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In order to raise public awareness about the increasing media saturation of satanic symbols, presented here are some of the most commonly used symbols, with a brief explanation of their origin and meaning. Beard style for v shaped face.

1. the inverted 5 pointed star, or pentagram

The pentagram is the five pointed star with one point facing up. This symbol is used in paganism, witchcraft, freemasonry and gnosticism. It represents to pagans the 4 elements of the material universe, plus spirit, and also man, representing the 4 limbs and head. So it is used in honour and worship of nature and man. In satanism this symbol is inverted upside down to represent the rebellion or subversion of man and is known as a the “sigil of baphomet”. It then has two points facing up, instead of one, which then also represents the goat demon, baphomet, azazel, satan. For hundreds of years occultists have identified the symbol in this way and drawn images of the horned goat satan within the inverted pentagram, with the two horns in the upper triangles, the ears within the horizontals, and the goatee beard within the downward pointing triangle.

In summation; The inverted pentagram represents baphomet/satan

The cross of course represents Christ and his crucifixion. In satanism this is turned upsidedown in order to mock and dishonour Christ and his death. It is an act of disrespect and disdain for Christ, and an honouring of the opposing force to Christ, which is in rebellion to God, rather than submission and obedience. The central teaching in satanism is to do your own will (“do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”), rather than God’s, so this symbols represents a rejection of God’s will and Christ.

In summation; The upside down cross represents a rejection and mockery of Christ and adherence to the opposite force.

This image is found on the one dollar bill, but also in masonic lodges and originates from the pagan god horus in egypt. Yet it also has multiple meanings in gnostic philosophy, relating to the opening of the eyes of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:7, the psychic third eye, and also the old norse/german one eyed god wotan/odin, who sacrificed an eye to gain universal knowledge. This symbol has also been labelled the “eye of providence” by masons and others who assert it represents God. However the Bible commands against making any image to represent God, as God is Spirit. In reality the eye is human, and represents man’s own divinity and ability to become god. In this sense the eye inside the pyramid also represents lucifer/satan, as this was satan’s goal, to usurp the One Creator and like God, or greater than God, and it was also his temptation to Eve in the garden. This lie of man being god or evolving into godhood still continues in the new age, gnosticism, theosophy, freemasonry, luciferianism, mormonism and is essentially the same outcome in buddhism, in which enlightenment leads to omniscience and a state above gods and devas(spiritual beings). The triangle also represents the trinity, which is another way of saying that humans are divine and do not need God. This is also the doctrine of the illuminati. Another major proponent of this symbol was the occultist Aleister Crowley who identified himself as the Anti-Christ, signing himself “the beast” and “666”. Crowley taught that the previous spiritual age had died out and we were now in a NEW AGE of Horus. This new age was symbolic of humanity supposedly realising their own godhood and rejecting notions of a higher Creator. The pyramid represents mans journey and evolution upward until he becomes a god. The seal on the dollar bill is thought to also be the seal of the illuminati.

In summation; the eye inside the pyramid represents humans being god, rejecting the Creator.

This is the number of the beast or satan from the book of revelation. It is used by satanists proudly as a sign of rebellion and identification with satan and that force of rebellion to God. It is also weaved through logos in the world to subliminally condition and infect peoples minds.

In summation; 666 represents satan and man’s carnal nature

A sigil is a magical symbol which represents a fallen angel or demon. They are used to conjure demons and create a bond between the demon and the magician, who then uses them to carry out their will and desire. In reality any “magick” or focused concentration to manifest ones own will is carried out by demons, not the universe responding, this is why new age teachings of “the secret” and manifestation are so spiritually dangerous. The sigil of lucifer is the symbol that represents and embodies lucifer, the prince of the fallen angels. It is first recorded hundreds of years ago in the middle ages in “grimoires”, which are instructions books on black magick. Yet it is thought to originate in far older writings from the middle east and extend back to king solomon, who is said to have employed black magic and demonic powers to build the temple. King solomon in turn may have acquired the occult teachings from the pagan women he become involved with, who lead him astray. “Magick” itself is really supernatural manipulation of reality to suit your own will, which uses the unseen demonic realm to carry it out. It is warned about in the book of revelation, and possibly the oldest recorded incidents of magic are when the daughters of men became impregnated by the fallen angels in Genesis, producing the giant nephilim. This type of “Magick” is recognised and still practiced today, the two types of demons who engage in spiritual sex with humans are called “Incubus” and Succubus”. The Incubus is the male demon who impregnates the female human and the Succubus is the female demon who attempts to obtain the male life force.

In summation; the sigil of lucifer represents lucifer and is a tool for invoking him

The hermetic, gnostic and Kabalistic meaning of the hex is the union of the kingdom above with the kingdom below. The kingdom above being the intangible spiritual realm, and the kingdom below being the physical world. It consists of two triangles overlapping, one pointing up, representing the spiritual realm, and one facing down, representing the material world. An occultist would use this symbol to increase the potency of their desire with the spiritual realm and accelerate the manifestation of their will in the world. “As above so below” is a summation of hermeticism, which is the oldest form of witchcraft from Egypt and Babylon that seeks to manifest one’s own will using the spiritual realm, apart from the Creator’s will. It is also now known as “the star of david”, although what association, if any, it has with King David is unclear. In hermeticism and magick the symbol is known as “the seal of Solomon”, who was the son of David, and the symbol is claimed to have been used by him in battle for protection. According to the Bible, Solomon became led astray spiritually later in his life and got involved in idolatry and witchcraft, so the association he has with the occult in grimoires (magickal books) would match up with the Biblical account.

In summation the Hex is used to manifest a person’s will, in disregard to God and His Will.

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560 thoughts on “ satanic symbols and their meaning ”

I can’t believe satan mind screws us with daily things we love and uses that in his works

Or maybe Satan is good and not bad…

I believe he is good not bad but that’s just me in a satanist

People,please you guys are making GOD your creator and father sad.satan is a fallen angel and evil.Humans have power on earth than him so why do you allow him to rule your soul,he is hiding the truth of his being evil from you making you think you have a prize at the end.Please do not be deceived,JESUS is more powerful and caring than satan can ever think of being,ask GOD to help you and HE surely will willingly.

Satan is the most caring person I know. He accepts me for who I am, and doesn’t judge me for what I do. Satanism has been a getaway for me from everything. It helps me learn more about myself, and Jesus has yet to do one thing. If this Jesus is so caring, how come we have such terrible things in our world today? I’ve tried praying and asking God plenty of times for simple things, and I have yet to get a reply.

Bad things happen in this world because it is not Heaven. If everything was great it would be heaven. Satan is a liar!!!!! Turn from him!!!

Allie, IF he accepts you for who you are, PLease explain HOW he doesn’t judge you. HE probably accepts you because he USES YOU for his own. he doesn’t care for you! and if he is caring, plase explain why. huh? what do you say?

in the bible when has Satan ever judged a person he takes those god condemns, god judges, Lucifer welcomes.

satans name means accuser / enemy / condemner – read the start of Job, condemning and judging is what he does – satan will accept you and welcome you to hell and torment in the afterlife

because Lucifer know’s how dumb humans will fall for his traps!!he’s only using you!!

Did you pray to Satan?did he talk back to you? Is Satan a person or a spirit?

satan replies to me, he sends me signals that erasure me that he is coming. he is coming for all the sinners that worship god and he is almost at the point where he can walk the earth again. You stupid christians, believing in god, he never answered one of my prayers when i was a child. You ares all stupid, satan answers, not immediately, but at least he answers. You need to open your eyes and see that satan is meant to rule, he is the opening for us all. Jesus walked the earth for longer that satan, but all he did was give hope for a short amount of time before dying on a freaking cross!!! How lame is that!!! Satan gives constant hope, he always is reassuring us that he is there, and that he is watching us. Demons are just his messengers for carrying out messages to people who believe. Anybody else is used as energy for Satan, he uses the souls of they damned as his energy cause they’re the easiest to control. Satan has been my saviour, not christ or god.

Finally i found someone who thinks the way I do.Christians are stupid people. They’re going through bad way and their god is liar. Satan is not bad. And why should he stop all bad things? For you to tell taht it’s your god’s job??? No way. Satan helps only for those who believes in him. He is justice,and we are his army. You stupid people don’t even know that the victory is near. Our victory. Heaven will be destroyed and you won’t even notice. God can’t know what’s happening under earth. But i do. Because i can talk with demons. Don’t you ever thought why are satanist trying to tell you that the god is liar? Ir’s not because we are bad or something,it’s because we care about you-stupid people. We want you to live happily,but you still believe in god so you’ll have to it will be soon. You can not listen to me,it’s your choise. But we satanists know more than you think. And that’s not a motherfucking game. Satan is the only one ruler. And all that he wants is just to make us happy. He don’t want us to suffer. You poor people just don’t understand anything yet. But just wait for it. God won’t help you,because Lucifer will rise from his throne and ho to heaven 3rd time. With all our army. Demons are much more than angels. And we have more power inside. We are sorry,but you fed up us with your stupidy. You gonna pay this time. And believe me i know what i am talking,because i can talk with them. I have cannection with hell. I won’t tell my all story,but i was sent by him. Here to save as much people as i can. Because IT IS COMING.

Rmeember those words because the day will come when every knee will bow including your precious god.

When your time comes… You will see where you stand

God sends many things to test your faith and many of these are the knowledge of mankind. Know God Know Truth

If Lucifer is Good, he wouldn’t roam around the world creating chaos and depression.

There is no judgement in this but if you look at yourself and all the other satanists, the only thing you’ll ever see if depression, misery, pain and suffering, isolation and no happiness. Satan is deceitful, as he was when he first appeared to Eve to bite the apple. Take my advice, Know where you stand aap d it is never too late to change your faith. But if you are a true follower of Luficer, may there be peace with you when he falls

God Almighty will judge every human being on the planet!!!!! And those whose names are not in the book of life will be cast out of heaven into eternal damnation!!!! Mark my words!!!!!!!! And those who don’t accept Jesus as there personal Saviour will have all eternity (which is a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, (and on and on) long time!!!!!!!) to think about what they did wrong in a fire that is hotter than any fire that you have felt here on earth!!!!!!! Hell!!!!!!!!!!! A hundred years of fleshly happiness is not at all in comparison with an eternity of happiness!!!!!! “Repent and be baptized”, saith the Lord!!!!!

i im now satanist because i ask god for something but it was pointless really i shouldnt have written those bad thinks about satan. now im with the devil

and im sorry to you all and forgive me for all bad things i say about lucifer and to you all

Bless your soul..please don’t be deceived by satan… read t bible and ask the holy spirit for guidance… if you believe in the existance of satan then why cant you believe the holiness of God???

dont be self-centered… remember the God wh ced you

Satan was an angel expelled from heaven. But GOD did not kill him but showed mercy…….

If Satans soooo nice then why isn’t he stoping all the bad things??huh???

If gods so good then why isnt he stopping the bad things either…

Michelle,the world is not heaven and it’s not perfect. bad things LITERALLY happen.

If God is so nice and loving then why is he not stopping all the bad things? What about cancer in children? Blindness and deafness, why do they still exist? Earthquakes? Hurricanes? Tsunamis? Food for thought.

because the world isn’t heaven you know? the world is just a piece of reality, the things in reality are solid, so solid materials literally can be destroyed. but heaven is a spiritual place for souls that’s why Archangel gabriel said to mary: “And his Kingdom will have no end!” because, like i said, it is a spiritual place and cannot be destroyed by any thing OR SPIRITUAL BEING.

When children die they go to heaven because they r innocent in his eyes, he doesnt want to see innocents corrupted and poisoned by evil

The eason we have terrible things in the world today is because the world came under a curse when Adam & Eve listened to Satan and disobeyed God. There was no suffering, sorrow, bloodshed, disease, or death in the Garden of Eden. All these things came into the world because of Adam’s sin. Satan robs, kills, and destroys. He disguises himself as an angel of light but is a deceiver. Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. He rose from the dead to give us life. Don’t ask God for things. Jesus said that if you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything you need will be given to you. Ask God to show you the truth. Ask Him to forgive your sins and give you eternal life. Read the Bible, pray, and ask Him to lead & guide you by the Holy Spirit. Thank Jesus for shedding His blood on the cross.

I am with you Chris, I wonder why these people are going against God, really they are falling into their own pits. But how merciful the Lord is, that He is waiting for the people to turn to Him and gave them their lifetime to repent. Holy is the Lord, Praise God!

