thick hair. His blue eyes further add to his sex appeal.

Civil war beard styles

Hugh Jackman has made Wolverine-style beard quite famous after having that look in X-Men series. The actor has experimented with many beard styles in his movies, be it thick goatee to the iconic Wolverine mutton chops.

Ben Affleck, a famous American actor has been rocking the shaggy look for quite some time now. He has garnered plenty of admiration due to his stylish beard styles.

Each of these looks was spotted in many award nights and movie premiers. You too can get them using shaving tools like 3 piece safety razor and a little care.

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