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Chin strap beard style has been basking in the limelight for quite a while now and no wonder, the style with its varied modifications is a real head turner. From among the famous types of beard styles that you can choose to adopt, the chin strap beard makes a statement. This is because its elegance and versatility make it suitable for both formal and informal wear. However, not everyone knows the many styles this beard comes in. So, to help you get the chin strap beard that looks best on you, and educate you about its cutting and trimming techniques, we have compiled all the different modifications as well as a guide to growing this fascinating beard for your especial benefit. Chinstrap beard styles.

The Chin Strap Beard Style History:

The beard is basically a strap of facial hair that extends over your jawline. The history of this beard dates back to the late 18th century where it was adopted by many notable names of the time. Today, many celebrities have graced the red carpet carrying this look and have nailed it. Admittedly, stars like Chris Daughtry and 50 cent have taken the look to the next level, which has sparked up a trend for this beard style. Many people, including Elijah wood, wear the style on a permanent basis stating the simplicity and uniqueness that this beard comes with. This goes to show how very iconic this style can look and the potential it has, to become your next dazzling outdo.

Plunging into the many modifications this style has to offer, one can explore quite a lot of options. One of these is the thick chin strap. In this modification, the strap is thickened with a bushier beard to resemble the chin curtain. The style is preferred because it makes the beard more formal and professional looking, which is best for all the working gentlemen out there. Besides this, the look is twisted in such a way that it becomes appealing for the informal, stylish gatherings as well.

This chin strap beard follows a longer look. Remember how you can grow out a style by simply lengthening the hair length? Well, this style follows a similar approach and aims to lengthen the hair of your chin strap. Those searching for a stylish yet mature look can take advantage of this beard style. The grown yet sharply cut look makes for an attractive personality that is a catch for anyone. What’,s more, ladies are in love with the look as well, which is all the more reason to wear it permanently.

Of course, a wide beard style is one other way that you can adapt this beard style. In this look, you attempt to make the beard broader so as to cover more of the face. This look is perfect for both teenagers, young men and those of older years as it is a neutral style which downright states class. In addition to this, the beard style is a great appealer in the ladies’ club. Many even prefer their men to carry this style of beard, showing their approval of this trendy look.

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There has been controversy about how elegant the style really is. Some people downright rejected it, whereas others chose to experiment. We, however, have come to the solution that the beard is not the culprit, it is the wearer where the problem lies. The chin strap beard is one of the difficult to carry beard styles and requires due courtesy as well as courage.

The chin strap beard styles

For it to suit, you need to alter a bit of your personality. Plus, with the new modifications the thin strip that was rejected once, is the past. These new, trendy looks are winning people over, all around the world and have even turned about those who didn’,t like the style at first. Hence, the chin strap beard is a classy and stylish, wearable option that will score you a lot of points, if worn correctly. Find beard styles names

Now that you are clear about the basic style, you may be thinking about how to grow a chin strap beard style? We are here to help you through by bringing step by step how to shave a chin strap beard. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Let your hair grow all over your face.

You need to forget your hair for at least a month.

Look for professional salon services to get the first cut

For the trim you can use a Wahl trimmer, precisely removing all the hair on your face except a line of hair that runs down on your jaw to meet with the opposite side.

Chin strap beard styles pictures

You have the option of incorporating your mustache with the look as you please

Clean of the cheek and neck area to attain that smooth and professional look.

How to trim a chin strap beard:

Trimming chin strap beard style can be a trying process for many. The precision and steadiness required to trim the look are unlike other styles and demands expert handling. However, there is a way you can make the process easier by:

Rinse your face with Luke warm water to rid it of dirt and debris.

Apply shaving cream all over your face. A trick is to make a line with your finger on the desired cheek line to create a guide for your shaver to follow.

Chin strap facial hair style

Shave of the cream covered skin, leaving behind the chin strap.

Remember to not make advances into the chin strap as this will destroy the fine cut and your look will be lost.

Rinse off the shaving cream with abundant quantities of water and ensure the strap is set straight on your face.

All in all, the chin strap beard style is a tricky beard to create and style, however, once you get the perfect look, you will come to realize that the beard is worth every last bit of effort. Those who desire to stand out can opt for this manly look. It does take a little getting used to, but once it suits it can take your whole outlook for a 360-degree spin!

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