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Styles and Appearance

If your forehead is slightly wider than your jaw and the length of your face is about 50 percent longer than the width of your jaws with a rounded or square chin, you have an oval shaped face. How to beard styles.

Congratulations, you are among the lucky men who look good with any facial hair style, as long as it’s well-groomed. However,there are some things you should keep in mind when growing a long beard or trimming a shorter one.

If you are growing a long beard, it can draw out the natural shape of your face. Since an oval shape is the best shape to have, this defeats the purpose. That is why shorter beards are recommended for an oval face.

When trimming, add sharp lines to your beard to emphasize angles or soften lines to detract from them. If you want to make your jaw more square, trim the corner of the jaw square, not round and vice versa. Just make sure to pay attention to this detail because it can have a major impact on your final look.

How to style your beard with a razor

General Advice

I mentioned the neckline before. The neckline should be slightly above the Adam's apple and cut in a "U" shape following the shape of your chin to the corner of your jaws. Hair that is growing below this line should be trimmed closely or shaved off for a more groomed appearance.

Trimming your budding beard is half the fun of growing one. An electric trimmer is invaluable to keeping your beard looking great and prevent it from looking like you're too lazy to shave. A trimmer allows you to use guides of different sizes in order to trim it uniformly.

To trim your beard, use a beard comb to brush the hairs against the grain, up and out so it is easier for the trimmer to cut. Use the desired guide for the length you prefer. You can use the same guide for the entire beard, or multiple guides. Just make sure to clip them on firmly or they can pop off and ruin your beard.

How to get beard styles

Another tip to soften things up with a trimmer is that you can blend longer lengths by using a tapered guide or by manually tapering the angle of the trimmer as you cut. Leaving your beard longer in some areas will also change the shape of your face and give it a more seamless, natural appearance.

For your mustache, trim it as you would with your beard, then comb the hairs down toward your lips and finish trimming around your lips with beard scissors. Failure to do this will result in your mustache getting in your food and drink.

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