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They’re everywhere, and unlike back hair, that’s not a bad thing. Civil war beard styles.

Men of all backgrounds can grow facial hair. Even the ladies, though, unless you work at the circus it might be best to keep it under control.

The fact is, guys like supporting all different styles of beards. Depending on what your goal is, a beard can transform you into a totally different person and even take you places you’d never think you’d go. They can also bring you together with other people. Beards are pretty magical in that way.

If you already have a beard, or any type of facial hair, then you undoubtedly already know this. For those that are beard virgins, or just looking for a new style, this article is just for you.

Maybe you can’t grow facial hair (for that we are truly sorry) but that doesn’t mean you can’t read about them. Maybe learn a thing or two, and maybe even share a laugh with us.

Here are 9 Beard/Facial Hair Styles that might be perfect for you.

…,Oohhh and type of women that love them!

Author’s Note: These are in no particular order.

This beard gets it’s name from the how it looks on the male face. See it? Looks like a boat’s anchor. Don’t like a ton of facial hair but still want something that will make you stick out?

Well, this might be the look for you.

The Anchor Beard is just the look that will separate you from all the other men with facial hair, but won’t have you sticking out like a sore thumb. Now, if you the type of person that when you walk into a room loves to have all eyes on you, then you might want to settle for another look further on the list. If you’re a fun, laid back type of guy, then this beard should fit you perfectly.

This is the perfect beard for the man who loves poetry. A man who doesn’t have doors in his apartment but instead strands of beads. Not you? Well, it can be. Like we’ve said before, beards can make you into a totally new person. If the few examples we’ve listed above sound good to you, then go for it with this look.

Warning: Like with most beards other than full mountain man, you’ll have to maintain this look. You can’t grow sideburns or let the existing facial hair get too long. So, only choose this style if you’re willing to give it the love and attention it deserves.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

The Van Dyke style is a type of goatee that is disconnected from the moustache hair. The style of the goatee and moustache are usually different from one another making the look together very unique.

Though it’s named the Van Dyke style it is not named after Dick Van Dyke, who any fan of the actor would know, did not have any facial hair.

This look is an eye catcher, so it’s best to be someone with the utmost confidence because you will have people checking out your unique style. If you tend to be shy around other people, this might actually be a style that you might want to consider trying out.

Civil war era facial hair styles

It’s a good conversation starter. The more people you talk to the more easier it’ll be for you to come out of your shell. Who knows, you might in fact find your confidence supporting such a bold facial hair choice.

This is the perfect look for someone that works as a bartender in a more upscale bar. Also a great look, and you’ll find, from someone who works in a bike shop (not motorcyle, but bicycle).

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

This look isn’t as common as a full beard but it is common enough where most people understand the term or can point out a man wearing Mutton Chops on his face in a crowd.

With this look, no matter your background you automatically become a little tougher, at least in looks. Have you ever seen a man with Mutton Chops lose a fight?

For those that are new to beards and their terms, Mutton Chops are sideburns that connect with the mustache. The thing about Mutton Chops is that the length (or thickness) of the hair is totally up to you and can work in a variety of different lengths.

Another awesome thing about the Mutton Chops is that a lot of well known people have had this type of facial hair during their lifetime. Lemmy, the frontman of Motorhead is one of the most famous people who had Mutton Chops as their preferred facial hair style. RIP, Lemmy.

Do you want to ride motorcycles? Drink sour mash? Be describe as a “total badass”? If you said yes to any of those, or all three, then Mutton Chops is a style for you.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

The Goatee incorporates a man’s hair on his chin and the mustache. This is a very common look and you can find it everywhere. There’s some maintenance but nothing too extreme or time consuming.

The great thing about a goatee is that anyone who can grow facial hair can try out the look for themselves and don’,t’ have to worry about looking foolish. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, asian, and everything in between.

The Goatee is an international look. It’s also a look that’s been around for a very long time. It is said that the look was first seen in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Former United States President Abraham Lincoln wore the look occasionally in his life. Even the superhero Green Arrow chooses this style as his signature look.

The Goatee is for all walks of life. Businessmen, baseball players, men who live in their parents basements. It doesn’t matter.

