Beard shapes styles. How To Shape A Beard, Become A Beard Shaping Master

Beard shaping is one of the most frequent—and yet often misunderstood—acts of maintenance that the bearded gentleman must learn to master. Done well, a beard can be a man’s finest achievement: classy, refined and stylish. But the refined look of well-groomed beard shapes don’t come from neglect and poor craftsmanship, and as a bearded man, you are now the craftsman of your very own beard. So take a five minute masterclass with Noble Grooming, and allow us to give you a quick primer on how to shape your beard. Beard shape styles.

Decide on Your Look

The first step to shaping your beard is to decide exactly what look you’re going for. If you’re unsure, we recommend taking a look at our guides on Beard Styles for Men and Goatee Styles for Men for some ideas on ways you can implement some true class into your look. You should also take some time, if you haven’t, to consider the practical aspects of your beard, and how they’ll affect the style you want to achieve. Is your beard particularly weak or strong in places? Do you grow a great mustache? Can you pull off a long beard? Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your beard, and adapt your style to them.

Get Your Tools

Before you begin, you’ll want to have your equipment at hand. No craftsman should start his work without his tools available. For everyday styling, you’ll likely only need water, a comb, a blow dryer, a bottle of fine beard oil, and some beard balm for heavier or more difficult beards. If your beard looks like it needs a bit of a trim as well, add some scissors, and possibly a set of clippers for the edging.

Start Your Shaping

Begin your styling by wetting your hands and patting onto your beard to dampen it. If you use beard balm (and if you’re trying to style or change the shape of your beard as opposed to nearly neatening it, we recommend it), now is the time to apply that too. Use your wet hands to take a smear of beard balm and rub it through your beard and onto the skin beneath. Make sure to use a high quality product, such as Noble Grooming’s range of premium beard balms, to ensure you get all the benefits of a beard balm. (If you’re not sure what those are, check out our article on How To Use Beard Balm.)

Beard shape styles

Whether or not you’re using beard balm, though, now is the time to apply some beard oil to your beard. Put a few drops on your fingertips and rub throughout your beard. We probably don’t need to tell you that Noble Grooming also do beard oils, or that they’re the best damn oils you can buy. But in any case, it goes without saying that you should be using a high-quality product for this important step, to make sure your beard is soft, shiny, strong, and smells amazing.

Once you’ve applied your beard product, your beard is ready to shape. If your beard needs a proper trim down, refer to our guide on How To Trim A Beard. But if this is just part of your daily styling, you likely won’t need to give your beard a full trim. Using your blow dryer, dry your beard gently whilst using the comb for gentle outward strokes to dissipate the moisture and fluff your beard slightly. Once dry, comb your beard back into shape and use your hands to pat down the edges into a presentable form.

If this is just a daily styling, and it’s looking good, at this juncture you can set off on your way, and make the world a more stylish place. But you might notice your beard needs a bit of edge work. That’s fine, using your clippers, stretch your skin out as you tidy up your edges. Remember our Noble Rule of Beard Edging: if it’s parallel to the ground, don’t shave it. Make sure your beard doesn’t stop at the jawline. Repeat for the cheeks as well, if needed. Finally, finish your styling by using some fine scissors to trim to the line of your upper lip, and then end by rounding off the corners to your taste.

Black men beard shape up styles

Enjoy Your Style

So, there you have it. You can adapt this routine to your schedule and the needs of your beard, to ensure you always sport a stylish beard that’s the envy of those around you. Shaping a beard may take a few minutes—but the payoff in your style is definitely worth the effort. Stay classy, gentlemen.

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