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People are always saying new year new me, and it’,s currently no shave November, so why don’,t we help you out with some modern facial hair styles that we believe will become popular and make you shine in 2017. You can grow your facial hair out this month, trial a new style out next month, then start the new year with either the before or after. Modern beard styles.

Besides if you don’,t like it, it’,s facial hair, just shave it off or wait for it to fill out again.

Facial Hair Ideas For 2017

This extending beard makes the chin/jaw look more extended than it really is. This style really enhances your looks and has many alternatives including fades, contrasts and different lengths. A forward growing face is deemed attractive and this style can give you that if your facial features don’,t.

The hair on you chin area is longer than the hair on the rest of your face, giving you a square protruding jaw, what man doesn’,t want this?

The Hollywoodian is nothing more than a beard with the side burns shaved off. However, this simple detachment from the hair, can bring about some surprising results.

Modern hair and beard styles

The gap between the hair and the beard gives you that larger jaw illusion increasing your manliness in 2017. The trick with the Hollywoodian is to make sure you don’,t shave it down too low, and to make sure that you use your neck hair to enhance the effect.

Without the duck-tail would be a normal length beard. But with the duck-tail, we’,d see a combination of the first two styles we’,ve shown you here today.

To show you an example of a Hollywoodian beard that’,s not right we’,ve included this image below.

See how the neck area isn’,t being used to full effect and how the beard is cut too low on the side? This is something you should aim to avoid with your Hollywoodian. It’,s also evident that a duck-tail improves this beard enormously.

Modern beard styles 2012

This is a facial hair style that has the potential to turn heads for the right reasons and the wrong ones. Be careful!

Fades aren’,t new, but they’,re only just being explored and mastered. I believe in 2017 faded beards will be more common, rather than just faded haircuts.

The faded beard also hasn’,t really featured too much outside of the African-American community. But I think it’,s time that other ethnic groups of men gave this a try.

The fade makes everything tie in together and looks very neat and tidy. The blend of short to long really can emphasize the angles of your face.

Modern french beard styles

As we can see with the final image, this style can be elaborated upon but adding a duck-tail finish.

The Hybrid is a combination of styles, it’,s going to be 2017 after all what did we expect? Everything else has had some crazy and modern twist added to it, so why not beard styles?

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