Easy style beard trimmer. Best Beard Trimmer UK 2016: Reviews of Our Favourite 4, Beardsmen

Not long back we tested 20 plus beard trimmers to get a sound answer to the following question: Easy style beard trimmer.

Which is the best beard trimmer for men available in the UK to get for the everyday beardsman?

We tested trimming performance. We timed battery life (and how quickly they recharged). We even had a go seeing how easy they are to wash and take care of.

What we tried to keep an eye on to be classed as a good trimmer are the following factors: overall trimming performance, practicality (ergonomic use and battery life) and its value (bang for the buck so to speak).

#1 Remington MB320c Barba Beard Trimmer

This is the one I've had for almost seven years - and it is still as good as the day I bought it. I've tried many, many a beard trimmer and it just proves the case that sometimes, just sometimes simple really is best.

I've no doubt that it's for that good reason, it is BY FAR the most popular beard trimmer in the UK and outsells almost any other.

Trimming Power

For what is intended as primarily a “domestic product”, this little cordless beard trimmer will do a top notch job (dare I even say “professional job” of trimming your facial hair. Whether you are after that 10 Day Stubble (simply set it to the lower setting through the wheel lock system and go for option “3”) or going for the longer beard (set at “9” for up to 18mm), the MB320c will sort you out.

Plus, since it is a cinch to change length settings this makes it a whole lot easier for when you want to “fade in” your facial hair or want to add that “layered” look for those extra style points.

Precision Trimmer

It also comes with an integrated precision trimmer that’s just tucked away on the back. There’s a marker clearly indicated that you just need to push up and the little trimmer comes out (which you can see in the demonstration video below).

This I've got to say is awesome. Perfect for shaping up your beard, defining your moustache or stubble, when you are trimming a proper beard neckline or cheek line. Also, comes in handy for when you want clear separation between your ear and side burns (some of the beardsman even used it for their hairline).

General Upkeep & Longevity

After seven years of use, I've never had an issue with it. Granted, it needs the odd clean up here and there but there is no need to lubricate it really (so no oiling required) and the cutting head is still rather sharp and the battery (which we’ll get into more in just a second) still holds a solid amount of charge.

Battery Life

It operates on a rechargeable battery and it can last for relatively long time…

Granted it takes quite a while to charge up initially in all 15-17 hours or so (which I just see as basically a case of leaving on overnight) and then it claims to be 40 minutes of continued trimming, but I measured it coming a little higher than that. This is one aspect you certainly won’t be disappointed in. Plus, it can operate both corded and cordless too.

The Remington MB320C will let you know (through an LED indicator just tagged at the bottom - by turning red) when you are about to run out of power, giving you a heads up that next time you will want to set it on charge. The only real downside is that the charger is somewhat large, which won’t be a problem for at home use but those who are on the move and travelling a lot it might cause a slight issue.

Well renowned grooming expert Lee Kynaston’s ( groomingguru.co.uk ) take on the MB320c:

“I've tried them all, and the one I use myself is a trusty is a trusty old Remington MB320c (snappy name huh?). It’s robust, easy to use and, crucially manages to get into those difficult-to-trim places like under our nose. I've had other trimmers that break, snag or simply can’t manage to do the job properly but this one is great”.


This trimmer has been around a LONG time but despite a range of other trimmers coming in and subsequently disappearing during that time with various gimmicks - still nothing quite matches up to the MB320C and has proven itself time and time again. For a trimmer well under 30 odd pounds, you can’t go far wrong.

The Pros

Fantastic cutting performance

Easy access length options (with a wide range from 1.5 to 18 mm, to go shorter take off the comb guard) and a beard trimmer that is more suited for a longer beard (although it can sort out stubble too)

Very long lasting lithium ion battery (states 40 mins but usually an even longer run time)

An all-round exceptional beard trimmer that will serve various beardsman well

Fantastic value for money.

Pop up precision trimmer

The Cons

It isn't waterproof (so you can’t clean it under a tap nor use it in the shower)

The charger is on the larger side.

Easy style beard trimmer

#2 Philips QT4013/23 Series 3000

For those who are after just outright quality, usability and want basically the best for their facial hair - then this Philips QT4013/23 is the one for you.

What I will say though it is more for the guys who are wanting to rock the shorter beard or a stubble as opposed to a longer beard however.

The trimmer will offer you military precision and the amount of adjustable comb length settings is quite staggering - it will offer you twenty different settings with.5mm increments (up to 10mm), so it’s a great little stubble trimmer if you are quite particular on your stubble length.

Just like the MB320c you can see that to change the length, it works on a “roll and lock in system”, to easily select the length that you are after. Particularly recommended, due to the small increments, for those who are wanting to fade and layer their stubble and beard (as mentioned a little earlier).

How well does it trim?

It offers you a pretty mean cut, I don’t know if that’s specifically down to the “Advanced titanium blades” but you will certainly notice the ease of motion as you pass over your beard (you won’t need to carry out continual passes like with most trimmers).

