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From Brad Pitt to Kanye West, the Circle Beard is quite famous with many Hollywood stars. Thanks to Breaking Bad, this style actually became a rage until now. Circle beard is a superb merger of a trimmed Goatee beard with a mustache lending you both style and sophistication. Hollywood stars beard styles.

The history of circle beard is traced back to 18th century Australia.

The goatee of a Circle Beard is a little fuller. However, the highlight of a circle beard is its moustache.

It goes well with young men as well as older ones.

But remember, the look isn’t easy to get and maintain as it requires a good amount of expertise and precision.

When nurturing circle beard ensure that the first outline is done by the expert to enhance a well-balanced shaving.

This beard suits really well on circular faces. This means that it is a good go-to option for men with round faces. Also, it does good justice to oval face structures like Brad Pitt.

Let’s talk about Stubble now, the middle ground between clean shaven look and beard bonhomie. While beard adds to your manliness, stubble makes you look charming and suave. This care-free rugged look with a low-profile hair coating is all you need to make a woman go weak in her knees!

But having a perfect stubble look isn’t as easy as it looks. From deciding the exact follicle length that suits you to shaping and grooming it does require some efforts. In most cases, a stubble of 3 to 5 mm works best. If you go beyond, you have a baby full beard while something shorter simply looks like your shaver needs a replacement.

Interestingly, Stubble too has its variant.

There’s Short stubble that is the initial stage of stubble beard style and looks pretty simple but you do need proper trimming and care to maintain the perfect look. Looks really good for precise, oval, heart-molded and round-formed appearances.

Though from Bradley Cooper to George Clooney, many Hollywood stars have donned the short scruffy look but it surely cannot get better than Beckham!

Medium stubble is usually of length 0.5-1cms. Start off by growing out your stubble. As it grows out, easier it gets to maintain and trim it.

Long/Heavy Stubble requires both time and grooming. Let the whiskers free for a couple of weeks up to a length of about 1.5-2cms. Proper trimming and hair oil is the key here.

A combination of goatee and mustache with no sideburns is extended goatee for you. A perfect style for those with patchy growth or scanty facial hair. Best part- it works well for all age groups.

Start with a goatee of course, then let it extend along your jawline towards your ears. But remember don’t let it reach your earlobes.

The goatee region must not be too long as it is a goatee. The point of attraction is the jawline traced by the extended goatee.

For the perfect look, allow a larger area of hair to grow than the preferred size. Once there is enough growth it becomes a simple matter to trim the extended goatee into the desired shape and size.

Hollywood stars beard styles

The versatile look is great for casual outings but don’t try it for professional spaces if discipline is the key at your work place.

Thanks to Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Leonardo Di Caprio, Pierce Brosnan and several such charming celebrities, this look has gained a celebrity status with names like Hollywoodian and tailback.

The Dutch Beard is a large and long beard allowed to flare outwards at the bottom without any moustache.

This old-school beard style is associated with the lumberjack type of facial hair. The beard itself is known as lumberjack style which looks fat on both of sides.

It looks really elegant and flamboyant which is related with Dutch image

Since it is connected by sideburns, this beard style really looks unique and cool.

Well, Abraham Lincoln had dutch beard and rest is history.

hadGo for it, if you’re looking for something special and want to look older than your actual age.

Remember, the kind of beard you wear on your face, it will reflect your personality. So if you are opting for a Bandholz Beard Style, then you have to be bold and courageous, my friend.

Bandholz Beard Style is perhaps one of the most common types of beard found. It is kind of an expansion of the full beard.

Reason: Easy to grow, easy to wear and easy to maintain.

Strong Beard growth is one of the major demand for this beard style. Don’,t touch your shaving kit for at least a year, if your beard growth is slow or scanty. In the case of medium hair growth, use olive oil or coconut oil to give your beard strength and enhanced growth.

Once you get the desired growth, use a pair of scissors to trim it to a uniform length but remember to maintain the long length. That’,s it and you’,re done!

Obviously, you want to know the history of this iconic beard Style. It all started, when Eric Bandholz was stuck in a corporate world. Though he had a strong desire to grow beards, he was unable to do so because of his profession.

Once he left his job (what a perfect decision), he started to grow his legendary beard. Today, he owns a beard brand.

