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The majority of the men from around the world are passionate about their Beard and at some point of time or the other, they have tried this. However, if you are planning to have a makeover by keeping a beard, you should ensure that the style of the beard is suiting and complementing the style of your face. Keep in mind that a mismatch in this regard will completely damage your appearance, and hence, you should opt for the style that is most suitable with the shape of your face. Here are a few tricks and tips in that regard. Best beard styles for me.

Best Styles for faces of different shapes

Triangular face: faces with triangular shape featured wider hairline and broader jaw line, while the chin comes narrow. In order to balances these features, the lower half, the part that lies just under the cheek bones, require filling. Opting for a full-style beard, you can overcome the issue with the excessively sharp chin can be overcome. However, refrain from giving the excessively full-appearance to the sides of your face that will create the impression of even jaw lines.

Round Face: Beard, neatly trimmed, is the perfect choice for those who have got the rounded faces. To give the perfect final touch, create stiff lines along your cheekbones and opt for a squared neckline to give an impression of oval shape to the face.

Long Face: The most effective style to make the face appear shorter is to opt for the beard scruff or neatly trimming the beard. Just like the instance with the oblong faces, this adjustment will shift the attention from the sharper jaw lines.

Best facial hair styles for me Best beard styles for me What's the best beard style for me

Faces without Chin: You need to worry, even if you don’t have a prominent Chin. In these instances, you should opt for the full-shape beard that will create an impression for pronounced chin and strong jaw lines.

Square Face: Shorter beard with sharper line, and alternatively, the beard scruff will come effective in accentuating the square jaws.

Oval Face: You are indeed blessed if you are having an oval shape as nearly all types of beards suit this shape of the face. Hence, you can afford the luxury to experiment with different style of beard, before you pick the one that gives you the best appearance.

Best facial hair styles for me Best beard styles for me What's the best beard style for me

Small Face: The N- beard style will be the most suitable choice for these people as no matter the style of beard you opt for, it will make the face appear smaller. If you are in this group, you should opt for the clean-shaven look.

Large Face: if this is the case with you, opt for the full beard style that will make the face look smaller. Remember, beard scruff will never be a compatible choice for the larger faces.

These suggestions will effectively guide you in selecting the beard style that will accentuate your face the most. In addition, it will be wise to seek the advices and guidance of the professional stylish to dedice the style of beard that you should ideally opt for.

Best facial hair styles for me Best beard styles for me What's the best beard style for me

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