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If you consider yourself a gentleman and you’re shaving with an electric or disposable razor, you deserve a shaving experience that is better than that. Shaving is a lost art that thrived in the days of the classic barbershops and original gentlemen. Putting a straightedge razor in the hands of a professional barber made for a shave that not only left you feeling fresh and clean, but was also closer than the shaves that our modern technology can give us today. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Costa Mesa on Newport Blvd., we’ve brought straight-razor shaving back, with professional barbers that will make sure that you feel great, and look like a true, modern gentleman. Men's shaving creating beard styles.

The Classic Straight-Razor Shave

The 18|8 classic shave is more than just a close shave, it’s an experience that starts the moment you walk into our salon. Before your shave we’ll help you relax with a refreshing beverage as we prepare your personal styling station. For your shave, we start things off with a hot towel in order to help you relax, soften your beard and open your pores so you get a close and comfortable shave. We then move on to the hot lather to cleanse and lubricate your skin before we give you the perfect straight-razor shave. Once your face is perfectly smooth, we top off the whole experience with an aromatic hot towel so you walk out of our salon feeling clean and looking great.

Mustache &, Beard Trimming

Not letting your mustache or beard get out of control is easier said than done. To all of the men out there who are working on maintaining their facial hair, the experts at 18|8 will help you manage and trim your beard or mustache to meet the standards of a gentleman. Growing out a beard can be tough, so stop by our salon and we can help you find what style of beard will work with your face, so you can look like the man you want to be.

If you’re only in need of a simple beard trim, our cosmetologists or barbers can help you make those precise, fine adjustments to get the perfect look. If you’re need to trim your beard and shave the areas around your beard as well, come to one of our barbers and you can get the beard trim and shave combined for the price of a shave.

Men's shaving creating beard styles video

Head Shaving Services

Sometimes a modern hairstyle just doesn’t do it, and you’re looking to make a powerful statement with a bold look. When you go for a complete head shave, don’t cheat yourself, make sure that you get a high quality shave that you know will leave you looking your best. A head shave is also an excellent option for men with thinning hair, so come into our salon and talk to one of our expert barber to see if it’s the right option for you.

18|8 Shave Package

If you want to really want to step up your looks, go with the 18|8 Shave Package. You get the complete shaving experience that we talked about above, plus the signature Executive Haircut experience. Everything gets a bit sweeter with the addition of a neck and shoulder massage, and a complete shampoo and conditioner treatment so you feel fresh all around.

Stop By Our Salon!

Start shaving like the gentleman you are, and stop by 18|8 Costa Mesa on Newport Blvd. To book your appointment with us, just fill out our online appointment form or just calling our salon directly. If you happen to be in our area and get the urge to see what 18|8 is all about, we happily take walk-in appointments. Our convenient location is easily accessible to everyone in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and the surrounding areas. Come see for yourself why we are the classic barbershop re-invented.

Men's shaving creating beard styles video

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