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Real men wear beards and this was never more true than during the Civil War era. Throughout history the beard has been a symbol of the manly man, an indicator of well intended testosterone— because after all, there’s nothing scary about a baby face. Civil war era beard styles.

Officers for the Union and Confederacy alike wore beards stylish to the era, but the type that would draw double takes in 2014.

From the handlebar mustache to goatee, full beard to sideburns, soldiers during the Civil War rocked facial hair that would make contemporary military blush.

Here’s a gallery of the best facial hair from the Civil War:

How many times do you think someone told General Hancock he had food stuck in that beard? Clean eating was a challenge for this Union officer who took the mustache-goatee combo to historic levels. With a mustache that covered his lips and frazzled goatee dangling from his chin, Hancock no doubt was a stylish leader in battle.

Now THAT, Country Outfitter friends, is a BEARD! Admiral Worden commanded ironclad ships for the U.S. Navy while looking like the panhandler you offered change to the other day. Possibly compensating for a receding hair line, Worden grew the beard of Civil War beards. I’d eyeball that thing at least 16 inches from the point of his chin.

Give me mutton chops or give me death. It’s difficult to see where Major General Stevenson’s hair ended and sideburns began. He’s got it all growing, right there on his cheeks. Sideburns need to be thick, distinguished and come to an ending point somewhere near the corner of the lip. After years of shaving just his mustache and chin, Stevenson ended up with this look. Well done Carter!

Ambrose Burnside’s contribution to the history of facial hair deserves more than just placement on this list. They called his unique facial growth burnsides a term later changed into the modern day description sideburns. The embedded 1880 photograph shows Burnside at his facial hair pinnacle. His white beard actually exceeds his hair in length, an accomplishment in itself. The package flows easily from each side of his face, connecting beautifully with whatever hair Burnside had left.

If needed, Major General George Crook’s full beard could have provided cover for the Union Army during Bull Run. This scraggly beauty is portrayed in popular film by Gene Hackman in Geronimo, but Hackman’s was merely a cheap impression. No word on whether squirrels ever burrowed a den in Crook’s facial hair.

Carroll’s facial hair was fitting for a war hero, which is just what he was. Famous for his role during the Battle of Gettysburg, Brigadier General Carroll was wounded several times in battle, eventually suffering through an amputation. It didn’t stop him from living to 60, a long time back then, nor did it stop those sideburns from literally jumping off his cheek bones. Carroll gets extra man points for a horizontally growing beard that protrudes from his chin line.

We’re capping this list with Honest Abe and his chin strap. 11 year old Grace Bedell penned a letter to then Presidential candidate Lincoln suggesting a beard would improve his prospects. Abe listened and the rest is facial hair history. Lincoln’s chin strap is still emulated to this day by men who struggle to grow full beards. It’s a good look.

If you didn't watch the season premiere of "The Voice," you missed Kelly Clarkson's debut and the return of Alicia Keys. And while the show was airing on the East Coast, Kelly watched it live on Facebook Live with fans. And man, it was quite a treat. Kelly sang a number of songs, drank a lot of wine, called out Blake Shelton several times, called out herself several times and did some parenting, too.

16 Things Kelly Clarkson Did or Said While Watching Herself on "The Voice" For the First Time:

1. Kelly Clarkson has a giant Meryl Streep cutout in her hotel room/apartment.

2. Kelly can sing, "and some cows!" and I'd buy it. Which, she did sing.

3. Brandon Blackstock was a cheerleader. He signed up to hang out with girls in skirts, according to Kelly.

4. River Rose tried to put her princesses in tea and Kelly told her not to do that, because "that's a weird thing to even have to tell you."

Civil war era beard styles Civil war era facial hair styles

6. Kelly also doesn't like all the sob stories.

7. Kelly has not put this glass of wine down the whole time.

8. Kelly watches TV very intently, even though she knows what happens.

9. "I'm so annoying!" -- Kelly, re: talking about Reba McEntire

10. "There's mommy's stripper dance," Kelly said to River.

11. Kelly wants Meryl Streep's number if Adam Levine really has it.

12. "You're dumb." -- Kelly to herself

13. Kelly made fun of country music and said she could "sing about some painted on jeans."

14. Kelly started reading the Facebook comments and then just said, "I've been drinking."

15. Kelly sang Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" to Blake. And then said, "he thinks he knows everything."

16. While watching a preview for the show, Kelly said, "can I just keep my shit together?"

When the show was over, Kelly said she really loves "The Voice," and then River interrupted her by saying, "I know how a bug rolls." And then, Kelly said, "Do it! Stick the landing! We're watching, baby!" Then, she sang Limp Bizkit.

Chris Young has one of the most distinct and underrated voices in all of country music, so singing one of his songs on a reality TV competition like " The Voice," is no easy task. But, Austin Kilgore went for it with his blind audition on season 14 of the NBC show and he got a four-chair turn out of it.

Austin caused a real scene with his performance of "Tomorrow." So much so, that Alicia Keys used her one and only block of the season to make sure Blake Shelton didn't lure him to his team.