Also, on inspecting the blade ends you will notice they are slightly rounded off - this is done specifically to minimize the skin irritation that can be caused with the almost dagger-like blades found on some beard trimmers.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Now as this trimmer is waterproof, it makes it super easy to clean, it’s literally a case of take apart the beard comb as well as the blade head and rinse it under a running tap to remove all the hairs.

Plus, due to the “Titanium blades” we mentioned earlier it the QT4013/23 will stay sharp and offer a cutting performance for a long time to come.


After my uncle was testing out the charge for me (after telling me just “HOW” versatile this trimmer is, words that might have scarred me for life) - I was pretty taken back at just how quickly this beard trimmer charges.

It operates on a rechargeable battery and for an entire hour worth of run time, all you need to do is charge it up for around 60 minutes. I took it home and tested it myself - charging it up to full and letting run, timing it just short of that 60 minute mark - pretty impressive.

So if you get caught short and are in a rush, you know you don’t need to charge this trimmer up for long and will offer you an incredible return. Plus, just like the MB320c though this trimmer can operate when corded too, so if it does fall short part way through a trim, you aren't stuck waiting for it to charge.


For the gentleman who is wanting to sport just a little bit of scruff (anything ranging from light stubble to a heavy yet short beard), you really aren't going to find a beard trimmer much better, certainly for that under 50 quid mark. In all, we were pretty impressed with this trimmer, it just ticks a lot of the boxes and there is nothing really we can pin it down for.

The Pros

Very impressive charge up time and battery life (60 mins charge, 60 mins run time)

Great cutting performance

Waterproof design makes for easy cleaning

Offer precise and incremental beard/stubble grooming lengths (each level at 0.5mm)

Ergonomic, easy to use and all round “good looking” beard trimmer

The Cons

Doesn't offer the longer length settings, only goes up to 10mm - primarily suited to the shorter beard and stubble styles

#3 Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Trimmer

If you are on a budget and looking for a cheap beard trimmer but yet don’t want to sacrifice on too much quality. Usually I’d say (especially when it comes to buying beard stubble trimmers) you get what you pay for but this little trimmer I reckon is the exception to the rule.

There was no other beard trimmer that really came anywhere even close to the Wahl 9916-1117 groomsman that can match it in the same sort of price range, I’d probably say easily the best beard trimmer under £20 going on the market - of course as trimmers go, this makes it very affordable.

When you actually get hold of it, it doesn't feel like a cheap trimmer it has quite a solid build to it and feels sturdy and a little weighty. It’s not just the body either the comb is proper and we've seen far more expensive models feel a lot cheaper in comparison. You’ll also see from the picture above it comes with a range of accessories too that all fits nicely into a base station.

Also the fact it comes with a three year warranty and the fact it is a made by Wahl one of the leading, if not the leading brand in personal grooming equipment - should help reassure you a little more.

Trimming Cut

What we particularly liked is the “ergonomic side” to it, it is small and compact so it makes trimming in those hard to get areas under the chin and around the edges a breeze. Plus, the actual trimmers have a strong and sharp cut with “precision ground blades” meaning the actual cut is done with accuracy and without the tugging and snagging.

One little down side is that it is “quite loud”, not disturbingly so, but noticeably louder than the other more expensive trimmers - not a huge turn off, but we think you should be made aware.

Easy style beard trimmer

There is the potential issue with the trimming combs as they have been said to be difficult to swap on and off. Personally, I didn't find them too bad, and in all honesty, I didn't change from the larger, adjustable one all that often so not really an issue. On the flip side, these trimmer heads, unlike many attachable plastic combs on other trimmers have, they do seem to be very sturdy and don’t flex in use at all - ensuring a more consistent cutting length.

Charge and Battery

You will actually notice this little trimmer comes with a little pre-charge which I always think is a rather nice touch - so you can test it out right from the outset.

What we were most surprised at however, is just HOW LONG this compact trimmer kept on running for. Wahl claim it can reach up to a run time of 60 minutes on a full charge, which if you use at incremental periods then yeah but we tested it out continuously and hit just over the 40 minutes mark.

Even then though, after leaving it a little and switching it back on it would give another minute or two.

Unlike the MB320c charge battery pack, the Wahl one is quite tight and compact too, so would better serve someone who wants to take a trimmer with them.

Upkeep and Looking After

Now it’s not waterproof so it is not a case of just running it under the tap I'm afraid. You are provided with a neat little brush through to clean out sparse hairs.

That said, you do need to oil up the beard trimmer blades every once and a while and it’s not really hard to do. Simply a case of dropping a small drop at both the top and head of your beard trimmer (on both sides).

We've mocked up a little image, so you don’t even need to consult the instructions (just above). This will keep it in nice and “like brand new” working order for years to come.


Long story short, what you are going for here is on the factor of price. Easily one of the best value beard trimmers around and will do a good job for stubble and short light and thick beard styles (with 6 length settings that range across 1.5 to 13 mm amongst three different trimming combs. Also because it is so compact it makes it particularly great for travel, and here’s the thing - you’ll actually enjoy using it too.

