Short boxed beard styles. BOYS WITH BEARDSSiddy Says

but our boys seem to be experimenting with facial hair. While the Don Draper clean shave is what men may have been aspiring to till sometime back, Short boxed beard styles.

clearly everyone is man-ing up to this latest new trend. Whether it’,s a shy goatee or a full on short boxed beard,

clearly facial hair is the way to go. For style or with age,

here are our home grown hotties –, our very own boys with beards:

Shayroo is one of the most popular guys in town and his beard seems to mark a certain ‘,coming of age’,. Not only does he look debonair,

his beard clearly commands attention…, Our vote is clearly for HSY’,s beard.

Well if cutsie is your type,

Short boxed beard styles

the ‘,Fawad Khan without his beard’, look totally works but if a bearded brooder is the type you go for,

the clean shaven Fawad doesn’,t stand a chance,

we get to call the winner…, We say Fawad with the beard wins hands down!

Sheheryar has toyed with the idea of a goatee and we have it on the record from the style on paper blog! We think Sheheryar builds a strong case for clean shaven guys! Nothing should take the attention away from those piercing blue eyes not even the trendiest of trends in town.

the Creative Director at The House of Kamiar Rokni is fabulous and versatile. We don’,t think we have seen any man experiment with their looks as much as Kami. And even though we adore him any which way,

we have a thing for the scruffy prepster!

Short boxed beard styles

we don’,t think the comparison is fair…, We’,re really comparing Jimmy then to Jimmy now BUT since we got the images and we have to vote,

Jimmy scores one for Boys with Beards!

Junaid has us sitting on the fence. We really can’,t decide whether we prefer Junaid the chocolate boy or Junaid the serial ‘,Slapper’, (yes the boy has done a fair share of angry young man roles too!) The point is he looks cute both ways and the house is split.

Last but not least is Haider Abbas Mirza,

energetic and gregarious young men we’,ve met recently. While he is absolutely adorable with his wolverine beard,

I suspect a few extra hearts will skip a beat at the Clean Shaven guy!! We think we’,re tilting towards the dapper clean shaven Haider.

Short boxed beard styles

as you can see not only is facial hair a trend,

many a men in the spotlight have experimented with it too. All we can say is do what works for you BUT whatever you do,

don’,t be boring and predictable!

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