Satan hadn’t fallen yet though. If you look chronologically at the bible. He fell after man was cast out so how could that snake have been Satan if he had no reason to hate the humans yet.

satan fell before Eve was tempted – revelation is accounting the spiritual events which preceded the physical

Seriously, you don’t know what u r doing, satan is deceiving you, it will kill will be thrown into hell, if you are against Jesus(Lord Almighty). Repent and turn to Jesus or you will fall into hell where the fire never puts off. it’s true! Please REPENT or you will perish

I would love to be thrown into hell. Then i can help the Dark lord directly

John 14:6 I am the way, the truth, and the life No one come to the father except trough me ask Jesus o come into your heat and help you to be more like him. Satan wants you to believe that he is good, that is part of his deception. John 10: 10-29 the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and more abundantly..

The reason why we have terrible things going on in this world is because Satan has taken over this world Jesus gave him an opportunity but he screwed it so now he is in hell and wants to take every single person that does not believe in Jesus and destroy them. He will give you everything you ask for if you make that pact with him, but at the end of the day you are not going to be happy. Please reconsider would not want you to stay in this world when the president from Israel comes and you will have to do what he says. If you do not have the mark of the beast on your forehead or your arm he will kill you. I believe in Jesus Christ he has turn my life around. Material things do not matter Love is what matters. Think about it. Read the bible the Christian bible that is the truth. God Bless you.

You have all been deceived by you false jesus who has had man write his story. Do you relise how many men have been crucified by the Romans and to say that one has came back from the dead to clear you from your wretched sins you are the ones that have been deceved. Satan was casted from heaven for the pity he had shown for man for the way you god despised all of you

True,God the creator of heaven and earth is truthful while Satan is the father of lies. Do not be deceived God can not be mocked. Run for your life and escape the terrible place God has prepared for Satan and his followers. Romans 10:8=10 But what s with it? The word is nigh thee even in thy mouth and in thine heart that is the word of faith which we preach. That if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believer unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. That is the only way to escape. Jesus is the way the truth and life no one goes to Him except through His Son Jesus Christ.

The bad things in this world come from satan.

Satan was cast down to earth and only knows a fraction of God’s will for earth that’s why satanic cults and worshippers are stupid and God laughs at satan all the time that’s what posses satan off because he will never get it right or be right with God. So you better re-think your relationship with God because when Jesus returns it will be too late.

satan wont you to think jah and jesus is uncaring but that is the opposite. there are satisfying answers in the bible it tells us. you just have to look for them in the garden of eden satan tempted Eve concerning gods rule saying that if they eat the fruit they would have their own independence. they made GOD was a bad ruler saying that they don’t need him. He didn’t question his power but his say there was a teacher in a class room and one of the students stands up to the teacher and says one of the answers the teacher has written was wrong. Would the teacher allow the student to come up and give his answer or would he kick the student out,and if kicked the student out all the other children would think the teacher was wrong and had something to hide. So in this case GOD has allowed satan and mankind to rule and to govern themselves. Over time it will prove they can not rule the earth and god needed to allow time to show the their rule was not right So because there were lots of angles watching and involved. So if he done away with Satan it would not have proved anything. But now he has answered the question we and the angles can see that man and Satan cannot rule the earth That is why GOD has sent his son as a saviour so that we may gain life. God gives wisdom freely, and so if you looked into the bible- Keep looking keep seeking you will find. When you ask for things, and if you ask for the right things and the right motives, But you have to ask in Jesus name, or you will not receive. So if you learn to read the bible you will be able to see who GOD really is He allows these things but he is not the cause (FOR GOD CANNOT ACT WICKEDLY) It is Satan that is the Tempter, the LIAR and SLANDERER. 1 JOHN 5:19. – 2COR 4:3-4 JOB 34:12 James 1:13 2PETER 3:8&9 1Peter 5: 6-11

GOD did not have to tell us all these things, he warns us because he loves us That’s why he gave us JESUS the closest and dearest thing to him. So that we may have life and do not die Satan gave us a death sentence and GOD gave us LIVE that is in JESUS and gave us this very important thing but FREE WILL, Thats why we have to make the incentive to who we will serve. Satan has made us a slave to this world and to everything. The meek (meek means to be teachable and mild tempered) They will inherit the earth and GOD says that if we seek these answers THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE JESUS said and he is the life and the way. He is the light of the world. And satan is of darkness. SO OPEN YOUR EYES there is one thing that the bibles says that satan is the deceiver this is what he did at the start in the garden of Eden and this is what he is doing today. If you want to know more and about our loving GOD as god wants us all to be saved this is my phone number 0458754156. Please try this when you pray next time PRAY to GOD and when you finish your prayer offer the pray in JESUS name. Have faith and believe and see if you receive this time and ask for things according to his will. JOHN 17;3 Regards Michael and I do care about the way you feel.

Jesus is the only One who truly loves us. Satan is the deceiver and lies are his language. The devil wants you to think he cares about you, but, again, that is a lie.

Satan can never be good. He came to steal, kill & to destroy. Don’t be deceived, everything about him is evil.

Satanists don’t believe in satan as a being. Satan is used as a metaphor. If you are going to claim to be a satanist, you should at least know a thing or two. Otherwise you make us all look bad with your ignorance.

some do – its called theistic

Amy? stop being a satanist please. before it is too late.

No, he’s not good. In fact he’s very very EVIL indeed!!!

No religion or satanic be life has proven to be good or bad. We hear all these story’s of great powerful leaders, however one of them help others. I belive that we are hear to live our own life and not let others lead it. I still am a atheist however I understand the reasons why people worship death and killing. We understand in our lives that death is a bad thing, but the end of the story could be further away than what we think.

I personally have no problem with others beliefs and I do not try to change them, you may try to pull me in but my mind is always open.

I do still worship death and killing but at the same time I understand that living a life is far more important than having mental limitations for what you can and can’t do.

whatever I belive in, I leave it to my mood, however most of the time I am still a satanic person but I just want everyone to realise that we just need to accept each other, because we haven’t been for years and arguments over culture and belief are usually how large and small scale conflicts start.

Satan is nor good or bad, however could you say any other god is 100% good or bad?

I stay true to my beliefs but I respect others (I just wish others could say the same aswell)

Jesus is the Answer for the world, Jesus is the one who made us free from the hands of the devil, Jesus is the only way to light, Jesus is love, Jesus is kind and Jesus is King of Kings. the only thing you need to do is to accept him in your life. God said in the bible, anything you ask for, He will give it to us but only if we ask in the name of Jesus, so accept Jesus first as your Lord and saviour, and believe in him, then ask anything in his name, it will be given to you. Jesus has done sooooo many things for me. Jesus is the only Way.

Satan is the balance of evil in the world. Jesus is the balance of light.

I follow the light. If you follow the dark i respect you as a person more than 90 percent of humanity who walk around thinking they play god.

I went to church because at our school we had to.

I sensed a thickness in the air. 2000 school boys sat so quietly you could hear a pin drop.

I’ve cut the noose on my fiancee’s neck after she suicided. Mum died 14 days before from cancer.

But i ask god to help me when its all too much. He acts swiftly. I help others. I don’t judge. I’m not religious but im devoted to Christ. Peace be with you all. Count your blessings. May i see you at the end when neither side will triumph. God gives us all one thing. Freedom of choice.

If you believe in Satan its all good ☻

I myself was a Christian Im appartef from god 3 times now I’m a satanist but I want to return to God bit its so hard. Its incredible and I’m possessed as well so preaching to me will make my stomach ache and will upset me. If anybody has any advice please email me:

Pray… Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence and keep not your holy spirit from me. Help me fight oh God, Lord and master of all. Cast all that is not from you out of me. Amen.

Just repent before Jesus and believe in Him and He will forgive you and your sins, u committed against him.

Listen to John Remirez Ex satanist Escape from hell it will help you understand some thing God loves you as a person not the sin

I only have time for a short reply but will email later. Ask God to help you not be afraid. Tell Him you’re sorry you rejected Him. Ask Him to help you believe & trust in Him. Ask Him to forgive your sin

Ask Him to help keep Satan our of your life. Read the Bible, pray, and find a Bible believing church. Ask them to pray with you. In Jesus me, amen!

It’s like a drug. You will have withdrawal symptoms,. Surround yourself with with the people you want to be like and COMPLETELY cut off ANY association with the Dark Side. May you find true peace.

Read the Gospel of John and meditate on it and pray to God. Satan doesnt like that but nothing is impossible with God. God will always forgive us and take us back. He truly loves us and has the best for us!

I hate satan!how dare he mock the almighty God?God is god n he has more powers than you…lucifer

FOR FUCKS SAKE WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR GOD, IF YOU DONT LIKE MY LORD SATAN WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS? GO FUCK YOURSELF SERIOUSLY WHY WOULD YOU GO ON A PAGE LABELED ‘SATANINC SYMBOLS’ AND PUSH YOUR BELIEFS ON SATANISTS! GO FUCK YOURSELF AND LEGIT THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE. YOU BIBLE BASHING DISRESPECTFUL HUMAN. oh and another thing BIBLEBASHER how many times in the bible does it say not to judge others on their beliefs and not to judge others period, the answer is alot, i do studies of Religion, i was a christian, ive read the bible multiple times. so i know my facts, and you right now are sinning really bad, and a poor poor excuse for a christian.

All hail my mighty fallen angel prince Lucifer.

how do I join a coven or satanic cult???

rituals to Satan and write in his language on walls in blood

look please im a mormon i am 15 years old and i don’t want you to do this my name is asher jack plz just leave this and let god take you in

I think you gotta like summon a demon and then you’ll know what to do thats my guess.

You are such a immature child for asking such a deeply regretable question.

Where do you live because if you live in Lancashire near Preston then you can meet me and my mate who has been studying these symbols for 2 years and we are getting deeply interested and if you want you can join us even though we are 15

please i will advise you not to join satanism but rather cherish eternal life by seeking Jesus Christ instered

Everybody dies some day and we all will basically go to the same place hell. We aren’t perfect I myself am a mixture Wiccan / santanist. And if you think a priest actually has a say and that they can actually forgive your sins then you are one step closer to a world of:I wish: I’m not bashing but it’s a legit question which no matter who you are you’ll never know if there is anything or not. It’s all in what you believe in and to each is own.

you are making a mistake and it’s a terrible one for that made hell for satan to suffer there alone but satan wants people to join him suffer so he has made you think that hell is an eternal glorious kindom but the Word of God says that overthere there will be gnashing of teeth and the fire will never go out.Please repent sincerely for GOD still loves you.

Eye witnesses saw the resurrected rather than faced horrific would they choose to die for a lie?

I feel bad for you. Satan is waiting you on hell when you die. Poor you

I can’t wait to join King Lucifer in hell. You can’t understand how amazing he is when you’re blinded by this false trust God has given you. He created this world and failed, he is no longer watching over the human race, he doesn’t care about us because we are just his mistake. You Christians sit and try to rationalise why horrible things happen in this world and you blame it on Lucifer the fallen archangel who was only cast down because he loved god too much and didn’t want to bow down to the human race. You do not understand that God is bad, sick, twisted and evil, he tortures us and plays us like a game. Lucifer cares for us and has done nothing wrong. The Christian religion has murdered so many, purely because “God told them to” and you know what, I believe he did, just to be a dick. You Christian people just sit there and think you are so high and mighty and above us all just because you follow a murderous God. I hope that when you reach this place you call heaven, you realise how sick and twisted your God really is. And to further validate my argument, if God is so loving and great, why did I get raped when I was 14 years old? Why was my drink spiked when I was at a party when I was 15 and got beaten and raped to the point where I ended up in hospital for 3 months? And why did my 13 year old sister get beaten by a group of guys and raped last week? My sister is a Christian, and I was a Christian until I was 17, I stopped being a Christian after the pastor of my church sexually abused me 6 times. So, if God is so great, why did he punish me and my sister for believing in him? And dont you say it is to make us strong because neither me, nor my sister, will ever be the same, we can no longer trust, or love. Think about that.

if all that did happen to you then turning away from God is understandable, but you are missing out a key part of reality. There are two spiritual forces in operation on earth, good and evil – God’s will is goodness and decency, but there is a power of rebellion to that which seeks to abuse, control, harm and destroy and deceive, the head of that power is satan and the unseen demonic powers who are fallen angels. So the men that rape are following their own extreme self will to a degree where they have allowed evil to take over them and possess them. When any of us does evil or deceit we are invited evil forces to work in us and through us, men who rape and abuse are possessed with evil and working against God.

God has created a world in which freewill choice is able to express, this is to allow independent beings to exist, if we did not have the freewill to choose then we would simply be a continuation of God and his will. So freewill is a consequence of creating autonomous beings, and sadly most choose the wrong path of selfishness and abuse, and some go to extremes with that and even become possessed. serial killers, rapists and so on are possessed with evil, with a demonic influence and that evil and harm can even pass on to their victims if they do not understand this situation.

