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A great beard doesn’t just happen. You must cultivate and direct it in the proper direction. You need some beard grooming pointers to attain scruff that you’ll be proud of. If you are planning to grow beard, you should start by learning how to trim a beard. Ensure but before that, choose a trimming style that compliments your face. Beard trimming and styles.

A long time ago, men could leave their beards unattended and no one could judge them. Today, people’s perceptions have changed especially in the employment sector. An unkempt beard could be a sign of unorganized attitude, so it good that you keep your facial fur in check.

Need some grooming tips and tricks? This post has all the information you need to make a showstopper beard.

Reasons You Should Trim Your Beard

Different men have different beard growth rates. Some men have an epic mo while others are hairless on their face. Still, there are men who are genetically blessed with a hirsute that can leave a mess after a shower.

Beard trimming is very crucial for a fuller and healthy look. Like a baby, you have to raise it the right way. As it gets longer and fuller, you have to pay more attention to combat various problems such as itchiness, split ends, and dry skin under the beard. The last thing you want is having rogue hair strands poking out of your face. Without further ado, let’s get straight to benefits of beard trimming.

1. Eliminating stray hairs

It is extremely imperative that you get rid of the stray hairs on your face for a groomed look. This is the easiest achievement you can make in your beard grooming habits. Beard trimming helps to get in line those sprouting pokers.

2. Neat appearance

Trimmed beard is desirable. It makes a man more presentable say during a job interview and increases chances of getting hired. It is also one of those looks ladies like.

3. Achieving a desirable facial shape

There is a particular way you can trim beard to strengthen your jawline. If you don’t have defined jawline, trimming your beard around the chin produces a prominent facial appearance. If you are more portly, it can help you get a better definition of your less defined chin.

4. Fullness

It sounds controversial that beard trimming gives a fuller look. Beard is similar to a hedge which when trimmed into shape, appears thicker and much fuller. By eliminating the strays and making the facial hair more even, you will get a fuller look.

5. Removing split ends

You cannot have peace with split ends on your beard. These features are caused by extreme environmental factors like wind, cold, and high temperatures. They make your beard fragile so that it snaps off often. You must keep it in check to prevent split ends. Cutting split ends has a lot of advantages. If you leave them, your beard will get worse. The solution is to trim and apply beard balm and oil.

6. Preventing skin clogs

Dust and oily debris can clog up the skin underneath beard. Beard trimming can help to mitigate clogged skin pores by simplifying the cleaning process.

7. No tangles and knots

Well-maintained beard doesn’t tangle. Beard trimming keeps in check those knots which can be painful when brushing or combing. One thing you should do to further prevent the tangling mess is combing your beard daily.

Beard grooming and styles Beard trimming styles tips Beard trimming styles neck Beard cut styles Beard trimming and styles Beard trimming and care Beard trimming styles gq Beard trimming style guide Beard trimming and maintenance Beard trimming and shapin

8. Healthy purpose

By removing the split ends and stray hair shafts, you are taking off unhealthy elements while encouraging fresh growth. It will look more desirable when trimmed.

9. Personal hygiene

Sometimes, foods and drinks get stuck in the facial fur. Trimming the mustache and hairs around the mouth reduces chances of a dirty beard. If you prefer a bushy face, make sure you cleanse your beard daily. Otherwise, trim your moto aid in the process of eating.

10. Personal style

How you trim your beard is a matter of personal preference. You can showcase your personal style by trimming beard in a unique way. Here are various trendy styles that represent creativity. Once trimmed, it is easier to maintain your shape.

How to Trim Your Beard

1. Wash beard first

You should only trim a clean beard. Use beard shampoo and condition it afterward. Beard shampoo and conditioner helps to soften your facial hair and makes the next steps even simpler. Washing the beard first ensures that it is hydrated at the time of trimming, making the cutting process easier. This also gives you a picture of how your beard will look like after the trim.

2. Dry and brush

Make sure that your beard dries up such that the hairs can stand up straight. This will make the trimming process easier and help you see any inconsistency in the growth of your beard. After drying, use a boar beard brush to detangle the knots and style it in the right direction.

3. Trim the beard with clippers

To avoid cutting it too short, you can use a bigger guard on your beard and a shorter guard on mustache. Be careful with the mustache as the nose can be a huge impediment. The idea is to attain an even and consistent trim. Use a sweeping motion and take the direction away from the face. Ensure that you get an even beard.

4. Trim the mustache

There is a better option for trimming the mustache than the guard on clippers. Comb your mustache downwards and with a bare clipper, cut out the hairs around the upper lip. Ensure that your hands remain stable during this process. If you find it hard to maintain the stability of your hands, use scissors instead. Don’t forget that you cannot reverse poor trimmed beard. On your mustache, cheeks and neck, keep it short and leave longer chin hair.

5. Don’t ignore the neckline

Trimming beard in the wrong places or neglecting the neckline is a huge mistake. Do not trim too close to the jawbone because it could make you look like you have two chins. Trim your beard just above Adam’s apple with the help of your two fingers. From behind your two ears, make imaginary lines that meet at Adam’s apple to form a U shape. You should then shave any hair below this boundary.

