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Different Beard styles

OK! You want to grow a beard, but you do not know the style that suits you or that interests you the most. I reassure you, you are not the only ones and I include myself in it. The problem is a happy problem, there are too many choices! That’,s why I decided to collect some popular styles to help you in this difficult stage of your life! Different beard mustache styles.

The beard of a few days

As you can imagine, it is not the lumberjack beard. This style is suitable for those who do not want to have a long beard, so a little less maintenance to do. There are three possible lengths with this style: Short, Medium and Long.

Here are some examples (Short, Medium and Long):

The full beard

The full beard may look a little like the long beard of a few days, on the other hand on the lower face, it is longer. This beard is well suited for people who want to look more serious and give themselves an older look.

Beard mustache styles round face

The ducktail beard

The ducktail beard is longer at the chin mainly and shorter on the sides. This style fits particularly well to people with round or oval faces. This style gives a casual and relaxed look. Perfect for people who work in environments where codes of appearance are not too strict.

The Verdi beard

The name of this beard is inspired by Giuseppe Verdi, an Italian opera composer of the 19th century. This beard gives a more classic and gentlemen look. If you notice the mustache and the beard are not connected and the mustache is curved up. This style fits well to people who are more formal and dressed.

The lumberjack beard

The lumberjack beard is, in my opinion, the most virile of all and the most imposing. This beard is the ultimate goal of any bearded man. It suits well to anyone wanting to be more virile and male. By wearing this beard you accept and demonstrate your manhood. It is very important to properly maintain and use quality products when you let grow a beard as beautiful as that.

Different beard mustache styles

I showed you 5 different beard style, to inspire you. Now you have no excuses for not growing one. As you may have noticed, my favorite style is the last one, the lumberjack beard, but no matter what your choice is, do not deprive your beard of seeing the light of day. Have you chosen the style that suits you best? Start growing it now: Click here

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