Remember in the Lords prayer he tells his followers pray “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” – this shows that what is happening on earth just now certainly isn’t God’s will and so we should pray for it to be done, as there is a spiritual realm in which things occur before it manifests physically.

God is going to bring all things into righteous judgment, but for a time he is allowing the freewill of man to play out, however terrible it is, justice will come about in the end. From an eternal perspective a human life is very short.

Remember from the very start Abel suffered the horrible death by murder by cain, so horrific things occur when people turn away from God and goodness, but in the end God is going to bring judgment, thats why we need to be on the right side of it

Since I was 9 years old I’ve been studying the Bible and I started Satanisem and for the first time I saw real power,u guy’s keep going on about your God being all mighty but shouldent he be helping the poeple that he sent 1 of His archangels down for because he didn’t want to bow before us. That means that Satan was the right one after all. I’ve been through 17 bibles word for word and your God created everything but never lifted a finger to help his creations he only told us what to do,Satan was only trying to show God that for once he had made a mistake but even though God can see it now he already made a enemy of his best alie

The fact you state that GOD never lifted a finger to help his creations, shows you have not read a single bible. Just one of many examples “Moses”. You know leading his people out of Egypt. Using GOD’s Power. Praise be to GOD and Jesus Christ. You need to read more and open you eyes because the devil has them shut.

You can keep on thinking Satan will give you “real power”, but when you finally realize that Satan doesn’t share His power with anyone, it will be too late. The power you’re feeling now, it’s fake and temporary, it’s a trick to get you and other weak minded people trapped. It might seem good and feel good to you right now, but when the cell door closes and you and your people are trapped, it’s too late. There are alot of things people don’t realize or understand or just choose not to understand, because they just refuse to be open minded, but when reality hits, I feel really bad for anyone who’s against “Our One True God”. God is not going to do things for people whom don’t try, people, in this day and age have gotten lazy, they think just because they pray and ask for help, it’s going to automatically happen. God wants you to get up and try to do things for yourself, He gives us the knowledge and strength to do so, if we don’t, it’s by choice. It’s called “freewill”. Good luck and God Bless

All that has come about onto this living Earth, by the messages coveted in Christ from on high his God of rage and blood. Blood is all that his heavenly kingdom has to offer to us human beings. I can see, your eyes are still fixated in the mud, as Christ pushes your head more and more into the dirt, his soothing serpents tongue reassuring you that he does not harm. Such are the blind, that they do blindly tread behind the evil Christs charms. What this brother here says nothing but the truth. You may claim that some dark, shrouded and mysterious will pulls the strings to produce evil occurrences, but you label the wrong Creator. Look up at the bloodstained cross of any church and you shall stare into the eyes of the true culprit. He has lied, he has slain, he has condemned, judged and tortured. To top it all off, he has shifted blame, placing all of these burdens and faults onto the back of our True Creator, Alfather Satan.. Can you name one Satanist you know, or just any kind o’ Satanist that you’ve seen (And no, the so-called “Satanism exposed” videos of Youtube, which have nothing but paid actors parroting some script about how satanism is evil don’t count) that has complained he experiences a bad living? An unbearable existence? No, you probably haven’t. How many times have you turned on your local news channel, and listen to some report about a Satanist murdering multiple people in suicide assaults and various other aggressive attacks, killing women and children? No, you probably haven’t. Yet, in the entire world, you can get a literal plethora o’ stories, reports, articles, street stories of Christians in pain, in suffering, confused about their agony, or the various Christians gone mad that have resorted to murdering others to validate their beliefs.

How come our Satanist brothers and sisters aren’t in some kind of suffering or burden, and the Christians are? Simple answer, we’ve seen the real Truth. Evil is not derived in the form of our Alfather Satan, but in the crucifix of murdering demon lord Christ.

I hope you too, can one day find the Truth, and see the light, before it’s too late.

Dear Amy a red your comment and I could’t stay without saying any thing. I’ m not here to tell you what to do or what to think but what I can tell u is that satan had close ur eyes so you think God is bad. U said that u where a Christian and u read the Bible so many times, ok I trust u. Since u read the Bible don’t u remeber that Jesus has been beaten and insulted so many times before to get beaten for the last time before the day he got crusified? What Jesus did to deserve that? Nothing he was just helping people on their deseas or problems. What where u doing? I believe nothing like Jesus. And Jesus said the server is not bigger than the master so if u got beaten or treated or insulted, don’t forget that I have been trough. God sayed if we try to draw or start to represent what is in the haven, his prensence won’t be any more in the churche (how come this is where God suppose to live). Let me tell u what God means at that time was, what we call in french Cathédrale where catholic are praying, if u go in a cathedral u’ll see alot of drawing (angels, marie, jesus, god – no capital letters on this names). If God can leave is churche do u think he is gone on party? No, he says faraway of me those who don’t confess my Name. So God couldn’t help u on that party with ur drink, God always stays away of satan. That’s why Genesis chapter 1 God says be the Light seperate from darkness. It’s always dark in partyes so God is Light and on partyes what we find? Musics with sex lyrics, couples having sex at the restroom, people fighting, drugs, dealing people and so more. Does this look like a place where God would be? I don’t think so. Jesus said to an apotre fallow me and let the dead grave their dead. So again God is not where evil is. And I can asure u what u have ur heart u and ur sister santan knows it and he doesn’t want u to descover it that’s why he is closing ur eyes and ur heart, because he knows that if u descover it u’ll be both mighty anoited women and save poeple for God that’s why santan brings u to a fals way. Jesus said he the way the truth the Life. I can tell u that because when I was a kid satan came to take me to his side even before to know him or God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit so please think about what I’ve wrote to u and ur sister. In case you wondering what is a christian doing on such web site, because I have to know the wapons of my enemie satan and not fall on his tricks or entertainment. By the way I’m sorry for my english I speak french that’s why I wrote with a lot of mistakes

God only allows these things so to make you closer to him. If you keep your faith, keep with him no matter what then your reward will be far greater than you can ever imagine. Greater than anything satan can offer you. He by comparison is a small time magician compared to GOD. The damage to your flesh, the pain you have experienced is only an earthly thing. It pales in comparison to what rewards await you in heaven. I feel for your pain and suffering and that of your family. I too was sexually assaulted and treated like a human toilet. It is only the flesh only this world you suffer. Keep with GOD and find a freedom you can never imagine possible. Peace be with you. Praise be to GOD.

Hey I’m really sorry for what happened to u and ur sister but u should know that God wasn’t punishing u. I can’t imagine what u guys went through after the ordeal but please think about who really did that to you. Those sick, evil, and twisted men hurt u not God. A lot of bad things happen to good people. Just becuase some one is Christian doesn’t mean that nothing bad won’t ever happen to them. You should at least try to let God help u move on. Think about it, if those men had loved and obeyed God they wouldn’t have done that stuff to you guys. God does not punish people on earth. He does what’s right when people dye. Those evil men are going to hell to and burn for eternity for what they did and sadly if u keep hating God u might see them down there. I hope u and ur sis think about who you should be pointing ur finger at and change the way u think so that some day when you’ve left this sad and cruel world u can peacefully rest in Heaven.

Let me ask u. Did Satan did good anything to you? after that incident. Be thankful that atleast God did save u from incident right? Think about it

Yeah exactly.. First of all, I don’t understand why at 15/16 you would go to a party (I believe you were a Christian then?) Wouldn’t you know that going to parties that involve sex,drugs, and alcohol be a sin?… In my opinion I feel that you made the wrong choices to go to make all that happen.. Think about it.. The bibles tells us that God will love us for who we are and will forgive everything.. It’s not too late for you to change your love for God..

amy your right about every ting and i am truely srry for whst happnd to you i hope u r at peace All hail lucifur!

Our greatest gift God gave us is our free will. If you study the bible and ask God to show you what it really is trying to say he will show you. God is a loving and forgiving God who sent his son to reverse all the things we brought onto ourselves starting with Adam and eve and temptation. Everything that happens to us is because we ourselves do not seek God do no listen to God and end up in a huge hole we can’t get out and all we can say is WHY GOD! Why did this happen to me why do I feel this way why do I hurt. Jesus died on the cross for me and you to give us the gift of internal life with God and all we have to do is say yes we believe in you Jesus and except him in our hearts. No Christians aren’t perfect but saying we are Christians says we except we are not perfect that we need Jesus

My heart aches from hearing of what has happened to you and your sister. This world can be twisted sometimes and you deserve a better life away from hurt, pain and suffering. I admire your strength in facing all of this. Just remember that you are not alone and I really hope that people (good people) would be there for you.

I’m so sorry that happened to you. I have been through sexual abuse and have suffered from depression. Why do these things happen it’s because of sin. I too have been angry with God but then realized what else is my option, Satan. No, ask the Lord to help you heal and to feel Him. You will, you will sense a true peace. Bitterness does not help it just makes you feel worse. God loves you. My true healing comes when I can help someone that has gone through this or help people from being victimized by educating them. To me it’s real freedom because I am not ashamed or carry the guilt anymore. Love in Christ, Lily

Gof tests all of hes people to see how strong there faith is because in the end faith is eas gets us to the main gates of heaven and hell, i suggest you hav faith in god because hr is the truth and the good

The bible says to study to show thyself approved. A worker that needeth not be ashamed. Threw love and kindness have I drawn thee. Pray for those who dispitefully use you. We are to pray for our enemies. Let your light so shine before men and others to glorify the father which is in heaven.

Why feel bad? ever thought that we, want to serve lord Satan, like u want to serve your lord? After all, Satan has been the best friend of christian/cathlic church, for he who kept it in buisness all these need to stop worrying about setting us Satanists on “right” path, man is free to choose, and we choose Satan. i was a christian once, but bible left me with doubts rather than answers, so untill i read the Real Bible, not talking bout the one you buy, the real one, the one in Juresalem, the original bible. i will not listen to any man who opposes Satanism. if you beileve in christianity, you have to study Satanism, otherwise how do u plan on beating the enemy u know nothing about? all u know is what ur bible told ya, to catch a theif you gotta think like one, and right now, WE know more about your god than you do, I was a christion once, then i learned Satanism, and with out a doubt in my mind, i piked a side. Lord Satan, the king of this planet. god of gods. i know that he is a fallen angel, but to me he is the rightfull ruler of this earth, and rightfull god, for to him bowed so many Humans, so much failth, and satan never turns his back on those who are usefull to him.

Sorry but I don’t like your Lord Satan who make me a weak person, who make me nobody. Don’t you dare to say that Satan is the best friend of christian.. Am not a friend of Satan…Jesus Christ is my only Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End, His my personal Savior, Messiah, Redeemer and Friend. Satan is just a God who can make a person worthless.!!!!

You said it very well; satan will never turn his back on those who are useful to him. What then happens when you are no longer useful to him? He will destroy you, but OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU. Glory be God.

Like we really give a damn! We all will die eventually, get buried, cremated or whatever your favorite method is, and that’s it. We are just animals living on this Planet for a short time. In my mind, the worst animals to have ever walked the face of this Earth is HUMAN BEINGS! We have literally destroyed the Planet on which we live and are in search of others now to destroy. The body is just a shell that we live in temporarily. I’d rather go to Hell than live among all the hypocrites in the World who call themselves Christians etc.

Okay, let me ask u something. Do yu really think, that if you go to heaven, you’ll see hypocrites? Cause yu know hypocrites means fake Christians and fake Christians means pretending to be a Christian so it’s pretty obvious that fake Christians wont go to heaven because they are fake so if you ever go to heaven then u won’t see them right? Hope yu all finally can see the truth Godbless you all I’m 11 and sorry for the bad English! ^_^

Hypocrites come in all shapes and sizes, not just Christians. Any religion, any belief, any faith, you’ll find a hypocrite. “Scratch a Hero, Find a Monster”. God Bless.

I notice YOU wish to be ANONYLOUS! What are you afraid of? If you believe in GOD like you say, why worry about it?

Lmao, I’m dave I live in kingston, but unlike u, I won’t be burning in hell under constant torture, satan only loves satan, satan only cares about satan!! U can cover a piece of shit in gold, but it’s still a piece of shit!! Lol satanists are like Christians… If you take away common sense, responsibility, accountability, and general decency!!

Christians, Shut up and stop trying to make people christians. And btw it was christians that made satan and Lucifer and that shit so satanists please dont be too mean. I dont belive in annything but if i had o chooce i would chooce satanist. Christians say try are kind but are worse then everyone Else!

And I sure can’t wait to meet him.