6. Combing

After beard trimming, apply beard oil to soften your stubble. Then use a beard comb to spread the oil evenly. Don’t forget to style your beard after trimming. Find out if there are any stray hairs that were passed in the beard trimming process and cut them off with scissors. The beard oil will give you a healthy, moisturized, and soft goatee.

Trimming Beard With Scissors

I. Wash your beard and dry it properly

II. Use a wide-toothed comb and quality scissors

Beard grooming and styles Beard trimming styles tips Beard trimming styles neck Beard cut styles Beard trimming and styles Beard trimming and care Beard trimming styles gq Beard trimming style guide Beard trimming and maintenance Beard trimming and shapin

III. Run the comb through your beard along the hair growth direction

IV. Comb the hair again but against the hair growth direction to make it fluffy

V. Start with one cheek and pass the comb through your beard. Cut any hair protruding out of the comb teeth and be careful not to overdo the cut

VI. For a tidy look, cut the facial hair short but do not dig too deep. Maintain the comb on the beard surface for an even trim

VII. Go to the other side of the face and the chin area

VIII. Comb the beard after trimming to check any hairs poking out.

IX. Wash your beard and apply beard oil to keep it moisturized

How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer for Trimming a Beard

Well-groomed mustache and beard shout masculinity. If you have made up your mind about growing beard, you need to have the right arsenal at hand. High-quality trimmers are beard staples. You want a device that performs well for optimal appearance. A best beard and mustache trimmer is one tool that can tame the unpredictable beast on your face. How do you pick the right one?

1) Corded versus cordless trimmers

When picking a trimmer, you will be faced with these two main design options. Some trimmers use battery while others do not need electric power. The key is finding one that suits your lifestyle. If you don’t always have access to electric supply, then you can choose the cordless trimmers which are powered by a battery. If you don’t mind getting tangled in cords, you may have the wired device.

2) Battery Life

If you prefer the wireless model, then it is best to buy a trimmer with longer battery life so you don’t run out of power in the middle of trimming. If you are always on the go, you obviously don’t have much time to wait for the battery to charge. What you will need is a trimmer with great battery life and with less charging time.

3) Dry versus wet

There are beard trimmers specifically designed for wet trimming while others are suited for dry trimming. Choose an option that matches your preferred style. There are also versatile designs that can switch between the two modes.

Beard grooming and styles Beard trimming styles tips Beard trimming styles neck Beard cut styles Beard trimming and styles Beard trimming and care Beard trimming styles gq Beard trimming style guide Beard trimming and maintenance Beard trimming and shapin

4) Length options

Your preferred trimmer should have your preferential length settings. Perhaps you like short stubble or a long chin hair; make sure the length options are in your favor. A good option is to choose a trimmer with different length settings so you can change your styles whenever you want.

5) Versatility

Look for versatile features of a beard trimmer if you want to make your grooming routing more enjoyable. Check for different modes such as vacuum system, pop-up ear trimmers, and nose trimmers to make your work easier.

6) Build quality

There is no need for a beard trimmer that breaks after a few times of usage. Quality trimmers may cost more but are economical in the long-term. How can you tell a durable trimmer? High-end designs are made of stainless steel and their grip control is solid. These are the trimmers that can cope with daily misuse without cracking.

4 Popular Beard Styles Can Try After Trimming a Beard

You can choose from a number of beard trimming styles but you have to make sure that you pick one that matches your facial features. Your unique facial features need a distinctive beard style. Note that one look may be perfect for one guy but not good for you. Some of the best styles are as follows.

1) Standard beard

This is commonly known as the circle beard style. It is a combo of rounded beard styles and a mustache. Circle beard is perfect for rounded and oval faces. It is ideal for a man who wants to look presentable and still keep the goatee. To achieve the look, grow a substantial beard and avoid over-trimming. A barber can help you attain this look better then you can do minor trimming on your own.

2) Van Dyke

Like the name suggests, this beard style was the signature look of a Flemish painter called Anthony Van Dyke. It has a mustache and goatee but trimmed with precision. When your beard grows long, shape it with a quality shaver. Remove all the neckline hair, the sideburns, and cheeks. The mustache remains untouched. On your chin, create a T shape (inverted) and let the hair on this part grow up to 2”. Then you can trim it after sometimes to get the Van Dyke style.

3) Imperial style

This was a popular beard style during the second empire. It is actually a mustache but sideburns and chin hair may be incorporated. It is very simple to maintain. For weeks, don’t shave your facial hair till you get whiskers that can be shaped. You can even wait for as long as 3 months, depending on your beard growth pace. Then you can shave the sideburns and hairs near the mustache. Let your mustache stay natural without trimming. Then curl the ends of the mustache and wax it with the right products. There you have your imperial beard.

4) Balbo style

It is one of the most popular beard styles in the contemporary world. Start with a full beard so that there is enough hair for trimming beard. Grow the mustache too. You need to sculpt it with a lot of precision using razors. Cut off side hairs with a disposable razor and shape the Balbo style with a straight razor.

Beard is an emblem of masculinity and not every man is naturally endowed with this facial feature. So, if you have it, you must practice beard grooming practices to maintain a hygienic and pleasant facial hair. After growing bear successfully, the next action is keeping it properly groomed. For good reasons, you must trim your scruff. Make sure you trim it in a style that matches your facial shape and personality style.

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