Beard style for v shaped face. How to look good & succeed at work

Hair removal for men? Trimming body hair? Plucking or trimming eyebrows? Grooming? Not too long ago most men would have dismissed such behaviour as being 'unmasculine' but nowadays, perhaps instigated and influenced by our constant preoccupation with how stars look (and they usually look beyond perfect), manscaping as it is known, is becoming increasingly mainstream with reports that growing numbers of men are investing time and money on their physical appearance. Beard style for v shaped face.

How we look has a direct effect on how we feel. This gives us confidence to perform, both at work and in our social life. The traditional unkempt masculine appearance is out of fashion. We look at ways of grooming ourselves to give us a push on the hard travelled road to success.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and therefore it is your first line of defense from the effects of time. Look after it well. Skin needs to be kept hydrated and therefore the first rule of skin care is to drink plenty of water. At least 8 glasses a day, 10 if you are over 200 lbs. Good skin care does not take much. It is basically using water, mild soap and moisturisers. Cleanse your face with warm water and a glycerin-based soap rather than a body bar. Body bars are harsh on the face. Cleansing your face opens up the pores that will then allow toxins and sweat out, which will help eliminating spots, blackheads and sometimes acne. Skin needs to be moisturised so it is important that you choose a moisturiser with sun protection because sun damage is the main ageing factor of the skin.

Your own clean body smell is tolerable but acrid and sweaty stench is a definite no. Wearing cologne will not completely cover up bad odours, but can certainly make it better. Make sure you do not bathe in it though. Preventative measures in men’s grooming can help keep problems from developing. The simplest thing you can do is to wash and shower as often as necessary using deodorant soap instead of regular soap to kill odour-causing bacteria. Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth often especially after meals and breath mints can be helpful as a quick fix before meetings.

Attention to oral hygiene is also imperative to ensure optimum grooming. This can easily be achieved by regular visits to the dentist and twice daily teeth brushing. These simple measures not only ensure a healthy clean mouth, but avoid the embarrassing problem of bad breath. However, it is worth noting that if bad breath is a problem despite effective oral hygiene it may indicate an underlying health problem such as diabetes and therefore an appointment with your GP is advised.

Beard style for v shaped face

It is advisable to wear clothing that allows the skin to breathe, cotton underwear and socks are preferable to synthetic materials. Also change shoes daily to allow them to dry out.

Never try to dye your own hair, it usually is very apparent that you did. If you want to dye it, have it professionally done. Clean hair is always attractive and gives you a refreshed feeling and look, so use protein shampoos as these add lustre and fullness to the hair. If you blow dry, always use low settings to avoid heat damage. If you have thinning hair, get over it and go short. It is the "in" style anyway. Wearing a toupee, plugs or a comb-over doesn't fool anyone, but only makes for amusing conversation. There is definitely more dignity in aging gracefully. Hair styles often need products for the best results. Waxes, gels, sprays, mousses and volumisers can keep hair styles looking good.

Your face is one of the most important parts of your body and people usually make a judgment based on looking at your face. So men, making sure your face is tidy and clean can make you feel good and confident. It also gives others confidence in you. Keeping your beard tidy or having a clean shaven face is important. Always try and shave after your shower using warm water, when your pores are open and your skin is softer. If your beard is thick, a wet shave with a razor is always closer than an electric razor. Use shaving cream instead of cheap foams that contain alcohol, which often irritate and dry out the skin. Allow the cream to soften your beard for a few minutes before shaving.

Always use sharp blades. Discard disposable blades after four or five shaves. Shave in the direction of the hair growth if skin irritation or ingrown hairs are a problem. Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves, instead use a toner or aftershave balm to close pores and tighten skin.

Beard style for v shaped face

A well-dressed man bears the mark of a gentleman and often draws attention and admiration. Dressing smartly always enhances your confidence and self-esteem. When it comes to clothing always keep it smart and trendy. No matter if you are going out to a formal or casual event ensure that your clothes are well laundered, cleanliness is next to godliness after all. You could spoil it all by having poorly washed or pressed clothes, shoes should be well cared for and well-polished. Don't wear white socks with dark shoes and vice versa. Always avoid wearing socks with sandals. Change outfits daily avoiding wearing the same twice in a row and also make sure to avoid washed out and ratty clothes. A white shirt usually goes with any other clothing that you wear. Needless to say, always avoid wearing stained clothes.

Get in shape, but don't think you absolutely have to have huge bulging muscles. Get enough exercise. Use everyday opportunities to avoid a sedentary life. Walk rather than take the lift. Avoid using your car for very short journeys. Joining a gym or sports club will encourage you to exercise. It can be very good for the social life too, a good way to meet new people. Subtle differences in things like the size of your chest muscles, the width of your shoulders, or the V-shape in your torso show through. Don't think your only options are lifting weights or running on a treadmill either. There are tons of activities you can do that will make you fitter. Take up dancing, or walking. Pick something you enjoy doing and that isn't an unnecessary hassle to take part in. A well balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruit is good. It keeps you healthy and improves skin and hair. Try limiting your fast food intake. Dietary food supplements and vitamins can help but are never a substitute for healthy food.

Although when grooming yourself, much comes down to personal preference and what you are comfortable with, you may decide on a total overhaul of your grooming habits or you might prefer just tweak here and there.

Whatever the case, never compromise your style by thinking that grooming and looking good is for women only. Please bear in mind that to be respected and be confident in the office a man must never have the following.

Beard style for v shaped face

When all is said and done, grooming should be a part of every man’s life as this is a source of confidence and commands respect and attention from others. When you look good, you feel good and by extension exude confidence. All that is left is to put on a smile, enjoy life and always be positive.

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