Beard styles to go with shaved head. Going Bald? Then Grow Some Stubble!

Going bald can be quite a confronting thing for a man, trust me I know from first hand experience. Shaved head beard styles.

Going bald does not however mean we cannot look stylish and attractive, we just have to approach it from a different angle to our hair suit counterparts.

The first thing you want to do is come to terms with your baldness and take the step of shaving or trimming your hair, comb overs only make you look older than you are and women hate them.

Once you have braved the shave you can then look at experimenting with facial hair to give you a stylish, masculine look.

Going Bald? Grow a Beard!

Growing a beard is one of the coolest things a bald guy can do to really spice up their look. The beard and stubble is fashionable these days, you will see it on the cat walk of Milan to the CEO meetings at some of the biggest companies in the world.

There are many beard styles to choose from such as the goatee, the full beard, the chin strip, the moustache and my all-time favorite, the stubble.

Shaved head with beard styles

In my opinion growing stubble is the best decision you can make if you want to add some style to your bald look.

Choose The Stubble

So if you decide to try the stubble you will need to let your facial hair grow on your face for a while. Preferably, you might want to grow it when you are on leave or vacation, for anywhere up to a week.

A stubble beard should however not be confused with a full beard. As opposed to a “,beard”,, stubble is a lot lighter, more rugged and is kept at a short, consistent length. After your facial hair has grown enough that there is an even coverage across your face, you will need to trim it back and shape it to your desired length. You may need to experiment with the length of your stubble a bit to find the perfect look for your face, so I recommend you initially keep the length slightly longer, then slowly reduce the length until your happy with the overall effect.

Developing stubble should be every bald man’,s first beard choice. For many guys, in particular younger ones, shaving their heads (including the sides) can actually give them a baby face type of appearance, whilst I am all for looking younger, adding stubble will add some maturity, mystery and give you a more rugged, masculine look that gives you a hint of danger.

Keep Your Stubble Trimmed

This doesn’,t mean you want to look like a caveman or homeless person, keeping your stubble in check will give you a well-groomed looking face, match it with the right clothing style and you can look extremely fashionable and even sophisticated.

Shaved head beard styles

The stubble is also ideal when you wish to look a lot more confident, aggressive and domineering because it tends to pull out that manly character in you. If you have the face for it, growing a beard may give you a more handsome, attractive look. A study recently conducted showed that women tend to find men in a stubble beard more attractive than men with heavy beards or clean shaven look.

Women Will Love it

So just because your bald doesn’,t mean you cant still turn the ladies heads in your direction. You will look extremely confident with a bald head, stubble combo. Confidence is perhaps the most attractive quality a man can posses, at least in the eyes of a woman. Your bald head, stubble face style will portray an image of a guy who isn’,t intimidated by his baldness and who stands alone, not needing the security of looking like every other guy.

To keep your stubble looking awesome, day in, day out, invest in a good stubble trimmer (check out our best stubble trimmer reviews). Depending on how fast your beard hair grows, Make sure you tend to your stubble daily, or at least every second or third day. It takes very little time using a stubble trimmer, so you have no excuse of crossing the line of looking stylish with looking unkempt and ragged.

Dress Like a Man

The stubble look goes well with jeans and t shirt, but if you really want to look slick rocking a stubble, its time to look towards more mature fashion choices. Dress like a man, lush heads of hair and clean baby faces are for boys! You should consider either looking at the alternative, bad ass look if your into a slightly more rugged or tattooed pierced style or go the gentleman look wearing fashionable clothing from jeans to suits.

Get In Shape

The last tip i would give to someone considering this look is to get in shape, nothing looks more bad ass than a bald guy, sporting stubble and a fit body, being overweight can give your shaved head and stubble combo a pudgy look, try to aim for a lean more muscular look and you will be amazed how many women check you out.

Shaved head and beard looks

Sure its a shock going bald, quite frankly it sucks initially, but once you move on from grieving your hair loss, you can spin it to you advantage and reinvent yourself into an even better, more attractive you.


if you are going bald should you keep some stubble on face

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