Screw all who think that God could destroy the almighty Satan!! I’m 12 but I’m Satanist. And of those of you who think that we are mother fucking retards for worshipping Satan screw you to. ALL HAIL LORD SATAN!!!

Do you feel cool by being a satanist? Are you the stereotypical satanist that does whatever they want? If you are a satanist purely to do what they please and to corrupt the world then grow up! Clearly you have no sense of morals or common courtesy based on the calling of “mother fucking retards”. Use your brain kid. People have their opinions and all but calling them out on it by cussing at them isn’t right.

U guy’s keep saying we should stop attacking u about your beliefes but u are attacking a child about his beliefes I’m with him and Amy and Witch1 u guys are fighting a losing battle and face it the world is ruled by us and yes there will come a time that your GOD will rule this world but we will stand with our Lord not like your poeple that change sides as soon as they realize theyr going to lose so let us be for this world is a lost cause

so you are already satanist right? how? and who give you permission to join?

True Satanist is the one who is devoted, to the cause. permission is not needed. as long as you are true in your heart, you can call yourself a Satanist. and you can quit whenever you want and choose something else without any consequenses. just dont expect to comeback.

o God save this kid for heaven

How do you know he even exist have you done rituals that work

Word dude! Im a Satinist as well. Im 12 and my parents are christian. I always write the Sigil of Lucifer on my walls. They dont know what it means. I tell them its japanese for prosper. They are soooo gulible!

You do relize that its little boys who are sacrficed for the luciferian religion right? Do some research on some books alistar crowley wrote and ask yourself, do i really want to be apart of this? Its really is amazing how lost everyone is in these days. sheesh.

…and as for Amy, theres a lot of people who say they are good and they are evil. Satans major skill is tricking people. So your basically praising the exact thing that abused you. It wasnt god that did it. It was a lustful creep poseing to be good. EXACTLY WHAT THE DEVIL DOES!

All I’m saying is that 1) You are 12… you are clearly trying to be cool… 2) Read for once and see that God created satan… he was merely the angel in charge of worshiping God, but he rebelled and decided that he was “better than God”… Now… if you go to Job chapter one, satan actually had to go and tell God what he was doing… he is still under God’s authority… God can literally think about it and satan could be blown into dust… he is absolutely nothing compared to God dude… now go ahead and read Genesis, Job and, Revelation from the Bible and we’ll see how puny and weak satan is…

Just think of this – Almighty I AM God created Satan. Yes, God the Father has ALL power and could easily destroy Satan. You need to remember, also, God always tells the truth and Satan always lies. I don’t think you are a stupid person, just misled.

Listen to me. You honestly think you’re Satan, is going to be doing anything good to this world at all? No. He’s not. You have it all mistaken, god is here. He is coming back, and he is overwhelmingly powerful. I’m not judging you, or your beliefs. We all have the right to our own opinion. But you have to understand, god isn’t the one doing bad things. You have to put all of your trust in him, you have to give everything in your power up to him, Christ died for you. There is tons of proof. God created this universe, and he lets us make our own choices, that’s why bad things happen. People getting raped,murdered,molested,kidnapped,abducted, or beaten. It all has to do with Satan. Satan influences these things, that the sick people do. Now answer this question.

You say “If god was real, why are bad things happening?”

You say “If god is so amazing and loves us, why do these things happen everyday?”

Heres what I say. I don’t know these horrible things happen to us everyday of our lives. But trust god.

But how is loving satan, any different from loving god?

You say Satan does great things, but is satan helping us? No.

Is satan helping make your life better? No

Is he doing anything to make you happy? No because you’re obviously depressed.

“For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

False Prophets Will arosf among the people,just as there wil be false Teachers and they wil make merchandise of you(2nd peter 1-3).Riches and Honor comes from the lord withalso Greatness and Power(1st chronicles 29 vs i advice you not to join Satanic Association or Occult but Rather Trust Jesus and he wil save You.

I’m impressed my dear with your opinion thank you and i to Almighty God

I hate to say it but if any of you Christians knew how this world was like when man was created you wouldnt love god.

when lucifer was cast out of heaven his grace was ripped from his almighty being making him mortal and no longer an angel(and when an angels grace hits the earth it causes growth beyond the era it hits so the land starts changing to where the land is a thousand years older then the rest of the world.) then god created adam then eve from adam and the garden of eden is where lucifers grace hit. thats why god told them not to eat the apple from the tree because he wanted lucifer to find his grace because lucifer translates to light bearer or the ender of darkness. so with eve eating the golden apple she consumes lucifers grace and dooms him from returning to almighty heaven in order to stop all the darkness and as you call it possesion by dark forces from happening. so by him not getting his grace back thehuman race was plunged into darkness. the dark ages was one of lucifers plan to find the descendant of eve to die and return his grace to the land so he could retrieve it. so no all of the darkness in the world was gods fault because he created a species so overwhelmed by greed that they cant see what might happen by their actions.

and yes i am a satanist and i am 16 ive been a satanist for almost 5 years

Quit blaming satan, u just said yourself, man has freedom of choise, ever thought that man chooses to be bad, and Satan has nothing to do with it? its your fault, you do what you do, and for all the misfortunes that happen in your life u cant blame yourself that why u blame satan. ask yourself, why do u follow god? because if u dont you will be thrown in the lake of eternal fire? you will be sent to hell? do you follow him because you truelly devoted to the cause that he describes in the bible or because you are affraid? Satan does not tell u that you will be tortured when u die if you dont join him, he coulnt care less if you join him or not, you are just a man, nothing compaired to him, but if you fo join and you are usefull to Satan, you will get what you give. you work for satan, he shal help you out. your god has scared you into submisson, and you dont even know it, blinded by the great things you are being prommised, like heaven, and scared by the horrible things if you dont comply, like being tortured. who decides if you eneter heaven? so god himself condems you to hell, he said it himself, in a nutshell, if you dont do what god tells ya to, you shall suffer for eternity, Satan, just does what he does, he knows what men really are, he does not bow to anyone, and all he asks, is that you do the same, be your own God

Man is responsible for the evil he engages in, but there is also a spiritual aspect involved, an aspect of allegiance. The more you become prideful, practice sin/immorality, and turn away from God the more you become aligned with unclean spirits, who then seek to gain expression through your body and activities. The Bible & God teaches we have freewill, so we are responsible, but there is also the factor of the spiritual realm, evil is lurking at the door trying to gain expression, this force is conscious, and we are responsible for opening up to it and joining with it. So it is neither really all our fault or all satan and the demons fault. There is a compliance, we’re totally responsible for allowing evil to use us and then we can become increasingly addicted and controlled by it.

As for God being cruel for sending to hell, that is a twisted way to view it. God wants everyone to enter his kingdom, but because he is pure goodness, holiness and justice, this means we have to humble ourself and repent, we need to renounce pride, evil, abuse and so on to be able to come into his presence. In reality we are choosing whether to go to heaven or hell, depending on if we seek God and goodness or reject it for selfish and prideful reasons. Satan won’t tell you he will torture you in hell, but thats what he’ll do, many OBE and NDE’s of people who have died and gone to hell and returned have shown than satan and the demons lie and deceive people to get them in hell, then take delight in torturing them in hell. That is the whole goal of satan and the fallen angels, to take souls into hell, to have prey to torture and feed off.

The Bible teaches God wishes all would repent and come into his kingdom, but because he gave us all freewill, we have the choice to reject God and his kingdom, but because God is the source of all life, Spirit, justice, peace, to reject God means to enter a spiritual realm devoid of those things, and that is terrible and evil

look i am 15 i am a mormon i am a boy my name is Asher Jack, if anything bad happens, it must be satan, do you really want to devote your life to him if he did this to you, god would be sad if you were raped, satan will be laughing i have also been abused, but you can get over that satan wants you to feel misraeble why do you people moan and groan, remember job he got worse than you, god is probably testing you to see if you are faithful, YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE NOT, the one that knows he is nothing THIS IS TO U RICH PEOPLE are the worthy ones, you can get this, but it does not mean you have to be angry at him, it would of been satan god knows everyone, and you aren’t going throught the worse, look at the kids in Africa and asia child labour rape aabuse near death, do you honestly think that you are going throught the worse case scenario Yes might be the answer, but a little 5 year old out there might be going through more, AND WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. plz humble yourself plz i beg you god is begging you, your parents would be so use your life wisely or there would only be SATANS R WORD, REGRET!!!!!!!

I do not fear satan anymore,just 2day I realise how he Uses people,..becouse of the non-sense his agents are saying here…I believe God has not turned his back on yal…glory 2 God..

the christian bible has been changed and re-written so many times, how can you say it’s accurate? The Council of Nicea, do your research. My son was molested at a very young age, now his head is screwed up so bad, there is no going back! My husband is crippled, his back is broke, he can barely walk. We can barely afford to live, even with me working a full-time job. You say your God is good, I think not!! He has brought so much pain to my family, there is no way I would ever worship him again. All this happened when I was a christian, you tell me why? And don’t bother preaching to me, because you will be wasting your time! All of your christian holidays like easter and christmas are stolen from paganism, as well, again, do your research. Where in the christian bible does it say Christ was born on December 25? You find that out for me and I will apologize, but not likely, you will NEVER find it. Christianity is a joke, brought on by St. Patrick. So before you go on a website like this and try to preach to us, do your research!! I don’t know about anyone else here, but for myself, I’m not depressed, I am god free and loving every moment of it! In the famous words of The Black Pope himself, “It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful.” Hail Prince of Darkness, Lucifer!!

the council of Nicea and other early church gatherings didn’t alter any of the texts, they just agreed on the canon, which books were holy spirit inspired and finalised it. The books were already in circulation and studied in the christian world, so they weren’t changed, thats an online misconception.

anyone molesting a child is pursuing a deviant lust, which stems from satan and a rebellion against holiness and God, so instead of blaming God for that, you should blame satan if you want to blame a spiritual source – of course the blame also rests with the abuser, but they were not inspired by God, but rather followed a perverted lust, and all evil has its spiritual head in satan not God.

Beard style for v shaped face

the roman church adopted several pagan things into Christianity which it shouldn’t have – such as turning mary into a goddess figure, sunday worship, dec 25th, calling men father, literal blood communion, turning bread into a sun disc symbol – if you follow the Bible and Christ you will realise these are against the Bible and Christ, the fruit of a corrupt church, not God or in the bible.

Its interesting you say at the end you are free now and loving it, yet you have the same problems you listed at the start, but blamed God for, its funny how you don’t blame satan for the molestation of your son or your husbands disability. In reality it was indeed satan who inspired such evil as child abuse, and yet you are now praising him and he has deceived you into worshipping him and hating the Holy Creator of Goodness

I like the way you people call him: “Prince of Darkness” which means by worshiping him, you are finished. how long do you stay in darkness? for the sake of night street lights are install. if you are in a dark place you’ll put on light to see. in the day the sun comes up to light up the world. if you are in darkness you cannot see. you drive in the night with your headlamps on. how do you say you love a personality that represent darkness.

I agreed. I’m satanist now but when just was Christian God took away my mum and my best friend. My friend was 13. If God is so good why did he take him away from me so young?

In “the Lord’s prayer” it says “Father, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – thats because most of the time on earth it isn’t God’s will being done. It’s humanity’s and usually satan’s will of corruption and debauchery because humans follow their own will and reject obedience to God. – In heaven God’s will is perfect justice, peace and goodness – obviously the world is not like that just now – it is full of injustice, accidents, ignorance and abuse – although God is allowing this for a time, to allow freewill and for us to choose the right path, the current abuses and accidents is not God’s ultimate will – but God’s will will ultimately be done I believe.

There is a spiritual battle going on on earth between good and evil – and within our own soul and Spirit, between good or evil – this is why part of the prayer Jesus gave is to pray for God’s will to be done on earth, because most of the time it isn’t at the moment.

Few can meet a demon without changing their faith. Fewer can hold the power of a diety and cast that might aside. None can gaze upon the true lord of humanity and instead blindly serve the false and wretched christ-god on a stick.

why would you believe in Satan. he evil which in turn means you are evil and you worship it. i do agree that Christians should not judge others, that is true. im only here because im curious to see the satanic symbols and their meanings. i love god above all. satan in evil and he represents evil. i worship god and pity satan. i hope you realize you wasted you life when you started worshiping your “lord” Satan. the moment you set foot in hell he work you and whip you and torture you for eternity. hope you rot in the pits of hell.

Praise the Lord God in the Highest!