Trivia: The Goatee is used in film and television as a troupe to distinguish a person from their evil twin.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

Your High School Sweetheart/Girl Next Door.

Civil war era beard styles

I said that this list wasn’t in any particular order, but it just makes sense to put this one at number five. The five o’clock shadow is perfect for the man that can’t grow a full beard, or just doesn’t like the completely shaved look.

Maybe you’re running late in the morning and don’t have time to shave. That’s alright. A little stubble never hurt anybody. In fact, if you have a wife or girlfriend, it might tickle them when you give them a kiss.

The Five O’Clock Shadow can make you look instantly more attractive and it’s break from the clean shaven look that you’ve probably had for years. This look also let’s you decided if facial hair is something you’d like to continue with or stop without having to get out the big tools and making a big mess.

From the Five O’Clock Shadow, you can easily move to another style simply by shaving some areas of your face and allowing the other areas to continue to grow.

You’ll see this look on college guys, men that work late hours at the office, and George Clooney.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

George Clooney Fans/Anyone.

Are you a Mythbuster? Maybe you teach or plan to teach high school science. If so, this might be the perfect look for you. Honestly, this look is seen more often from older men, but if you’re a young fella and can pull it off, we’d say you’ll probably earn the respect of all those older men.

This look is named the Walrus Moustache because it resembles the whiskers of a walrus.

Hiding the top lip of the person supporting this style, you’ll always have a hint of mystery about yourself and if you ever choose to shave it off, you’ll have people saying “You look so different without that moustache.” Whether that’s a good or bad thing for people to say is up to you.

If you tend to get into fights by challenging your opponent with both fists in front of your face like an old timey boxer, this look will suit you very well.

The one downside of having this style of facial hair is that it makes eating an ice cream or cheese fries very difficult as you will get plenty of it in caught in your upper lip hair. With that said, if you keep a napkin handy, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

This is a bold choice to make as the only facial hair you’ll have is on your neck. Unless you are amish or are really bad at growing a beard, this look might not be for you. At one time this was a somewhat popular look. Think American Civil War.

When’s the last time you saw someone strictly with a neckbeard? I can’t think of anyone. Now, that might be just the reason to choose this style of beard. Do you enjoy doing things your own way. Are you more of a leader than a follower? Then the neckbeard might be your best bet. Just think, done properly you could be the reason that neckbeards come back into the mainstream.

If you’re a Civil War reenactor or a collector of old coins, this would be a great look for you. If not, well, that’s why we made a list nine types of facial hair to give you plenty of other choices.

Civil war beard styles

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

The chinstrap beard is a type of facial hair that extends from the hairline of one side of the face to the other, following the jawline. It doesn’t cover the entire chin, but only the very edges of the jaw and chin.

For this look it will take a lot of maintenance to keep everything looking neat and clean. This type of beard is more commonly found on black men. Most commonly R&,B singers and athletes.

An example of a good looking chinstrap beard is from Boston Red Sox player, David Ortiz. An example of a bad/funny looking chinstrap beard is from, Andy Samberg (SNL) in the music video “D%ck in a Box” by The Lonely Island.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

The Full Beard is a classic looking beard and although many men choose this style for their own, it’s not the easiest beard to grow. A full beard doesn’,t just happen overnight, but that’s also a good thing about growing one. You can just let it grow. There’s no work involved, other than to make sure not to shave.

This is the official look for men stuck on deserted islands or of men that live up in the mountains, living off the land, and killing his food with his bare hands. The full beard is a sign of being a man’s man.

Some jobs don’t allow a man, or it might just not be appropriate, to have a full beard. If you want to play for the New York Yankees, you won’t be able to have a full beard. If you want to work in a commercial kitchen, you probably shouldn’t have a full beard.

Just like with the Walrus moustache, eating can be a messy event. Depending on the full beard length, you might want to stay away from really messy foods. As stated before, ice cream, and cheese fries, would do a number on your beard. Blowing bubbles with chewing gum, eating spaghetti, even drinking milk could be problematic.

If your beard gets really long you could even lose things in your beard, like pieces of food or your car keys.

Each man must list the pros and cons of having a full beard and decided what’s best for them.

Type of woman that may be attracted to this beard:

Models/Girls from Portland.

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