How to maintain beard styles. Grooms Grooming: The Facial Hair Edition

I can’,t actually tell you how often friends of mine share one of Buzzfeed’,s (many!) dishy guys with beards round-ups. Let’,s just say it’,s pretty regularly. Clean beard styles.

It’,s no secret that beards, and the fellas who sport them, are enjoying a bit of a moment right now.

But while facial hair might be stylish (and in my humble option, hot!) not all beards are created equal, and significant stubble growth doesn’,t suit every guy.

So, whether you’,re a baby faced bridegroom, or one with a seriously bushy beard, we’,ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Braun to bring you top tips for rocking your facial hair (or lack of it!) on your wedding day.

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Us ladies have make-up to go on our wedding days, but for guys, it’,s all about a smooth shave or carefully coifed facial hair.

Without concealers and foundations to cover-up any last minute imperfections, it’,s important for grooms to invest in quality tools ahead of their wedding day, so they look, and feel their best.

Braun have been leaders in men’,s grooming for decades, but it was only when we started looking into their shavers that we realised just how many different kinds of products they have –, and the cool, innovative technology that goes into them.

Whether you want precision sideburns, a full bearded look that’,s still neat enough to kiss, or a clean shave that will last until long after the bouquet toss, they’,ve got just the product you’,re looking for.

From the Braun Series 7 (the world’,s only shaver that automatically reads your face and adjusts the power of its micro vibrations to the density of your beard) to the Braun Series 9 with intelligent technology that delivers a comfortable and thorough shave, they offer products for every kind of facial hair, and even vary depending on your skin type too.

Beard care and styling

Then there’,s the easy to use Braun CruZer range with a selection of products that give perfect results every time. This is the one for guys who want more than just your standard shave, with accessories to create a beard worthy of a lumberjack, a dapper moustache, cool stubble, or a clean shave.

What Kind of Groom Are You?

Whether you want to work a goatee or maintain a permanent 5 o’,clock shadow, check out our nifty tips for getting your perfect style of facial hair in time for your big day –, along with a guide to which products to use to get your desired beardiness.

The Clean Shaven Groom

You like to look smart, clean and classic, and on your wedding day you want your shave to be as sharp as your suit.

The clean shaven look is always a good option, because it’,s timeless. We love a hipster ‘,tache as much as the next facial hair fan, but you want to look back at your wedding photos in years to come without cringing.

For the cleanest shave possible, opt for Series 7 or Series 9 shavers. With intelligent sonic technology with 40,000 micro vibrations per minute, they cut even flat-lying hairs and give you a thorough shave in even the most hard-to-reach places, especially your neck.

Patented features give you an even closer cut that will last long into the night. This is ideal for someone with fast growth, with a unique design that cuts more and deeper than ever before.

For the best results on your wedding day, shave before you shower, as your skin tends to be slightly swollen after washing.

Hold your shaver at a right angle to your skin. Stretch your skin and shave against the direction of beard growth. Keep the pressure even to achieve the best possible shave.

The Slightly Stubbled Groom

There’,s something so alluring about a guy with just the right amount of stubble, he’,s cool, he’,s laid back and he’,s a little bit edgy. At a formal event like a wedding, it’,s pretty nice to sport a look that’,s natural and collected.

Beard trimming style guide

Choosing the right tools to get perfect level of stubble is key.

Try a product like the CruZer Beard &, Head or Series 7 Beard Trimmer, with the capability to trim to 12 different lengths. Or if you want to invest in an all in one shaver that will work for your designer stubble days and your clean shaven ones, opt for something like the CruZer Face.

Don’,t use your trimmer for the first time on the morning of your wedding, practise in advance with the different length adjustments so you know which one looks and suits you best.

The Bearded Bridegroom

It can be stylish, it can be manly or it can be low maintenance, but whatever kind of beard you’,re sporting, it’,s always going to be cool.

While we love a look with some serious growth, for your wedding day, you’,ll want to avoid a look that’,s unkempt, uneven or wiry.

For a beard that’,s still got plenty of edge, but is neat for the day that’,s in it, use a shaver like the the CruZer Beard &, Head to give you the exact look you want with its adjustable comb.

Its precision trimmer is especially designed beard styling, in hard-to-reach areas, for an even trim, without irregularities.

Like we always advise brides to try to look like themselves on their wedding day, wear your beard as you normally would, whether that’,s a handlebar moustache or a bushy beard, don’,t feel like you need to be clean shaven just because it’,s your wedding day.

You want your other half to recognise you as they make their way up the aisle, right?

Beard grooming and styles

Before the Big Day

However you decide to style your look on your wedding day, prepare in advance. Invest in good skin and haircare products as well as tools, and start using them at least a month before the big day so both you, and your face, are used to them.

Work out when you need to shave for your optimum beard growth, and practise a few times to ensure you’,ll have the desired look on the day.

And finally, whether you’,re trimming your beard, or opting for a clean shave, give yourself plenty of time on the morning of your wedding to really look after yourself, so you look and feel like a million dollars as you say your vows.

So grooms, we’,d love to hear from you, have you any top shaving tips for your big day? How does your other half prefer you to wear your facial hair?

Will you be opting for a close shave for your wedding or will you be getting white icing in your beard?

For more information on Series 7, Series 9 and the CruZer lines of trimmers and shavers, visit the Braun website –, and look out for their top tips for getting the best results from your shaver.

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