Beard style for v shaped face. How to grow a beard how to trim your beard? Ever Unfolding

“,How to grow a beard?”, or “,How to trim your beard?”, are the two major questions many men seek answer to. If you are the type of man who is new to beard trimming as a whole or simply experimenting with different types of beard, then you are in the right place. Moreover we all know that women are known to be genetically more inclined to like men with beards. It might be a subconscious symbol of virility. While getting a quality beard trimmer might be easy, a lot of men still struggle to know how to grow a beard and then how to properly trim it.

A man with a well groomed beard stands out in the crowd and impresses one and all. It’,s a sign of virility, confidence, charisma –, a beard for you. While you might not need much expertise to know how to grow a beard, you will surely have to learn how to trim your beard. Beard style for v shaped face.

How to grow a beard

Before growing beard, you first need to decide what beard style to keep. Different styles of beards suit different faces and a proper decision on the beard style has to consider face cut, profession, time at hand and more. While beard can grow on its own accord, grooming and maintaining it needs a lot of time and care.

You have to be really patient because as the beard grows, itches and irritations also grow along with that. Properly groom it while growing it too, to avoid situations like that.

Face cuts –, different beard styles suit different face cuts. While a round face will carry V shaped styles like a french cut better, rectangular faces will benefit from more fuller beards cut a bit short from bottom. Oval faces can carry most styles well.

This decision is not only dependant on the face cut but also on the kind of facial hair you have. Carefully consider both your face and the facial growth to decide what kind and type of beard you want to keep. Also mind reading a buying guide to get the best beard trimmer for you.

Be patient

Growing a beard –, this needs a lot of time and patience. A good 4-6 weeks are needed before you think of trimming it and proper care during this time will save you from beard itch and more of such.

Wash your beard regularly with a good shampoo. Then regularly use oil or moisturiser (depending on your skin type) to keep it in good condition. This is the time which will need the your maximum patience and discipline. And if not done properly, you will have to deal with a lot of beard itching and irritations.

Beard style for v shaped face

How to trim your beard

Determine your beard style

After you have decided which style of beard you want to keep and have grown it long enough, the next task is to determine a neck and a cheek line for your beard.

It certainly helps if for the first time you use expertise of a good barber, and subsequently maintain it yourself. In most instances the cheek line is best untouched unless you have a really heavy growth of hair there.

Once all these decisions are made, the next step is to get yourself a good beard grooming kit. Of course if you don’,t have one already. An ideal kit will consist of a comb, brush, good quality clippers, sharp scissors, oil/moisturiser (depending on skin type) and a good beard trimmer .

Please do consider this as an investment and not an expense.

Your face is an asset that is the biggest and most presentable part of your overall personality. Not to mention that beard covers 60% of that part.

So any gadget that touches the face has to be of proper quality and maintained well. Your trimmer and scissors should always be in the best of conditions. That way you don’,t have to run around when you have to be at your best mates wedding in a short time.

Beard style for v shaped face

Having best beard trimming kit here will go a long way into keeping your beard just the way you want it to be.

Cleaning and preparation

Now make your beard ready for trimming with a good wash and pat it dry, most beards don’,t need a dryer unless the beard hair is really thick. Next comb it properly and meticulously to remove all tangles.

Combing should be done in a single direction and must include moustaches and your neck line. These are 2 lines which if done properly will go a long way in highlighting your facial contours. Then depending on the length of your beard and the desired length, clip your existing beard to slightly longer than your desired length.

Once that is done, move on to beard fade with a smaller setting on the beard guide. Secondly take proper care of your neck and cheek area. The length there has to be less than the beard on your face.


Next comes the precision area, i.e. your moustaches. Comb them down properly, remove the guide or use the shortest setting on the trimmer. The clipping here has to be very nicely done and anything below lip level has to be cleaned properly. Some of the modern day trimmers also come with an attachment at the back for such precision trimming.

Once all this is done, massage your face and especially the beard area properly with a coconut oil for beard, or any other beard oilor moisturiser. Due to the length of the hair in this area, it is important that you don’,t just splash the oil. Take a few minutes and massage it well into the skin. This will help instances of beard itch and also give a good lustre to your beard.

Beard style for v shaped face


A well groomed beard is the sign of a man who takes care of himself. Also that means he has a certain amount of patience and discipline. At the same time an unkempt beard is not just unhygienic and shabby. It also portrays the person in a very bad light. If you have decided to keep one, then you have to invest a lot of time, effort and energy in maintaining the same. Otherwise you will stand out in the crowd but in a not very positive way.

Always remember, a beard is the sign of a confident man who is not afraid of standing out in the crowd. A man who wants to be his own and not lose himself in the sea of cleanly shaven faces. A well trimmed and nicely styled beard adds immense charm to a man’,s personality. Since a long time, men have been putting a lot of effort in grooming their beards and buying best beard trimming tools to showcase their personality. And since a long time, these efforts have been well noticed, appreciated and rewarded. So go ahead, grow it, groom it, because it takes a man to have one.

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