Modern beard styles pictures. Slick Back Haircuts: 40 Trendy Slicked Back Hair Styles, AtoZ Hairstyles

Flaunting the slick back hair style can be the best option among all, if you have fine or medium hair, a go as you like way, especially with undercuts and high fade. If you are one such camper, you can blindly make an investment to don slick back haircuts which can you you look like a guy most ladies would like to be with. The slick back haircut has a traditional origin, and have passed through many stages of evolution, to be one of the popular contemporary hairstyles. Modern long beard styles.

A wide range of slick back hair style can be harnessed which could be overwhelming and help you to pamper your hair in an artistic way. The men’,s slick back haircut is a versatile hairstyle, where you can wear it with different textures of hair and for any occasion. The only thing is knowing your styling options, and the rest will be taken over by a professional barber, who is proficient and knows well how to slick your hair back. Here are 15 of the best modern slick back hair styles from which you can choose the one for the type of your hair.

#1: The Classic Slicked Back:

This slick back haircut will need pomade or a gel to hold on the hair in shape. Slicking the hair will require repeated combing and use a quality pomade that will make your hairs look thick.

#2: Slick Back with Parting:

Sometimes a slight parting can make the slick hair back style different, adding softness to the style. Comb the front part of the hair before slicking it back, to get the height.

#3: Slick Back Curls:

This slick back curly hair style can be perfectly done for those having natural curls, Use a light mousse to bring flexibility to the hairstyle for adapting the curls to shape. Having a messy look will add volume to the hair.

#4: Short Slick Back:

Take a look at this modern slick back hair style, where the short hair is slicked back using a quality slick back hair product like a gel or a pomade. This hairstyle shows how to slick back short hair.

Modern beard styles pictures

#5: Slicked Back Long Hair:

As usual, men with long hair have many options when it comes to hair styling, and this slick back long hair style is no exception. The hair is first combed backwards, using the fingers and then the comb. A styling product is applied for holding the long hair, and then slicked back.

#6: Slick Back with Facial Hair:

Facial hair can complement a slick back men’,s hair style in a trendy way, as is this one. A goatee or a light beard can do the trick to add dimension to this hairstyle. The style will look glamorous if matching your features ad the shape of your face.

#7: Slick Back with Side Part:

This hairstyle reminds of the 50’s, where side parting was a common hairstyle. Using a silky hair product will add glossiness to the hair and will make the slick back hair cut look majestic. Choose the side to which the hair can be parted naturally to add sleekness to the style.

#8: Slick Back with Mustache:

Whether it is a traditional style mustache, or a contemporary one, a mustache can add character to the slick back hair style. The mustache will need regular trimming in order to complement the slick hair back hairstyle.

#9: Slick Back Undercut:

This slick back hair undercut hairstyle will need the skills of a professional barber. The long hair is slicked back and the sides styled with a deep undercut. This is one of the popular slick back long hair styles.

Modern beard styles 2013

#10: The Pompadour Slick Back:

A pompadour to a slick black hair-style can take the modern slick back hairstyle to the next level. It adds great volume to the top hair and using different styling products, you can achieve the style you want.

#11: Slick Back with Very Long Hair:

Men having extra long hair can flaunt the slick back long hair style in different ways, one of which is to pull the hair back to the back of the ears. A bolder aesthetic look can be achieved when using a firmer mousse. Either way, the style adds dimension to your looks.

#12: Slick Back Hairstyle with Shaved Sides:

This slick back fade hairstyle is one of the latest hairstyles, where the long hair on the top is combed back and the sides styled with a skin fade. This haircut will need the skills of a professional barber.

#13: Slick Back with Volume:

Proper use of the blow dryer is demonstrated to show how to slick back thick hair and add volume. Quality gel or pomade is applied deep into the hair to add depth to the style. This particular slick back hair cut depends much on the volume, and that is why you need to use a quality slick back hair product.

#14: Slick Back Combover:

This men’,s slick back haircut style resembles the perfect comb over, where the hair is slicked back with repeated use of a comb after massaging he hair with a pomade.

Modern beard styles 2013

#15: Slick Back Hairstyle with Bun and Sides Shaved:

This slick back hair style with bun and sides shaved is fast becoming popular as one of the. The hair in the middle is kept long enough to be styled as a bun at the back, and the hair on the sides shaved neatly. A close shaved beard can complement the style.

#16: The Man Bun Slick Back Hairstyle:

This is one of the flattering hairstyle, which, when complemented with a beard makes the bone structure on the cheek and jaw prominent. Those with round, small face shape can flaunt this hairstyle.

#17: Curly Slick Back

#18: Under Shaved Slick Back

#19: Undercut Slick Back + Different Facial Hair

#20: Wavy Slik

#21: Medium Slick Back

#22: Very Short Hair + Front Slick Back

#23: Medium Slick Back Wavy Haircuys

#24: Blonde Fade Haircuts

#25: Long Goatee with Short Sliced

#26: Fade Slicked Back

#27: Wavy Tapper Hair cut

#28: Wavy Slick with long Beard

#29: Slicked Undercut

#30: Combover with short sides

#31: Fade sides

#32: Wavy with Beard

#33: Long Goatee With Fade

#34: Classic Fade

#35: Wavy Long Hair

#36: Slicked Back with Mediam Beard

#37: Medium classic hairstyles

#38: Chin Goatee With Back Hair

#39: Bandholz Beard Classy Hair

#40: Slick and Quaff

The variations of the slick back hairstyle, makes this style one of the most popular hairstyles. The versatility of this hairstyle is more exhibited by the creativity and skills of professional barbers.

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