Please forgive those who offend you Amy. I know that you are a beautiful person inside. It has taken alot for you to overcome the hurt and pain you have suffered. Did you know that the F- word is not really a curse word? It is a acronym. It means Fornication Under the Commission of the King. In order to curse you have to have power as in the bible where the children made fun of the bald headed prophet and he turned and cursed them and 2 she bears came out of the woods and ate 42 children whole. May you be healed from your emotional pain and scars someday! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I love you.


i accept your opinion but for ME god is good God dosnt do bad things to you yeah the pastor raped you but he wasnt pure im actually 14 but Lucifer trys to kill one of my friends he is 32 he died for 2 minutes and he said he was in a dark place and couldnt move and he heard a voice telling him you are here for a reason this is hell and yes im Lucifer. Then he knew he died the after 2 minutes he came back and told us what he saw and heard and incase he was really bad from that dday he started going to the church

You say “If god was real, why are bad things happening?”

You say “If god is so amazing and loves us, why do these things happen everyday?”

For me god doesnt do that to you like asshole that raped THAT WASNT GOD it was the pastor who raped you and your sister God doesnt help you in every thing in your life he helps you when you need help but if he doesnt he knows you will keep moving forward

Good Luck in your life Keep doing what you love i actually believe in god but good luck

God might not do these horrible things, but he also doesn’t do anything to stop them either.

I’m a rock fan I use that suppose to be satan sign all the time but I goto church and all of you who want to argue about god,satan etc none of you know if its real or not just like a book someone couldve wrote the bible all this shit could be one huge rumor just like santa claus. People Believe in it why? Because someone told them to none of you truly no who and just coz u got raped y stop believing in god and go believe in satan when really what the fucks the difference its a matter of opinion but logically there is no proof that god, satan etc ever existed. Btw I’m a 12 year old girl and ps rock music rules \m/ (say wot u want) three days grace rules bitches

so true im 12 too and yeah three days grace rules totes. but I disagree satan is to hailed.

“because small is the gate and narrow (constricting) is the way to life, there are few who find it”

hail all mighty prince lucifer indeed brother

Um me and my bf are satanists and we do rituals and voodoo……… so ppl need to watch what they say. and Satanist we agree with SATAN!

It’s not a sin to judge lol so you wer not a very good Christian then, that or you are a liar. God doesn’t say that judging itself is wrong he teaches that judging against was a blind, ignorant, hypocritical, self-righteous judging that overlooks one’s own faults, is wrong.

Hi I just wanted to say that you are completely right, I’m a Catholic but I would never mock or look down on someone for who they believe in and I agree those people have no right to click on a website that says satanic symbols and then disown it. Though we may not believe the same things, no one can judge someone because they don’t like who they believe in and you stay the same because you are you and that’s just what makes you awesome

Lololololol i love you i used to be a christian, then i discovered how much of an asshole god is for giving is our fucked up earthly lives. So f*ck him


I need money, tell how to get it… It is real should send my account number?


I`m glad you got raped as a child, if that was needed for you to turn your back to the false gods.

But how about not praising any form of supernatural? for what they are all seek is obedient.

For me, I neither hate nor love any of sides. we as humans can have our own stupid morals, we are not to be dictated, its against our true rebellion self. step out side of these games, let your roots go deep in the depth of hell in order for your soul to rise high

you took those words right out of my mouth

You are wrong that’s all I have to say even though yes you do have a point on not jusging others

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Exactly… Thank you I couldn’t have said it better myself

Saying a prayer for you! Why are you so angry?

You WERE a Christian?! I ain’t here to bash and I’m just so curious! Like how does one go from one polar opposite to another? I’m legit confused..? Also just curious how old are you? Hope ya can answer my question! Thankss

I cant believe they capitolize god but not Satin, Demon, Lucifer, etc.

Its sickening, Satin is a god as well. All hail Lucifer!

damn straight!! Hail the almighty Prince of Darkness, Lucifer!!

honestly, i do not see how he is merciful for sending his son to die. if he is as powerful and loving as he says he is, he would take it himself. it is just cowardly to send your son to do something like that for you…hail Lucifer.

thats the thing people don’t get – Jesus was / is God incarnate

I’m really sorry about everything thats happened to you… It sure wasn’t fair and you didn’t deserve it

Hail Lucifer!! All christians are hypocritical idiots!!

And yet who said they care about your god?

You are right, dearly beloved of GOD. There is only one true GOD who will judge everyone. Psalm 72:12 He shall judge thy people with righteousness, and thy poor with judgment. In other words, He will pronounce a verdict/condemnation, or justification. But if you are going to be established in the kingdom of GOD… you need to be judged ‘in love’. We are instructed to bear one another’s burden. As part of the congregation of the body of Christ you should be judged uprightly (Ps. 75:2). When I say you, I am indicating the fruits of your life and life-style. For every tree is known by his fruit, even Satan has fruit, check them out. YOU BE THE JUDGE.

May I god have mercy I on your wickedness

Thank you. That’s exactly what I wanted to read here, though maybe not necessarily in those words. I’m a LaVeyan Satanist, and while I really have no problem with Christians as people per se, the religion itself strikes me as retarded and hypocritical. I like Luciferianism a lot more. It’s basically my religion with a deity…

And really, it’s much easier for me to understand and accept.

I am 13 years old girl I don’t know if I show go with god or Satan I like the symbol but I’m not sure I’m so confused

Breana, I became a Christian at the age of 25 and before that I almost joined just about everything. I was swayed by just about any group that came along. One night I got drunk and high with a group of my friends and somehow got home. I had consumed so much alcohol and downers that I really felt like I was going to die. I prayed to God to save me from dying and all I can say is a miracle happened. I all of a sudden was surrounded by so much love I felt like I was floating on a cloud. This happened a few years before I actually committed my life to Jesus. All I can tell you is that my wonderful God through Jesus has NEVER ONCE let me down since. I have been a Christian for almost 34 years. My Lord loves you, too. He has only the best for you in store. God bless you, sweetie.

Well u and your PRINCE will burn in hell together while me and god will be in paradise

I am a 13 yeah old girl and idk if I 2anna stay with god I never been baptised and do u think u can help me with this

breana i think you should pray to god because he can help you

i was kidnapped by a satanic people and i pray to god to help me and he help me

I’ll pray for you sweetheart

If you were a christian than why did you turn away from God… is it that you went through something and you thought God wasn’t there and then you thought he wasn’t really… anyway you worship satan but you should know he is going to kill you at the end if you keep going that way your gonna burn in hell and all he’s gonna do is laugh at you wile you burn your not gonna get rewarded by him he’s gonna kill you

Oh poor you! The god of this age has really blinded your eyes.satan is just making sure that you do not get to believe in the truth that JESUS CHRIST is the one and only saviour.satan is a king but JESUS is the KING of Kings,satan may be your Lord but JESUS is the LORD of Lords; so what is your standings?

If he’s prince then who is king?? I’ll wait lol

Amy, God loves you. He’s still waiting for you to return to Him. Don’t let the devil deceive you.

It sounds like you’re being a little judgmental yourself. The news article I just read about them Satanic display in Lansing claims that Satanists are supposed to be compassionate. Do you consider your reply to be compassionate?

Amy, I love you. You said it before I did. I was looking for a less obvious symbol to put on the back of my leather. I have Baphomet on my arm already. Hail Satan.

That was beautifully written. I’m just learning about Satanism, but I have never thought of him as evil. I believe he’s done more for us than the so called “God”. I used to pray to him, asking for help when bullies got too much, yet no-one helped and I was left to suffer alone. But, christians on this site: Leave our religion alone, and we won’t retaliate against the words spoken against us. We have our beliefs, you have your own. I would apprieciate it if you didn’t shove it down our throats.

To fellow Satanists: I would be grateful if anyone could tell me more about Satanist history, and the terms and such. Haven’t found many good sites, and I can’t ask anyone at home because my dad’s Roman Catholic. Any help would be apprieciated. Thank you. Hail to Lucifer.

Rhydian i was kidnapped by a satanic people i pray to god and he help me even if he not helped me i wont turn my back on him

just so you know god created you he give you a life not your beloved and cute lucifer

i want to learn about satan but that doesnt mean that i’ll love him

God Has given people freedom of choice. to be in God´s side or the satan´s side but the bottom line is PHILIPPIANS 2:10-11; that at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow,in heaven and on earth and under the earth,and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord,to the glory of God the Father.

Tht was just uncalled for, we still should know if someone is worshiping evil in our mist, thts y we r on this site

If god is so good y is all this bad happening

We all know God is all powerful and loving I agree but he also punishes us things we do in the bible it talks about hell more than heaven sins that we do and things that we shouldnt be doing yet we still do john 3:16 says the he gave his son for us to die in the cross yet genesis revelations and other books talk about how we are.punished like In genesis it says that thay ate the fruit of science and Adam and eve have sinned and as for the snake he punished it. So really what im trying to say is that he is all powerful all knowing and is everywhere. He is like a father he loves he will sacrifice hemself to save your life but if you dont do what he says he will punish you

because it says he gave us free will there for we make the bad choices and we let the bad happen

The devil is the one causing all of the bad… and it will get much worse very soon…!!!!! There is a lot of pain out here, I just wish the devil would stop causing it….

Ephesians 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Satan is the prince of the air, he is going to and fro in the earth seeking whom he may devore. 1 Peter 5:8Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:. The scripture says that He (God) reigns on the just as well as the unjust. When we live in Hell,we know that someday we will obtain eternal life when we live according to Gods word and repent of our sins.

you are basing all of your statements on one source of information ( the bible ) and im sorry but im 15 and if I did my research like this at school I would fail everything.

Because the world isn’t ruled by God, that’s why he tells us not to be of the world but of his kingdom the devil has taken over so much of the world and God have us free will it’s up to you if you want to know of God or not, there are a lot of crazy religious people but not all of us are crazy, religion isn’t God, knowing God is having a relationship with him. It’s about faith and most importantly love God is love it’s that simple. God doesn’t hate anyone he doesn’t hate at all, we love because he is love and we are from him,

You seem to believe that God has an overall control and power over every thing that happens. I, for one, believe that God put us on this earth as a test; too see how we as humans will react and thrive from the things he has provided. In by doing so, he is observing day by day how the ignorance and stupidity of man is taking themselves over, little by little. I do believe he will guide us, but only if we allow him to. I am anti-religious, and if you do not agree with what I have to say, then that is perfectly okay. I do not mean to force my beliefs down anyone`s throat, I just feel it necessary to say my beliefs, in hopes that it will change someone`s perspective.

Because satan is there making people engage in this

if god is so wonderful think abut this for a minute why would he let a three year old burn to death in a building or let all the people of 9/11 die in a blazing crash. if you will tell me that

Jesus is lord everywhere!!

no satan is lord sorry you lose

Jesus defeated satan, & satan knows he has little time left.

Because the world isn’t ruled by God. He tells us not to be of the world but of his kingdom, the world is being run by evil, look at this page for example, God is there if you need him and seek him but it will be hard to find him if you doubt. He says if you could only have the faith as big as a grain of sand he will be there, he doesn’t want bad things to happen but guess who does, the devil. There isn’t just good in this world there is also evil “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think” Romans 12:2 look you can hate God or doubt him all you want but he loves you wether you like it or not, and that’s a fact. People blame him for every tear but don’t thank him for every smile or every blessing. You can point your gunfire at God but don’t ask these questions unless you REALLY are open to answers.

Because life happens God created man with a free mind if your going to follow someone Follow him your Clearly lost and Confused find him give your life over to him and he’ll fill you up way better than the Devil ever could im not here to argue because i will pray for you whether you want it or not have a good day

God is a made up person. We satanists believe in ourselves. And why are you even on this website?

We are on this website because, we want to see these symbols for ourselves to see what they mean.

Let us assume you are right and that God is made up. How is Satan any more real? I am not meaning to say that Satan is not real, he is just as real as God, and he wants you to believe in yourselves. But God tells us that we cannot rely on ourselves we must rely on Jesus Christ.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

And Jesus want’s you to trust Him. He loves you and came to earth to suffer for you and die for you. Please, think about the amazing opportunity that God has given to you out of love.

first satan would not exist if god did not so your saying there is no satan either

What your saying is not true. There is a belief, it’s a form of Satanism, LaVeyan Satanism, the Satanist is his or her own god.

Thank you the one comment on here that is true satanist dont believe in satan as an almighty being to worship he is only a symbolic reference satanist are about self worship and about personal gain not about pleasing some god that could kill us all in one thought.

some satanists do believe in the spiritual being (theistic satanists) and some only see it as symbolic

I thought i’d comment on here, as i agree with Richard. Not all satanists worship ‘The Devil’ or ‘God’

Because frankly i’m not going to believe in something that doesn’t exist.. if they are no facts. I will not believe.