Garibaldi, unofficially is a member of the full beard family. That means getting the base of it will be achieved by the same method as the Classic Full Beard.

It is basically a wide and full beard with a rounded bottom and an integrated moustache. The Garibaldi should be no more than 20 cm in length.

Hollywood actors beard styles

Though, the beard can be allowed to grow naturally, the moustache needs to be kept neat. Garibaldi is for those who prefer a natural looking unkempt style.

For those interested in history: it’s named after one of the key figures in the foundation of Italy, General Giuseppe Garibaldi.

It was beautifully carried by one of the most talented actor of Hollywood, Late Robin Williams. Who can ever forget him?

Verdi Beard, though one of the most iconic Beards styles in the history, nowadays it is carried by every tom-dick-harry. Basically, Verdi Beard is one of those beard styles which everyone wants to achieve, but only a few can kick it with royalty.

There’,s not much to do in this Beard Style because it’,s a full beard with a moustache that has been slightly styled.

To achieve this flamboyant look, your Beard should be short and rounded at the bottom and should be no longer than 10 cm in length when measured from the bottom lip. And the moustache must not grow more than 1.5 cm past the corner of the mouth.

As it will be distinct from the beard, slightly shave your Beard to show off the groomed mustache.

The Verdi style of beard is inspired by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), an Italian operatic composer who is best known for masterpieces such as La Traviata, Il Trovatore, and Rigoletto.

In the recent times, it has been sported by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Mutton Chops or Wolverine Beard (you know wolverine, right?), is a prestigious Beard style which will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

It is a sequence of long, full sideburns that extend down to the corners of the mouth and are not connected by chin hair or a mustache.

They are often wider at the ends than where they start. Mutton chops can be bushy or trimmed close to the face.

You will have to grow a full beard before trimming out your mutton chops, that’,s a four-week commitment of not touching your shaving kit. Let all your facial hair grow at the same time and then shave a clean straight line at the bottom of each sideburn.

A century ago, Mutton Chops Beard style was carried by all manner of men, from presidents to leaders. But it dates all the way back to the Civil War where an American Union Army General, Ambrose Burnside, created a slightly unusual facial hair style. He carried a particularly prominent “mutton chop” sideburns connected to a moustache, while keeping his chin shaved perfectly clean.

King Albert is also known for his killer Mutton Chops Beard Style.

Later it was sported by many celebrities Teddy Roosevelt, Elvis Presley, Hugh Jackman.

A full beard is surely an epitome of manliness that consists of a beard, moustache, and whiskers, which will grow together to cover your cheeks, chin, and neck.

Hollywood actors beard styles

Growing and maintaining a full beard needs both patience and some bit of hard work too. While allowing your beard to grow, it’s important to maintain your neck hair, and stray cheek hairs, with regular shaves.

And because you wouldn’t want that ‘shabby’ or ‘unkempt’ remark for yourself, trimming for even length and density becomes important.

The last on the to-do list is the final shape you want to give it.

Famous people who have pulled off a full beard with grace include Zach Galifianakis, John Hamm, and Hugh Jackman.

Not to forget our very own Bollywood actors have also tried and succeeded at it to name a few, Imran khan, Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan.

A goatee combined with a mustache is what makes a Van Dyke Beard. It is also called the circle beard.

Beardsmen who want to have a neater appearance, the Van Dyke style is the answer. It combines a rounded goatee and a mustache to create the distinct round shape.

When a full beard is not well maintained, it looks untidy, wild and unappealing. This beard allows you to remain neat and at the same time have some facial hair. When a man is sporting this look, he needs to have the rest of his cheeks to be completely smooth and free of facial hair.

A Van Dyke looks better if it is more defined, hence the ones who choose this style need to pay close attention to the shape of the chin beard, keeping in mind that the lines remain clear as time passes.

The popularity of this beard has increased over time cause of the fact that it is easy to maintain, as long as the beard retains its round shape and short hair.

It suits best on men with a square jaw line.

Facts related to the history of this beard include:

This style got its name in the 17th century from a Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, this style being his signature look.

When sporting the Van Dyke, the rest of the beardsmen cheeks have to be completely smooth and free of facial hair.

This style is prominent in the current era. It is also followed in Management schools as well as the corporate structure. Even Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities follow this style of beard nowadays.

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