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One of the first things you’ll start noticing when you grow your beard out, is how different it is from the hair on your head. For many guys out there, you’ll either have thick hair, thin hair, wavy, curly, or a mix and match of these main qualities. The hair of your beard is no different. Beard styles and names.

We’re going to take a look at each individual type of beard, when you can determine the hair type and any special grooming considerations that go with how your hair grows. One big choice you’re going to have to make is how much you use a comb versus a brush.

Comb or Brush

We all have woken up with the dreaded bed beard hair. You’ve got a unicorn sticking out underneath your chin and some strange horizontal viking braid coming out from the sides. Not only does it look unruly, but often it can even hurt if it twists too much.

Most of us fix this through a quick rinse off, but we don’t want to wash our beards every day. You’re going to need most of the time, a beard brush and comb to get the job done. This is where the dilemma of choice begins. What to use? Both of these play a vital role in the health of your beard.

Our signature beard comb is made out of wood. It’s designed so that you’ll be looking your best with a quick run through the hairs. It’s quick and easy to even out all sides of the beard. Our brush is equally as impressive.

The boar bristle brush acts as a detangler that will reach all lengths and areas of the hair without pulling out hairs. It’s an essential tool for any long beard. You’ll see the difference on how to use it, depending on your beard type. It is made from 100% Pine and the brush is all boar bristles.

Our brush and comb are both made out of wood. These are the best for smoothly cut teeth that won’t bring any damage to the beard. They have to be washed and thoroughly dried afterwards. We’ll see how they interact with different beards.

Beard styles and their names

Types of Beards

For the most part, your beard will need to be at least 3 months length or more before you start using a comb. A brush will work with only a few weeks growth to stop any potential tangles and keep the hair stimulated. Let’s take a look at some of our main types of beards under the following attributes of: thick, thin, straight, wavy, and curly.

The Mighty Mane

Our first type of beard is the majestic genetically blessed godhood beard of thickness and curly. Hell if you’re lucky there’s probably some waves in there too. But let’s focus on thick and curly.

It important that you don’t let your beard get too tangled up with curly hair. Your hair will be much longer, and individual hairs will be much thicker too, adding double the trouble and more volume. Detangling your curly hair safely is the most important part of this beard type.

The longer it gets, the more challenging the grooming becomes. When your hair is relatively damp or not dry, is a good time to run the comb through it first. Make sure you go through gently as to not pull out any hairs, only looking to even everything out. Once this has been finished you can throw the bristle brush through there to detangle the rest.

The Mighty Mane has a lot of potential, but also even more upkeep than other beards. Curliness is a factor that will make your beard take longer to grow length, but when it does it will be massively thick and long.

Our lean locks can be determined at a relatively young beard age. You’ll usually see a few thin spots here in your stubble or five o’clock shadow. You could either be looking at a thin straight beard or thin wavy and curly. For the most part, our lean locks are going to be thin and straight.

Different beard styles and names

Usually a curly thin beard can mature itself into a Mighty Mane. If you’ve been given this type of beard, then you’ll need to switch it up with the combs and brush order. For one you’ll want to brush your beard out first, so that you can add volume and order.

Following that, you’ll then use the comb to even out the newly brushed out areas. This type of beard can do well on guys with shorter styles or getting a cool long wispy style rolling. It’s all a matter of how much you can rock it with confidence. Stay away from combing this type of hair while wet, as it can cause breakage and damaged beard hairs.

Wavy Weaves

Beards that are wavy have a unique look about them. For the most part they’re going to be thick and length will come easily for you. The waves get more prevalent the longer they get, and can pronounce a total beach vibe.

Wavy Weaves can get tangled fast. That’s why it is going to be important to keep combing this like a Bropunzel sitting out his tower window. After a good wash you’ll be able to keep your Waves in for a good amount of days with the proper balm and oils applied.

It’s also probably one of the beards that are less likely to get wrapped up in a lot of messy bedhead. There may be a bit of a relationship between the thick wave and the thin wave beard. These types of beards will get you to the longer lengths faster. Always make sure to detangle them and you can pull off this type of hair.


If you’,re itching for any kind of beard growth, then do not fear. There are some of you among us who may be part of the patchy brigade of almost beards. Don’,t let your beard wait in wonder to see if it will mature and flourish in your older years. Take action now.

Facial hair styles and their names

There is nothing to lose when you try out some of our beard growth oils and vitamins. They’,ll be part of a healthy beard plan that will get you to the growth you need to be at today. Then some great day, you’,ll see that beard waggle in the wind in all of its primal glory.

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