Satan is a symbol of freedom, to create your own path in destiny.. for you to choose and discover who you truly are and what you want to do in life.

God: States that you should stay a saint, you have to follow rules orders.. i.e which is within this book of nonsense ‘The Bible’

Devil: States to be malicious, create cults and trap souls so they are lost forever.

At the end of the day we should all have the right to believe in what we choose.

My step dad died of lung cancer, Biology is a factor of that.

Science has proven more factors of our life sources than this bloody book (as well as ‘god’ and ‘devil)

I agree and disagree with you Yes, not all scientest believe in God or Lucifer but some do. Now where you said, “Satanism: Freedom” Lets back up at this point you said Satan is a syomble of freedom” lets move foword you said “Devil: Sates to be malicious, create cults and trap souls so they are lost forever.” my question for you is How are you Free if you are a traped soul and lost forever… you not only are lost forever but you are tourtred for ever also… please tell me how you are free. and 2nd your right about your stepdad God nor Satan DID NOT do this to him God made a thing called free-will this free-will allows you to smoke drink cuess dip ect… so yes God nor Satan did this to him… He did it himself…

U do not make scents because if satan exist god exist BOMBED OOOOUUUUT

You believe in yourself do you understand how ignorant that sounds? Did you give yourself life too??

No we did not, we never claimed that we have, most of the time LaVeyan Satanism

We never claimed to give ourselves life, in LaVeyan Satanism typically we believe in Darwinism, the evoltion of man, and that we can achieve the highest form of evolution. Tell me if my facts are wrong, I’m new to this religion but I have long abandoned “God”

you know some people like u should keep their mouths shut. because i am a satanist and you need to watch what you say Mpumi

Your god also has betrayed all his creations including his own beloved angles. Screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me. You’d be wise to turn your back the knife doesn’t hurt as much when you see it coming.

Hey you don’t have to obey them, if you OPEN YOUR THICK SCALED EYES PROPERLY sarah science big bang theory, were did that come fromOUT OF NOTHING AYE So how on earth does it come fro m nothing god had no beggining or end if you look properly, satan says this, if your husband cheated on you how would you feel, BAD ANGRY MALICE HATE AND KIL KILL KILL, that is what satan wants, god plz i beg your husband plz dont cheat on your wife plz dont do this i have given you choice i have given you liberty but plz dont, ALSO DRUGS it is not freedom, it locks your body so you can’t go full potential, it makes you lose jobs, it helps you lose state of mind and makes you dumb,

this is what happened to me

science teacher: can you see god

teacher: then there is no god.

me: Then miss you ain’t got a brain

so im like, when something bad happens is god happy(No) is satan happy(Yes)

thats right ya nut he will be laughing his ass off saying aaaaaa you got raped ahahahaha lol

god will be saying, how dear you touch my daughter plz don’t do this plz


NIGGA SATAN IS REAL UNTIL U GET IT IN YO TICK MINDS YOU GONNA BE MORE CAREFUL, when you get in the spirit prison, you will regret it at the judgement seat HUMBLE YOURSELFSS PEOPLE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, and if it ain’t real it is than at least you have had a good life

his “angels”betrayed him and they abandoned him because they choose to go with lucifer and god didnt stop them because they have free will and two if theres a good there is a evil too

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. For what he was yesterday is the same as today…Jesus Christ is my alpha, omega, beginning and end, His my personal savior, messiah, redeemer and friend.. He is my everything, He is my all in all…Never to worship Satan, ever…..booooooooooommmm☺ ☺ ☺

satan is the true god and creator

and the bible does not tell his tre power

The devil has got you exactly where he wants”trapped soul”

he is the creator of what exactly?

First, why don’t you get your “true God” to teach you how to properly use grammar. And secondly, you are just ignorant in more ways than one (according to how you post facts of just blind religious envy and such).

you must be a hardcore christian satan predates christianity and what you call a god and of course dont forget vile and worthless jesus christ mocks the real almighty and lashs out at satan giving humans spiritual poowers and abilities christians are anti science and anti spirituality and christians are tought not to question anything in satanism we encourage knowledge and free thought THE CHRISTIAN MIND IS CONFINE TO A BOX WHILE THE SATANIC MIND CAN EXPLORE THE WONDERS OF THE UNKNOWN AND BY THE WAY BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF WHEN YOU PRAY OR ASK YOUR GOD FOR ANSWERS IS IT ALWAYS A ONE SIDED CONVERSATION BECAUSE IT ISNT IN MY RELIGION ITS TRUTH YOU CAN SEE AND HES NOT A RED GOAT MAN WITH HORNS HES A MAN WITH LONG BLONDE HAIR AND BLUE EYES be honest with your self people the christian/judeo god is ficious but lucifer is real dont believe me do a ritual and find out you bible thumpers need to take your trash else were TAKE MY ADVICE AND SOON YOU WILL FIND OUT THE POWER REST IN THE HANDS OF US THE FOLLOWERS AND OF COURSE OUR LOVING GOD SATAN

trevor thomas god suffer because he want to protect us yes and god created lucifer not lucifer god and i have a proof that god is real

miracles is happening in this world beautiful miracles and that miracles are by god not by lucifer

i agree with you that lucifer dont have horns because in the bible say he was the most beautiful angel and yes he is still but that beauty he uses for evil not for good

satanism is some peoples way of life so do you mock a monk for believing in Budda not ‘God’

Satan is the Lord of freedom, and indulgeance. Before the church their was satan. The earth and all the powers of nature. The church was formed in an attempt to control the free will of man. Your completely uneducated response is evident of this fact. Good day.

Leave us to our faith and we shall not touch yours.

Satan* But it is Lucifer Everstar and these symbols are his way of representing his life for us.

1. Pentagram represents both the elements and with the goat it represents the God Head.

2, The cross represents humanities ability to succeed and always grow through knowledge of how we once were.

3. The pyramid eye represents love and knowledge.

4. 666 represents the heroes (firefighters, soldiers, and police) who serve and help humanity.

how can you by the way prove this meaning of yours??

Can you please leave satan and be with the true GOD!

SATAN IS A LIAR!and If god make your life miserable?

NO!he’s not!he wants you to be strong!

no your god wants us to be weak and YES HE DOES MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE WHO WANTS TO LIVE A LIFE OF FEAR OF ETERNITY IN A LAKE OF FIRE (which doesnt exist) your mind is feeble and confine to a box but us satanist have to learned to think outside of your oppressive little box AND BY THE WAY THIS IS A SITE for satan you just sin’d by talking bad about my religion i use to be a christian and i have to say your a pretty poor excuse for a disiple you dont even know the basic rules or commandments of your own religion YOU SIR ARE A COMMON DANDY AND GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR i feel sorry for you your another slave to the globalist elite agenda have fun in the fema camps i was smart enough to get a bunker so fuck you you tard

How do I become apart of satan I thought I did but this guy tricked me. I don’t want to suffer anymore and I sure as fuck don’t want to be in no FEMA camp I want to be a dentist and live a long healthy life and experience all the joys of this beautiful world. I want to protect my children from suffering and my generations after and forever be happy with my choices n I want to be free!!! I’m tired of people raping me and using me n lying about me and I want to see how great the Lucifer is. I have always felt like I had a connection with him but have never been able to connect. My sign is Aries and I feel him with me. Hail Lucifer!!! Someone help me be who I am suppose to be…

that lucifer have washed your brians god suffer for us not lucifer and god test you to see that if you stay with him to the end

if you see the true story of emily rose then you see how she was tortured bt sixdemons and lucifer god sait to her to take his hand and notto suffer but she rejected because she wanted you people to see how miserable live can give demons and if you are satanist you’ll know that and dont blame god for every thing because he never gonna abandon you god means love nod hate and that fucking lucifer he was spared with life see how your god is good he spared his life if he wasnt good he should kill lucifer hes afraid of god hes weak so he uses you to destroy god

christianity love of god, enternal loving of god,fuck this shit words …. If God loves me why let him destroy my life and my family life..

and now im homosexual and being of it i feel better i felt that im not ordinary person u know it feels a lot of good to me thats why i decided not to believe your almigthy god now i shall hailed to my new king god.. because he was given me this unkindness feelings …

Anonymous god never do that to us because he suffered for us and i think lucifer do this to you i dont feel sorry for you cause you hate god i hate anyone who dont love that kid satanist i dont hate him and i know why he turn his back on god i dont hate him but you re on my list

You have no right to accuse Satanism, for all we know, Satanism may be the original source of there “daily things we love”.

It is sophisticatically

Start believing it because Satan is here and his demons are everywhere. He knows his time is short on Earth. He knows Jesus Christ is coming again. Start opening your eyes to all the celebrities how within a 3 year time frame have all started to worship the devil. From Britney Spears, to Rhiana, Beyonce, Madonna, Kate Perry, and more. The devil and its demons help make these celebrities famous and rich with money but for a price. The Hollywood and Music Industry elite powers are all devil worshippers. Our government are with Freemosonary a secret society that worship the devil and do sacrifices. WAKE UP.

he screws SOME OF US because he silently whisper bad things in our mind and we don’t even know it.

Well it’s the cold truth and he’s doing it to brainwash us and make us the perfect slaves to his dominion

Peaple should really be aware of these symbols.

People should really be aware of the fact that the satan mentioned in your holy book of lies is not entirely the same Satan that is involved with the CoS. Also i dare you to read into the Church Of Satan, like their comandments and etc. Then after some research please try and rational how these beliefs are wrong and immoral. Also do you really want to spend your life living by someone elses standardz and worshipping someone else as opposed to doimg what is best for you and living your life the way that you want so ypu feel fufilled and happy and confidinte. Or ypu can continie trying to impress a god by living YOUR life the way he wants instead of living your own life…i will let you in on a little secret, every living thing on this earth dies alone so in the end all you have is yourself. So when you are lyong there dying all alone inside your mind i pray that you are still happy with the fact that ypu lived ypur life accordimg to someome else all so that you can be transported to a spiritual place after death. Guess what its an illusion and has nothing to do with religion. After death you will get what ypu think you deserve, its a mental and spiritual state. Which may not ever exist…so the next time you pass up a night of heavy intoxication and pure mayhem just remember its worth it because one day you will die and hopefully your soul will be taken to a place, a place you call heaven. One that exists only in our hearts and our minds, those breif moments before death is the only heaven you will ever see.

so you live life without guidelines…I do believe in Satan and he has uplifted me to such a high standard, when everyone turn against

me and so called god sees unconcern….I found the light and the eye of providence has watched over me, hails

God z God of posiblility.I owez Love my God

Seig Heil~! Leviathan rules all! Is is my true savior!

Ave Satanas! He is our father below!

What the are YOU talkin’ about? Leviathan is a demonic creature in the Bible. Watch what you say, or you’ll be damned.

SAVIOR…means SAVES!..SAVES from destruction, not a losing dragon under submission by THE ALMIGHTY GOD, whats wrong is the beast has abused you so bad you can hardly remember what LOVE is, may Our God, comfort and guide your soul back if you would.. You do know this.

How can Satan your leviathan be your savior. SATAN does not love. Satan does not care. Satan will give you what you want and later take your soul. How can anyone worship evil. How can anyone go and hurt others many many good people innocent people sacrificed for what. For money and fame to get what you want. That is called greed and lack of value and morals. Dont do on to others what you dont want them to do to you. Turn away from Satan. You still have time to renounce Satan and turn to JESUS CHRIST. Many satanic people have turned away and saw the light. Ask yourself, why they turn away.

Satan is our true creator

GOD is powerful…en should be awear of those satnc symbolz

u r right nobody can become god

By tumi. God is great he has more power than satan

Beard style for v shaped face

Yolanda Satan rules in ur heart not in our heart deal wit that ur self our hearts are ruled by Jesus.

Jesus was only a man. A man whos’ mother was said to get pregnant by God. I’ll tell you what happened. While her husband was away, she cheated and got pregnant. Once her husband returned she made up this elaborate story of being impregnated by God because she has never touched another man. Her husband, in full denial, stupidly believed his wife and they lived as if they had a son by God. The boy, named Jesus, grew up his entire life being told this, which in turn believed it himself, so he felt compelled to start his own religion, in which he did and Christianity was born. I’m sorry but I’m a red blooded American, and no offense to anyone but there is no way in hell i’m worshiping a middle eastern man named Jesus. I believe in a higher power, but not the same one as you.

Praise the Lord Jesus! Brother, thank you for your appropriate response. It is as the great pastor Grey Laurie once said, “although it is true that we are all the off-spring of God, it is also true that we are not all His children”.

satan was, is and will forever be a looser bt my heart burns for those who still think satan can win this battle God bless the Christian community go go go on n on n on guys we wil soon be ther. The Lord is on our side so no even a single loose hahaha


right on, try living right in the heart of the bible belt and being a satanist, talk about judgemental, hypocritical christians!!

