Clean cut facial hair styles Clean cut beard styles. Love Flaunting Your Trimmed Beard? This District of Pakistan is Against Good Looks of Men -

Apart from the handsome good looks, every man around the world loves to flaunt their burly beard. Beards are no more just a facial feature but has turned into a great fashion statement. And men of all age group (obviously, post having one) love to keep them well groomed. Talking about bearded hunks, it is the Pakistani men that comes to our mind. Remember, Fawad Khan looking oh-so-handsome sporting beard. But recent firmness laid by Pakistan’s Dera Ghazi Khan District could leave beard lovers disappointed. Dera Ghazi Khan is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The District Council has recently passed a resolution to impose a ban on grooming beard in several styles. The council said that the stylish beard designs were against the Shariah (Islamic canonical law) and Sunnah (the way of the prophet). Clean cut beard styles.

According to the resolution, shaping beards in fashionable styles like French cut, goatee was inconsistent with the teachings of Islam and goes against the Sunnah. Asif Khosa, senior Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan tabled the resolution. He was quoted saying, “Youngsters make fun of the Sunnah by styling their beard against the teachings of Islam. Styles like ‘French cut’ are not allowed in Islam.” Terming the act against Sunnah, the resolution called for strict action against those ‘who make fun of beard’. The resolution was passed by majority and sent to Dera Ghazi Khan Deputy Commissioner for further action. They demanded that DG Khan Deputy Commissioner should be directed to impose the ban on the trend that was popular among the Pakistani youths.

Well it seems that the government is little worried with men looking extra handsome with their unique touch in their facial hair. The perfectly formed cheekbones, captivating gaze and well-groomed appearance, threatens the authorities. Remember Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor and photographer from Dubai? Yes, the same good-looking guy who in 2013 was reportedly asked to leave Saudi Arabia for being ‘too handsome.’ We hope Omar never crosses Dera Ghazi Khan post (if) resolution is passed or he is bound to land in a serious trouble - all thanks to his handsome feature!

Clean cut facial hair styles Clean cut beard styles

On a serious note, the resolution if comes into force will upset the beard lovers. Resolutions as such on the name of religion are taking away the freedom of making personal choices. We have heard of several incidents wherein women are made the soft target with powerful men in ranks make decisions, but now stern uncalled-for decisions are taken against men.

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