But, that wasn't even the good part.

When Austin revealed that Reba McEntire inspired him to get into country music, Kelly Clarkson let loose.

Civil war era beard styles Civil war era facial hair styles

Alicia Keys added, "I will call Reba McEntire too. I will call Bonnie Raitt."

Adam Levine said he would call Meryl Streep or "anybody that you want me to call, I will call!" But, really, Adam did not care who he picked because Blake had been blocked.

Kelly went a little deeper and said, "This is going to be pathetic if you do not pick me. That was the Lord saying, 'Pick Kelly!' That was Jesus Christ... follow the light. I know country music! I live on a farm. I am a country girl. But, man, if you don't pick me..."

Kelly also accused Adam of lying from Satan's mouth. She like, went for it.

In the end, Austin did pick Kelly. Thank goodness. Not sure what she would've done if he hadn't.

GQ Style recently put together a photo shoot of 15 country music artists and icons, which was described as, "Since the dawn of this country, men and women have been tying strings to hollow-bodied objects, putting on their finest clothes, and singing stories of love and heartbreak, hardship and triumph. Here, we pay homage to country and Americana music by getting all dressed up with 15 of our favorite storytellers—a mix of unimpeachable O.G.'s and rising young legends-to-be."

Sure, that's great. The spread featured Alan Jackson in his own clothes, Chris Stapleton in clothes he normally wears and then, there's Vince Gill wearing a $29,825 coat from Versace.

Don't worry-- the shirt and tie are his own.

A down payment on a $140,000 home

A modest kitchen renovation

In-state tuition at a state school

Just when you thought Kristen Bell was perfect or at least someone who has never suffered from a weird, terribly named medical condition-- think again.

During a recent appearance on the "Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale," Kristen and Joel were casually chatting about feline leukemia, when Kristen announced, "and anal worms!"

After realizing she was serious, Joel asked, "you had anal worms? You're kidding? What did you do for them?"

"I did have anal worms two weeks ago — I swear to God. They're called pinworms. My kids had them. It was very itchy. I'm not here to talk about pinworms, but I will. Fifty percent of people over 15 don't experience symptoms, which is the itch. Your kids get them because they put their hands in their mouth and they lay eggs," Kristen shared before really getting into the nuts and bolts of the ailment.

Kristen continued, but I can't even type out the rest.

Civil war era beard styles Civil war era facial hair styles

If you haven't listened to Kacey Musgraves' "Space Cowboy" yet, you're doing yourself and all of your friends and family a huge disservice. It's one of two songs Kacey released off her upcoming Golden Hour album and it might be one of the best songs she's ever written (with Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, of course).

After selling out Radio City Music Hall with Little Big Town on The Breakers Tour, Kacey took her insane Juicy Couture sequined/sparkly/rhinestone-encrusted jumpsuit to "The Tonight Show" and was absolute perfection.

Kacey's been performing "Space Cowboy" live the last few weeks, but this performance was different. It was like a bunch of space cowboys (which, the song is not about) were floating around like angels spurring her on.

It's early, but this is my early favorite for a GRAMMY nomination and CMA Song of the Year. Ain't no sense in closing the gate or trying to convince me otherwise right now.

Jennifer Lawrence hates it when people say that she seems so normal and down-to-earth, but what other way is there to describe an Oscar-winning actress who gets a little drunk while appearing on the "Late Show With Stephen Colbert"?

First, Jennifer took some shots of rum and said, "this will help bring my soul back." She was a bit turned off by the rum, but "you know what? It's alcohol." Then, she took Stephen's shot too.

After a few more shots, J. Law really let loose when asked about Harvey Weinstein, "He is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away. You pop the ass boil. He's just the worst. Just when is it gonna end? Like, in the middle of the night, I had to come up with a statement in London and I was like, 'It's still not over?! His awfulness is still happening?'"

When J. Law took another shot she revealed that she calls herself Gail while on vacation, "Turns out I really like rum. You know what? I like when I'm vacation me, so why wouldn't I like rum? … My vacation me, her name is Gail. I wish to God we had a photo of her."

For the second part of the interview, Jennifer discussed her new movie, "Red Sparrow," but there's a certain group of people that shouldn't see the movie, "It's entertaining. Don't put any political weight on it. Like, if you're like a typical hater and you have a blog, don't go! You're officially totally uninvited. I would like to officially un-invite all my haters to go see "Red Sparrow.""

If you have kids or know teenagers or read the Internet, you've probably seen the phrase, "I stan..." floating around out there. While I very much stan for Kacey Musgraves, I'm shifting some of my stanning over whole-heartedly to her 80-year-old grandmother, Barbara. Kacey calls her Nana, so I will too. Nana is married to Darrell Gene, who Kacey took to the ACM Awards in 2015. They've been married for 60 years and that's a damn fine feat to be proud of.

7 Reasons We Want Kacey Musgraves' Nana to Be Our Very Best Friend:

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