Rapper common beard styles. The KOBI KOACHMAN Guide To Men s Beards, The Best Beard Styles For Bald Men MR KOACHMAN

The beard is a stylish trend that looks good on gentlemen of all ages. More so, being Bald and Bearded is a combination that works for anyone whether it’,s a stubble or a full beard. Rapper common beard styles.

From Samuel L. Jackson to Bruce Willis to the rapper Common and even our own Banky W. There is indeed something common among these guys. Asides the fact that they are all stylish men, they have mastered the act of growing beards to match their bald look.

So are you going bald, or you are already bald? There is nothing wrong with it, what matters most is how you adapt to it and change your grooming habits accordingly. If you have decided to shave it all off completely [which I would strongly advise you do], there are some beard styles that are better than others. A good beard can really compliment your bald look.

Here are my best selection which I’,m sure you must have heard about:

Rapper common beard styles

This is similar to just having a carefully shaped “stubble” look in which there are clearly defined lines and any stray hairs are picked off. The difference is that the hair is allowed to grow a bit longer. Regardless of your face shape, as long as you can grow a relatively full beard, this is a great style.

A well-groomed goatee exudes Confidence and pure manliness. That’s the qualities that accompany a well-groomed goatee. One major benefit of choosing this style is that it really does go well with any facial type or structure, so you can’t go wrong with it. However, it works best with a face that is more triangular in shape.

So there you have it. These are the best styles for bald men. Even if you’re not quite clean shaven, yet like to keep your hair short and tight, these styles will be good for you as well.

Rapper common beard styles

BALD GENTLEMEN WITH BEARDS #BeardGang #BeInspired #BeStylish

Bald &, Bearded?? That’,s classy! That’,s perfection! When you complement the look with a Stylish Nerd Glasses, that’,s stylishly awesome. So whether you are balding or not, consider shaving it all off, grow your beards and buy a designers nerd glasses –, a TOM FORD won’,t be a bad idea (see image below). Here are some pictures if you need more convincing.


There you have it, if you are balding, shave off the hair completely on top of your head and grow a beard. It’s a stylish trend that works for bald guys and looks great.

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Rapper common beard styles

Till you hear from me again, continue to Do Well. Live Well and Dress Really Well. Be Stylish.

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