So you’re telling me you want someone to “rule” the way you live and behave? In satanism, all is for glorification of yourself. Giving in to human nature and accepting that you are who you are.

being a true satanist is simply being human, not denying who you really are, letting out your own instincts. Why deny human nature? Why deny what we really are? The seven deadly sins where something made up by the old churches to scare the shit out of people and make them feel guilty for simply being human and acting by their natural instincts. Satanism is freedom from the chains of christianity, If all christians where to follow the bible to the tee, then they would be killing and plucking out their own eyes. To sin, is to be human, we can’t deny who we are. It seems like these hypocrites need to wake up and smell the truth for what it really is, follow your own rules, out of your own bible and stop judging people for being themselves. Hail Lucifer forever and always!!

right on! i cant wait for the Dark Lord to rise above the throne of god and show the world the truth!

truth??? how can you know the truth if you are blinded by deception of evil..

Junz how canyyou say youknow the truth when youare blindedby exactlywhtyouthink is blinding us youlord jahovaiis a murderer anda liar what kind of “God wldallow humans to mass murder somany in his name the dark lord shal riseandwhen he does yousshall see

Why wont u repent before u test the wrath of the true God the creator of all things.

Wow see here we go – I never made it off the 1st page before the xtians were bashing someone. It’s like this – I am a Proud Pagan yet I do not follow a specific sector I freely admit I am closet to Satanism and am a practicing Witch and ordained High Priestess but I am not a member or the CoS as I don’t prescribe to Dr LaVey’s and Peter Gilmore’s complete idealism and ways – so I follow a mixture of paths that is the prefect fit for me and it works well since I am a solitary practitioner for the most part but join in a circle at least once a month for the human contact and interaction. I have studied theology for a number of years which has afforded me the opportunity to learn in-depth about beliefs, traditions, rituals, forbidden actions, and doctrines and principles of about 50 or 60 unique recognized religions. This in-depth study included the reading of their spiritual guides no matter the form of such – world religions are fascinating to say the least but I was not seeking fascination I was seeking the proper fit – truth – and examining all I could learn, because it seemed like my decision had to be semi-rushed. No visiting would I allow to distract me while deep in study during my quest to find the correct spiritual path that fits me to a tee as I was honed in and determined to get it done so I could dance with my God and Goddess.. In doing so I came to the realization that everyone of these bibles, guides, traditions, rituals and so forth have been written by another human being walking the earth the same as I do – so what makes their words on paper gospel? That goes for the xtian bible as well and I know I will get an earful on that one since you erroneously believe the jacked up tale that it was inspired straight from your God and that the various writers were merely a vessel to put the words down on paper. If that were truly the case then all translations would mean the same things because your God is supposed to be all powerful, all wisdom and so forth. All of your bible versions would contain the same amount of books and chapters and there would not be a need for dissension between the “xtian churches” from one denomination to the next about what exactly the words are telling you. Now before you start jumping down my throat for bashing xtians… that is not what I am doing – I am merely pointing out my own observations and experiences within the xtian churches during my spiritual quest – yes that’s right I have attended, studied, and been active in a xtian church for let’s see 2 1/2 almost 3 years worth where I never missed a service or bible study group or workshop and so on and was active in taking care of the church by cleaning it twice a week, helping out in the Sunday School classes with activities for the kids or caring for the infants, helped with administrative tasks in the church office as well as our charity works and any other fundraising or events we took part in. Did I want to be quite that active or helpful? No not really – I am a helpful person but felt compelled to do it all because if I said no I was made to feel like I wasn’t doing my xtian duty – yet the fellow believers that condemned you in that way were not ever there doing anything except arriving late for worship service and slipping out the back door of the chapel 20 minutes later. I guess just to make sure someone saw them so they can say I go to church every week and I am a devout xtian. Do they really believe that appearances will get them through the pearly gates? Shoot I can tell I am getting on my little band wagon here so let me get to my quest so you will see it’s not xtians I have it in for. I truly don’t have it out for anyone as I believe that we are all given free will to make the choices we feel are right and that it is not for anyone else to judge or even comment on really – OK I can’t pass that point up so one more and I will get off xtians… No judgement of others is taught throughout the xtian bible as a commandment straight from your God – so how is it that the majority of xtians can judge people as harshly as they do on a daily basis – and yet still claim to be a devout xtian that is in their God’s service and devoted to follow His every word – a super xtian if you will? Aren’t the responses above knocking someone for believing in Satan a judgement call? No matter how you try and justify that the fact is you are standing in judgement of another human being and you are strictly forbidden to do so under your God’s laws, so it seems you have a bit of repenting to do.

As I stated at the onset I am a Proud Pagan – I term myself as a “self-described” Pagan since I do not follow a specific sector such as Wiccan, Buddhism, Druid, Satanic, etc.although my majority path is Satanic, followed by Wiccan on the spell side of it – and of course being that In am a Satanist first and foremost I practice Magick of all colors and there-lies the reason I would never be Wiccan as it is against their creed. I do not profess to be a caring and empathetic Witch or to follow the Wiccan ways – what I take from their beliefs is the reverence for nature, control of the elements and replenishment of my energy and power by casting a circle, summoning the elements and dancing in the rain. I only state that I take from the Wiccan creed because of the high reverence for nature, but to me a Witch is a Witch no matter the color – I have juts as much right to let the fire consume me, the rain nourish me, the wind lift my spirit and receive from other Witches in the circle with me as they do – it would be an issue if I were refused. My Satanic nature is a lot stronger though there are a few things I will not partake in at this point in my walk… plus I need my nature time I simply do. Anton LaVey and Peter Gilmmore are both brilliant – Anton especially and I wish he were here on earth with me – but I will see him in Hell soon enough. I simply don’t believe the purpose of a spiritual path is to follow one man’s words – that is not against Anton one iota. I choose to make my own path, after all I am in charge of me no one else – I take some Druid, Crowley, Buddhism and Kabbalism traditions and beliefs into my unique path also – I can only imagine the time when others will gain access to my BoS and Grimores… maybe a new occult will form from my path because the mixture will benefit other Witches and Warlocks that survive me. It is not about the label the urpose it to. draw energy and power from nature, knowledge and wisdom from animals and the earth itself, to participate in celebrations, holidays, celebrate with music and dancing and the confidence to be exposed if so led and just be open and unguarded and enjoy worship, regeneration, and festivals to interact with fellow believers since most Pagans generally walk a very solitary path and human interaction is needed sometimes. I won’t go into the details if paying homage to my Gods because I know it will only start a war – as xtians are not confident within themselves and don’t like to speak of such things,,, it offends them to hear real life stories of those of us that know how to experience true love, gratification, freedom and so forth – without any abandon, soul deep.

I respect that because I can only imagine that the reason hearing details accounts of a Ritual, a Sacrifice, a Celebration or even a Solitary Time at my Altar with one of my Gods or Goddesses, probably evokes feelings within you that you have been taught it is wrong to ever have and so you feel guilty about them and are unsure how to stop them from happening. It’s always amazed me to hear that some paths are so uptight about carnal knowledge, gratification, and having or fulfilling desires… I mean we are human and whomever the Creator is – he made us in his image right? So that means He has all of the same feelings and more. In the old testament of your bible, the xtians took part in lewd acts also… until your homicidal God decided to take the entire town put and turn some into Salt Pillars. My God and My Goddess have never harmed me – or anyone I know or have read about. So I shall stay right where I am at. Oh and before you respond in a manner that makes me into a harlot –

or a drunken fool – I am neither, far from it actually… married twice but was widowed the first time after 25 years… the gratification we partake

in is nothing like portrayed in the movies unless that’s what the persons doing Ritual together decide. Personally I love to dance with my God and Goddess and play music for them, possibly beat on a drum in a drum circle with a good fire going. Our ways harm no one that doesn’t threaten harm to us or our families first. which if they try to the tables get turned and I am free to defend myself and all who are there as long

as I don’t purposely keep the tension going to try and engage her in some trouble. that’s right the big bad Satanists are not out here raping and murdering and draining unwilling victims of their life blood. That’s not to say that I don’t do blood or animal sacrifices because I most assuredly do it pleases my Goid and Goddess as well as myself… it just means that it’s consented too – even begged for at times… but I have control over myself and would never take it too far as to cause permanent damage or death. I happen to be trained in keeping in constant awareness of the person that is lying there because of another portion of my life that I partake in at all times and I ensured that I was trained fully in case of any type emergency… It’s not about murdering someone and going to prison – it’s about offering honor and therefore more Power to my God, My Goddess gets replenished and my own thirst for blood cutting is sated. Nothing in life or death can possibly be as intense and fulfilling and life giving as my worship.

You need to be delivered because Satan is deceiving people in the last days. Why is it that when we spiritual people try to warn you guys because we love people because we was once deceived by Satan as well until God almighty open up my spiritual eyes to see the truth. Satan hates you. He rebelled against the Lord our God almighty kingdom and that’s why Satan hates mankind creation. We are the…ruler over alcreatures and every creeping thing. I pray in Jesus name that you will be filled in the holy spirit and that God will open up your spiritual eyes to see the truth about Lucifer in Jesus name. I don’t hate you I love you with the love of Christ Jesus. Christians are not supposed to judge others butpray God will give them spiritual guidance.

if god created all things, then who the hell created god??

that person is so stupid who said satan rules

some thing is really wrong with u guys

jesus is lord of lords and king of kings feirce in battle satan cant see gooo

Junz….truth?? How can you know truth if you are blinded by the deception of your ideology? Followers of the left hand path remove the blindfold placed over their eyes by scripture and promises of heavenly bliss in exchange for servitude. We are the truth seekers who shall not be deterred by threats of pain, suffering, and damnation. Freedom and truth awaits only those willing to suffer.

In a way this “Jesus” is just like satan. Everyone has different views…. Satan’s are just better in my opinion~666

Can someone explain to me this satanic worshiping thing. I was raised Christian but now I’m questioning my religion. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone, just curious.

i cant believe you said this,satan must be happy but not your true father GOD,KING OF KING,RULER OF RULER,Satan has already fallen,he’s already a fallen angel full of darkness

god has already show’n as the truth

hahahaha Dark Lord?? dream on mr Jay the Lord of host wont even fight, He will just gaze while satan being kicked by His Fellow Angel Jesus help you unblind you from Mr satan looser’s blindfold

one day God is coming back and will show everyone he is still in charge.

No, God does. Read the Bible. God has great power over Satan and will someday throw him into the lake of fire or hell. I will pray for you.

Yes sister, our prince shall rise and overtake heaven/teh internetz

Finaly somebody is talkng some sense

GOD rules..satan Sucks!!WITH GOD ALL GOOD THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…blah blah blah!lucifer lucifer lucifer:-xdatz jxt crap

This god the christians speak of is a fake if he did exist then why is the world going to Shit and they say Satan is bad what a load of bullshit Satan shall rules the world now join me people and hail Satan for he shall soon arise from hell and fix the world

Mpumi, that’s your opinion, as much as it sucks, maybe you need to stop mocking our beliefs. How would you like it if I where to go on a christian based website and start knocking god?……blah blah blah! god, god, god……crap! Think about that you self-righteous hypocrite! Hail Lucifer!

Satan can stay in hell where he belongs

Lucifer rules earth dumbass. This is His dwelling place.

I plead the blood of Jesus over u and with the Authority of Jesus Christ I command all demon and satan out of u this very moment and back to the Abyss! In Jesus mighty most high powerful God!! I am praying for your salvation! God bless you…

are you out of ur mind, satan is nothing but just a loser, he was defeated a long tym ago…… he is just a powerless little creature

God has a plan that he created to show us his wrath we.are all in his plan.

yes, yes He does!! Hail Lucifer!!

I guess he has you snowed. What he doesn’t tell you is that he knows the end. He loses you foolish people!

Yolanda, you should read the book of Job. God allowed Satan to torture Job and kill his family. His wife told him to turn from God, but Job remained faithful. If you choose to “deal with it”, you are letting Satan just play with you and bring you down! If you accept Jesus, He will turn you into a warrior and give you the knowledge to fight the evil of Satan, you don’t have to deal with this if you just ask for God’s help.

That iz a bull no devil will ever rule,those who believes that satan is powerful can go to hell for all i care

Ummmm that is the WRONG attitude brother/sister, I will be praying for you, we should love our enemy’s as we love our-self and pray and try to guide the back to God Our Master we as Christians should never wish anyone to hell. and as you to say that they all can go to hell… I will be praying for you you should share the love to show God loves them dont share the hate… God bless you my brother/sister!

not only by trust,let’s walk by faith in GOD

Let our faith be stronger with the help of the Lord

it’s funny how on dollar bills it says, “in god we trust”,but according to the christian bible, money is the root of all evil! Weird.