The Pros

When it comes to “bang for buck” nothing really comes close

Offers an impressive battery life

Comes all neatly packed with a range of accessories and its own storage station

Provides an accurate and decent cut

It’s sleek, easy to use and looks great too

The Cons

Does require infrequent oiling once and awhile

The Wahl Groomsman 9916-1117 is a little loud compared to a lot of beard trimmers we've tried.

#4 Philips Grooming Kit QG3342/23

That’s right another Philips trimmer, hey, they make good stuff.

Of course the first thing you might have noticed (from the image on the left) is the mini arsenal of trimmer accessories that you get with this beard trimmer: 8 in total plus the trimmer.

Think for a second that takes anything away from the trimmer itself - it is a quality bit of grooming kit and would easily earn its way into your facial hair maintenance tool box.

So what do you get?

“They don’t call this multi groom for nothing”.

You've literally got everything you’d need from a 18 mm “wide tooth” comb as well as the narrow one, stubble attachments, beard attachments, precision trimmer along with ear trimmer and nose trimmer hair tools. Not to mention this all comes with the trimmer itself.

The thing is though, this stuff is actually quite robust and well made, they haven’t just thrown in a bunch of tacky things and gimmicks. We tried all these little accessories and they are actually all pretty decent at their designated jobs. What is a slight disappointment though is the so called storage box isn’t really made to the same standard, a little flimsy so it would be best to find a bag or draw where you can keep all the bits in.

How’s the Cut?

Well the first thing we noticed in comparison to the Wahl trimmer we've featured above, this trimmer is a whole lot quieter (not a huge point but we felt it was worth mentioning).

The trimmer itself does take on a few aspects of the QT4013 including the rounded tips (to prevent skin irritation) and while it doesn't trim to quite the same standard, it does a surprisingly good job for the lower price point (and the array of accessories you get with it).

Easy style beard trimmer

It will comb through the beard and with relative ease, cutting the hairs without hiccups. The end result is pretty pleasing as well, and I really quite like the double comb design of the adjustable beard trimming head. Also, the trimming combs themselves just push off and on, making it incredibly easy to switch between them.

What’s pretty darn awesome is the 47 length settings that you can choose from across the three adjustable attachments, so if you were after just the right trim length - this is the trimmer that’s bound to have it. Plus, for those who are wanting a trimmer for thick beards and curly beards - there are a couple of attachments that you can use that are effective in dealing with particularly stubborn hairs.


Again like the other Philips model this is waterproof too, so cleaning it and maintaining it provides no real hassle either.

Like the QT4013, the QG3342/23 is simply a case of taking it the head apart and rinsing it under a tap and drying it off again. You can even use it in the shower if you wanted, though we generally advise to always trim your beard when dry but the choice is yours.

Awesome Battery Life

Perhaps what was most surprising though was the “continued trimming test” we put all our beard trimmers under.

With this one we left it for the recommended 10 hour charge and then just set it going, the specifications said we should expect around 35 minutes. However, 60 minutes later it is still running and finally gave in at the 75 minute mark.

We tried this multiple times, “just to make sure” the longest it came out at was a ridiculous 87 minutes. Go figure, all we can say it should easily hit that 35 minute mark that’s set.


A trimming kit should we say rather than just a trimmer, that’s packed with value. As you can see you get a tonne of great little tools as well as a pretty awesome trimmer all for under that £30 mark - that and it’s all backed with a two year warranty, you definitely can’t go wrong.

The Pros

Value - you get the trimmer plus a whole bunch of accessories for a very good price.

You have up 47 (that’s FORTY SEVEN) different length settings in total.

Easy maintenance no oiling necessary and has self sharpening blades, it barely requires any upkeep on your part.

Waterproof Design - Want to use it in the shower? Go for it.

Ridiculous battery life

The Cons

Does lack LED indicators to let you know when the battery is running out of charge

Although changing the comb heads is simple enough, it isn't as easy as the integrated trimmer with “roll and lock” like the MB320c and QT4013

If you want to find out more about the trimmer and the specific attachments checkout the full QG3342/23 review.

So what makes a good beard trimmer?

As you can see there is a lot of factors that go into a “good” beard trimmer?

A long battery life, a high quality precision trimming cut, whether it can operate cordless or corded, does it have a pop up trimmer or is the precision trimmer separate?

A lot of it though comes down you and your preferences, so you need to be thinking about the long term game with it. Whether you want to use it in the shower or not?

Do you want it for your stubble primarily (more of a stubble trimmer) or for a longer beard? So in this instance you will then need to specifically check the comb length settings.

Hopefully the best beard trimmer reviews above has been able to help you out in selecting one and we are confident that you’ll be happy with any of the 4 above as out of all the trimmers we've tested, we found these to be the best, that’s why we chose to supply them. As always if you have any questions, concerns or just general comments to make - you know where to get hold of us and we’ll promptly reply.

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