Good facial hair styles for round faces. 20 Best Hairstyles for Fat Men with Chubby Faces 2016

Chubby faces need not always denote that you look like a kid. With the help of some grooming and some styling, especially, with the hair, you can always carry off any personality in the world! Because of the presence of a heavy jawline, it is important that the hair (which is adaptable easily) is styled in such a way that it balances the chubbiness. Best beard styles for a round face.

1. Spiked hair

Spiked hair is the easiest way in which a man can get to divert the heaviness from the jawline and balance it out evenly around the face thus giving a slightly edgier look. But you must be careful about the angle the spikes are in. For this you need to notice your jawline carefully as most of the times, the jaw is tilted towards one side more than the other. The spikes should be angled in the opposite direction.

2. Side bangs

For men with straight hair and a chubby face, getting side bangs is a clever way to style your face. The side bangs create an angle between the face and give the impression of having a longer face.

3. Add height to your hair

One of the easiest ways to divert attention from a heavy jawline and cheekbones is by adding some height to your face thus making it appear longer. This can be done by men with curly or wavy hair quite easily. The hair must be brushed back so as to give it some volume.

4. Buzz cut

The trick to having a good hairstyle on a heavy face is by balancing out the fat on the cheeks by some volume in the hair. However, men can also get buzz cuts to look stylish even with a heavy face. But it needs to be made sure that the hair does not end near the cheeks.

5. Have longer hair

Keeping long hair often adds advantage to the face, which has a heavy jawline. Men can achieve this by adding layers to the hair but avoiding layers on the side of the face, which increases the roundedness of the face.

6. Medium length

Medium-length hair, which can be brushed backward looks stylish and respectable. The more volume is created on top, the better the round face will look. This type of haircut can be used for both straight and curly hair. However, curly hair offer more volume, so it is important not to overdo it.

Good facial hair styles for round faces

7. Short beard

A short beard is a great way to make a chubby face seem visually thinner. A good way out is to grow whiskers. They look as though there are a haircut extension and do wonders to hide the chubby face. The second chin will also be hidden by a medium length beard.

8. More volume on top

The more volume is placed on top of the head, the better the round face will look. Be it a spike or a brushed back hairstyle, the lower part of the face will become less noticeable and will get a more attractive look. The higher the spike, the better the hairstyle will hide the chubbiness.

9. Disheveled look

A disheveled look is a great idea for those who don’,t want to spend much time styling their hair and wish to conceal the chubbiness in the easiest way possible. Messed up hair is often in style and will draw the attention away from the round face.

10. Voluminous beard

A voluminous beard does a great job hiding a double chin as well as making the head look more elongated, which gives the impression of a thinner face. However, it is also important not to forget about the volume on top as well as shaved temples.

11. The hairstyle and beard combination

A combination of the volume on top of the head and a short beard make the fat man’,s chubby face look much more elegant. Combining hairstyle tricks is great to reach better results while keeping the work to a minimum. Short hairstyles and long beards also make a great combination.

12. Natural and wavy look

Chubby men with diamond shaped faces need to lean toward more natural and wavy look. Softening the features with long hair will not work here. Brushing longer hair up top without using much mousse or hair gel will give a diamond face a manlier look.

Best beard styles for a round face

13. Messy look

The messed up hair on top has the same effect as the spike. It elongates the face, which makes it seem thinner. Such hairstyle will fit men with round and oblong types of faces, while those sporting a diamond shaped face shouldn’,t consider it.

14. The shorter the better

The shortest cuts look great on chubby faces since they remove the additional unnecessary volume from the face. Combined with a short beard, the short haircut will visually change the shape of a fat man’,s face. At the same time, these types of haircuts don’,t require a lot of maintenance.

15. Shaved temples

Shaved temples will take the volume from the lower part of the body and bring it to the top of the head. This will make the face look thinner. If a beard is added the attention will be drawn away from the shape of the face.

16. Comb over

The comb over to one side creates a necessary volume on top of a chubby head. Combined with a voluminous beard, a side comb over provides an unusual look. Anything unusual is always a good idea for a large face since it draws attention away from the shape.

17. Make it neat

If the chubby man’,s hair and beard is untidy he will look really terrible. It is extremely important for such men to keep their hair properly cut and styled. The beard must not be allowed to grow wild. Neatness is the key to success..

18. Spike with a scrubby chin

Spike and a scrubby chin is a good combination for a round face. Scrubbiness adds a manly look to a chin and does a good job hiding the extra skin. The spike draws attention from the chubbiness to the top of the head. The spike must be maintained daily.

Good facial hair styles for round faces

19. Dark hair

The darker the hair the smaller the face will look. This is true for any type of face as well as any hairstyle. The hair can either be colored or special cosmetics can be used to darken it. This trick is especially useful for men with graying hair.

20. Let it down

A good way to hide the chubbiness is to grow as much hair as possible. This might not suit every man out there. However, those who are bold enough to try it, will see great results. It is important to keep the long hair neat, otherwise, the effect will be reversed.

In precise terms, men with a round face with fat on the jawline and the cheekbones must concentrate on having a haircut that will add volume to the top portion of the face and add no extra mass to the lower part.

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