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No shave November is an annual event involving the growing of beard and mustaches during the month of November to increase awareness of men’s health issues, for example, prostate cancer, depression in men, and other male cancers. Here are few styles of beard which will help you to grow the beard in a stylish way. Easy to do beard styles.

How to style a Brunette Beard

Firstly, do we call men with black or brown hair brunettes? We feel like there should be one more word for a dark haired man. Bru-dudes? Maybe it is only brunettes. Regardless, for most the part, in the conversation of growing for your beard color, we would say that brunettes, opposite to famous belief, have the most fun. However, something to keep in mind when growing for dark beards. Brunettes beards against a dark palette while not wrong by any means, will overcome the glory of your beard. It will tend to mix into that dark backdrop. If you are looking to flaunt your beard stick to colors that will make your beard bang and get noticed, light colors, mainly white, always look good with brunettes beards.

What to wear with Blonde Beard

Easy to do beard styles

Blondes, like brunettes, have a comparatively easy time when it comes to dressing for their beard. Blonde beards can get away with pretty much anything. They do not have the problem of reducing their beard with dark colors, actually, it is quite the opposite. Dark backgrounds are the ideal way for blonde beards to shine. Light colors also do a better job of highlighting the radiance of a blonde beard. One color that seems to be the crystal for blonde beards is gray. Gray clothing can actually wash out a guy with a blonde beard. This is not to say that men with blonde beards can never wear gray but just be aware that gray can make you look drab and is not doing your beard any favors either.

How to style a Ginger Beard

Oh gingers, you certainly have to think about what you wear. While your beard is an excellent mix of orange and crimson tones, it can be hard to pick out the correct pieces. For one, you do not want to conflict with your beard. It will make both you and your beard prominent for all the wrong reasons. The contrast of blue outfits works so well, but never fear, you are not assigned to the cool tones alone. Mustard, browns, and maroon are all warmer choices that will look great on the ginger guy.

Easy to do facial hair styles

What to wear with Gray Beard

Dressing for your beard needs a little bit of attention and while there are some tricks to each of the colors, there are lots of ways to both embrace your beard and make it a statement along with their rest of your apparels. And what does it actually matter anyways, we will all go gray at some point and they are the clear winners.

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