Long beard short hairstyles. Men’s Hairstyles with Beards, Trendy Hairstyles 2017 for long, medium and short hair

Recently many men look for haircuts and hairstyles matching their beard styles. As beards are also very popular we will provide you with the latest trends of men’s hairstyles with beards to help you make your choice easily. Below you’ll find modern haircut and beard style matchings for various tastes and interests. We hope that you’ll find your ultimate style statement. Silver Hair with Beards Short hair and beard styles.

This new hairstyle trend also called salt and pepper hairstyle is becoming popular day by day. It is contrasting solution between silver hair and dark beard and grabs much attention. Men who want to stand out in the crowd with their unique style dye their locks in silver shades. Braver guys match it with dark beards. If you feel convenient with this option and seek for a huge transformation then go ahead with a flattering grey hair color and let your beard grow out a little bit. Undercut with Full Beards

Another contrasting style is the combination of undercuts with full beards. Some like to connect their undercut hairstyle with full beards and create a fashionable look. Full beards tend to highlight your masculinity and bring out your serious nature. They look interesting with slicked back and side swept undercuts. Slicked Back Hairstyle with Beards

Mens short hairstyles with beard

Neat and classic slicked back hairstyles always require special carefulness when it comes to beard matching. In this case, you are supposed to opt for a neat and elegant beard style which looks very tidy and well groomed. It’s preferable to style not only the hair on the head but also facial hair. You can use oils and creams for a perfect slicked back hairstyle and neat beard. Try to keep your hair short and often update it if you like to opt for this style for a long time. Buzz Cut with Shadow Beards

Men who prefer short haircuts usually seek for low-maintenance beards too. Besides, short haircuts look better with short or shadow beards. So, try this combo if you have decided to go for a buzz cut. Shadow beards are very seductive and display killer facial features. They are awesome on dark hair. Man Bun with Beards

Short hair and beard styles

Those who have grown out their hair in order to rock man bun hairstyles should keep in mind that it looks perfect only with beards. Beards break down any feminine touch in these hairstyles making them quite masculine. Make sure you really want an updo hairstyle and then think of a cool beard style matching your face shape.


Short hair short beard styles

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