Shaved head beard styles. Men’s Shaved Head Styles for 2017, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Shaved head is a great style for any man who is run out of time. This zero maintenance style will always enhance men’s look and grace them with incredible charm. The best thing about shaved head styles is that you don’t need to worry about bothering strands anymore. It is more than visible that shaved head looks are pretty neat and clean. If you are going to get clean shave style then you need to check out the following images of men’s shaved head styles for 2017. Keep in your mind that these looks will always make you unbelievably mannish and handsome. Shaved head beard styles.

If you have square face shapes then it is really great idea to go for shaving. It will help you to indicate the beauty of your bone structure and symmetrical angles. Since you are bald you should pay attention to your facial hair styles. Pair this style with a small goatee like in this picture and draw attention away from the fact that you are bald. I am sure you are going to benefit from this look.

This quite short buzz style is perfect for men who have round face shapes. Actually the following style is being chosen by men who prefer to have neat and clean look. This extra-simple look involves buzzing the hair to make it very short and also trimming the facial hair. It is a straightforward look where both the hair and beard has been perfectly matched.

Shaved head and beard looks

Those people who don’t believe in the versatility of short haircuts should definitely change their opinion. The following haircut represents another unique way of wearing a bald style. Instead of trimming the strands close to the scalp you may simply leave some tresses on the crown and then cut the sides and the back to create a bald fade cut. It is another short cut which is going to be popular in 2017.

If you are able to replicate this look then you can be sure for a new cool appearance. Well, this cut involves shaving all the hair on your head and keeping a long facial hair. Since facial hair styles also require professional approach you need frequently to visit your barber for the best effect. We believe that everything is going to be okay!

Shaved head beard styles

What about an extra long beard? This long facial hair is really perfect and it is a true definition of masculinity. If you have so long facial hair then it will really be better to go for clean shaved head style and undoubtedly all the attention will remain on your outstanding facial hair. By the way to have a beard style like this you will need more than two or three weeks.


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Beard styles to go with shaved head

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