We have to be careful of the things around us because Satan and his liitle mindowrks are basically everywhere now. We have to hold on to God

I’m nt a worker,and I’m a poor guy,un educated,maginalise bt I need money to start my business to ease up my life bt i dnt hav anything to find that i going to have that cash if i join Satanism?

NO,even if you join satan and have that big money,you can’t bring that if you die.It’s better to stay poor than going to hell in the future.

my friend,money can make you greedy,dont fall into the wrong hands,and you are a worker,work for god and you’ll be saved from satan,one wrong move and satan has accomplished his task,becareful i pray that you have a strong heart

What benefits the man to gain the whole world but lose their soul? The Word of God.

yes he will give it to you but he will kill you later so you still lose

my friend the poor are the easy the rich are the NUT HEADS the one who knows he is nothing is truely the worthy one

you a good man, humble and know you are nothing that is good you are educated enough to know you are nothing in wisdom

God lies to his followers, satan tell the truth

The inverted cross is St Peter’s cross and symbolizes being unworthy of christ, not opposing him; it’s not intended to be a satanic symbol

I know that is the roman church’s explanation, but it representing being unworthy of Christ is a false interpretation – turning something upside down symbolically means its inversion or reversion, a sign of rebellion. This is why satanists use it, as you can see from the satanic alter image above.

Roman church claims peter was crucified upside down, but what is the evidence of that? and even if he was, it is not Peter we should be making symbols to exalt and focus on, but Christ – so any christian should be depicting the cross the right way up, not upside down

no meena u r wrong just beleive in god

U Have Given A Great Explanation Of The Inverted Cross. Plse Keep Up The Spirit Of Letting The World Know The Truth

Satanism came first and the cross was originally made upside down! It represents the growing of humanity. The two lines that come from the side are the ground and the lower section are the roots that dig deep. It is a tree with no branches that always goes up!

Agreed!! They only put the cross upward like the letter t so they could hang Jeasus’ fat ass for all to see!!

Look what happened when Adam ate the forbidden fruit because he thought he would be like God. Because he did not trust God, he let sin and death fall upon man. Satan want’s us to think that we are growing by our works. But to God our works are like filthy rags. We need Jesus to be with God or we will fall into the many traps that Satan has set for us, he want’s us to fail as he did.

Dennis: sharing His Agapè Love for eternity.

The cross needs to be a fixed fixture in our hearts as Christ who is our salvation where nothing can and will ever replace his glory and love. He died to restore our relationship with our Father God, Abba Father that was severed in the garden of Eden through the fall of the first Adam. Jesus Christ, The second Adam came and restored that relationship with the Father for ever. Satan, you are defeated as the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us form all unrigteousness. He cried on the cross “It is finished meaning that Satan has been stripped of his glory and the plan of God was so that we now can enter into the holy of holies, the very throne of grace with assurance and fellowship with our Father through Jesus Christ empowered by his Holy Spirit, Satan has no power over the blood washed saints. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.

The children of God don’t in symbols. They carry God in their hearts and in their minds and we all know that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. He controls only those who deny Christ (refuse).

No it is the symbol of the anti christ

satan will rise and dominate

People with distorted minds such as your’s do not deserve a response because you are so misled by your master so it’s like talking to a drunk who does not know what he’s talking about. Read the bible, an historical reference and your god will not win but is damned for all eternity which he knows and wants to capture as many lost souls as possible to join him–that would be you. You will be damned for all eternity, you know — FOREVER, if you do not change your way of thinking to the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. I will pray for you.

We may be damned, but it is the path we chose. We seek freedom from the restrictions placed upon us by a deity that asks us to be slaves. We choose freedom over slavery even in the face of endless torment and suffering. The left hand path is the way to enlightenment and true freedom, even if the cost is steep. The black flame will reveal the truth and in time many will realize that their chosen deity is no more worthy of worship than a narcissistic pedophile who gives life to his children so that he may then enslave and rape them for his pleasure.

He simply explained what the symbolism meant.

Satan will never dominate but Jesus whom u the devil has crucify will be the one to dominate.

t even ddnt take jesus tp rise up n kick satan ou t of heaven bt miachel d archangel of the true God did..satan z a small boy..hahahaha devil u r a smaal boy

Hail Satan-Lucifer God of liberation and enemy of the foul Demiurge YHWH

he will not dominate, there is god and will among the hearts of Christians, satan wont win, because people will never go to his side

Jesus was a liar and nothing more then that! He deceived men and woman and still deceives you all! Christianity has stopped us from evolving as a society and as a race for hundreds of years. Want some examples about the Dark Ages or the Crusades (histories longest war that is still going on). Satan is not a monster but he is a man who the rest of the world deemed worthy when he defeated the great evil. His real name is Lucifer Morningstar and he is the lord of the blue castle and the head pf the God Head!

Boy! Are you being deceived. Their is no lie in God(Jesus). Your father(satan) has really got you convinced. Ask him what the back of the bible says, he already lost,your daddy satan only speaks half truths. Come to Jesus and let Him save your soul, you will never know joy like this. Read Acts 2:38

He was not a monster, not at first, but he fell into temptation and God could not let him stay in Heaven. I know you believe in him and love him as your lord, but he will betray you. God will never leave you or forsake you if you just ask Him to be your Savior. You are worth saving to Him, don’t let Satan blind you from this. But ultimately you have to decide what you believe. I just pray that you choose that path that God has set for you regardless of the trials it holds. May the Holy Spirit prick your heart and show you the true path. God save you.

God should have mercy on us, as He did with the thief on the cross. I see now, and its loud and clear, in black and white that other people really worship devil rather than God alone. To all readers of this context, If you worship devil its a sign to those who worship the true God that He is at the door about to come again. I would advice you to clear your corrupted mind by reading the bible. Repent, receive Him in your heart and then start serving Him alone. Amen, may God bless you.

Like to know more on symbols

i don’t see why they tried to find 666 in the Ford logoi mean it could have been an accident cause i’m pretty sure when Hnery Ford made the company he was not thinking about the numbers 666

I don’t see whats wrong with Satanism. LaVeyan and a lot of other types of Satanism don’t promote any wrongdoing. In fact they promote politeness and respect.

Christians are sheep. Wake up, read a book. There is no god. Hail Satan!

satan is deceiving you… he wants to get as many souls as he can so they can be thrown into the lake of fire and suffer with him…. Jesus Christ is the true God… repent while God is still giving you the chance because someday He will pour His wrath on the earth and collect the people who have been faithful to Him so they won’t have to face the suffering…I’ll pray for you

I’m not being sarcastic nor mocking you, I just want to help you

Disney is satanic all the way if u view your child dvd its everywere in it even in the title 666 check when they start the title Disney turns around showing 6 in the D then it stops then u see 6 in the dot of the I and in the y its crazy when u start looking its all there roponso has the sun god all over the film then for no reason they keep showing a unicorn by the way that’s satanic too. all in all Disneys is Satanic.

Wow……that was truly one of the stupidest things i have ever heard. Your comment made me laugh. We as humans in the modern day world will do whatever it takes to see the flaws in the works and likes of other people. People like you look at certain things, and search for satanic things in them, JUST so they can chew that thing apart. I mean, really, it`s pretty idiotic, actually. I will have to say Disney does not display the best things, but Satanism? Really? Ha ha you truly make me laugh.

that’s because Walt Disney was a satanist…..duh!! Who cares anyway, let ppl be and believe whatever way the want! Hail Lucifer!

Yes satan will raise JAY and he will get his ass kicked by your all mighty God and all you followers will die with him the only reason we r here is to weed us out, the good will have paradise the bad will burn wake up Jay ur going to Hell and u think that’s a good think! life is short if satan has u you loose big time. Ask for forgiveness while u still can.i don’t no whom u r but I will pray for u because u r so lost.

We may be damned, but it is the path we chose. We seek freedom from the restrictions placed upon us by a deity that asks us to be slaves. We choose freedom over slavery even in the face of endless torment and suffering. The left hand path is the way to enlightenment and true freedom, even if the cost is steep. The black flame will reveal the truth and in time many will realize that their chosen deity is no more worthy of worship than a narcissistic pedophile who gives life to his children so that he may then enslave and rape them for his pleasure.

How much freedom will you have in eternal hell?? LBVS!! God sent his only Son for you so you can be saved from all this bs! Thats some love! How much love does your “dark flame” have for you?? You defend it and sound like a hurt sad lonely person who needs a hug a Bible lesson. Your” dark flame” created the narcissistic pedophiles and rape and everything else evil in this world…. Dont throw your pearls to pigs I know but I cant believe no one else said anything so I did. The real love and freedom is through Jesus Christ.

Those stupid niggers arnt satanists, last time i checked lil wayne was reading a bible and praying to god…idiot. But marylin manson and anton lavey are awesome \m/

I would like to know if letting my kids watch Disney channels can influence them since they have no idea about these symbols. They just watch innocently. My family is a Christian family.

Absolutely it can and will influence them. It is entry-level witchcraft and designed to be. It is designed to seduce and teach them, to desensitize all to witchcraft! It has No place in a scriptural home, and is the devil’s fodder! Be wise and reject what the devil offers your children, yourself, and your family! The fact that your children watch innocently, just means they’re absorbing teaching from demons on witchcraft without knowing it. Does a good father let his children be sitting ducks for the hunter? Does a godly father allow his children’s viewing which functions as teaching to be demonic? Is it biblically okay to present to children that fairies are okay? There are Always insidious messages in these that Will reach your child’s understanding. Would YHVH or Yahusha give this “magical” fare to children?? Absolutely not! Your job before YHVH is to safeguard your children– Allowing them to be taught the culture’s intro to witchcraft is not wisdom or love! We are to follow and teach YHVH’s ways Alone, with NO MIXTURE. YHVH hates Mixture, which is spiritual poison!

Absolutely. That is the point. It does influence them and that is why children are targeted.

They carry subliminal messages.

I feel sorry for all those that follow satan why because he has not won one battle agianst God, even the death of Christ was setup by God so that humanity might be saved and why can’t certain people see how God cares for them I mean for someone to stand in your place for all the wrong you have done WOW! That really is amazing and there is no greater love than that which Christ has shown. lol if you worship Satan ask him if he will die for you like Christ did my best bet would be no he would not because he is a coward and jelous of humanity and is out too kill us in any possible way he can! So to all satanist think carefully, study that religion hard don’t be a dumb goat following blindly to your doom, I’m only 20 but I know one thing for shore satan can not be counted on even if your life depends on it!

Keep in mind there are two sides to every story. Maybe you should study the satanic religion hard. In the bible God killed millions and millions of people, while Lucifer killed only a few. And you have to remember, Lucifer is not a demon, he is an angel. God wanted angels to bow before men and Lucifer refused because he felt like angels were a superior being than man, which they are, once he refused to bow before men God cast him to the underworld. Lucifer was the very first and most loved son of God until he refused to bow to men. So basically the war between heaven and hell is all about a son that is mad at his dad, throwing a tantrum, and is jealous of man, therefore he hates us, unless we join him and recognize that angels ARE superior beings compared to men, and that we should bow to them, instead of them to us. Then he isn’t evil towards us, just the opposite in fact, he is just as loving as God himself.

Why does everone waist time on believing? Niether your god or your satan willhelp you. There is no proof to either. I would sell my so called soul for emense power and immortality but since there is no god or satan that wont ever happen. Now let me teach yall something. There is believed to be an alien race in which has heped grow our race. Their high rank is known as GOD. He would equal a general in military status. They is why GOD came about.

This blog is full of satan haters y can’t we all get along me? I’m nither religon but my friend is and he wanted me to post a reply and btw yeah you can trust satan but I will cost you take me and my friend for example I asked him for a favor but I allso got a werewolf curse lol jk but sirusly (lol spelling mistakes everywere) can we all just get along please!?!?!?!?

GOD has the overall power to every thing.

The one of ten commandments says thy shall not put any other gods before me. Also if you read 2 kings 17:17 says and they caused their sons and daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger. 1 Corinthians 8:4-6says As concerning the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one. For though there can be that are called gods, wether in heaven or on earth, as there be gods many, and lords many. But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. Satan was kicked out of heaven before the foundation of this world and mankind. He deceives people for their sold. He comes to still, kill, and destroy. The bible is ber fufilled right before our eyes in America. The presidents of America since this land was discovered was never putting their trust in God almighty. They put their trust in false gods. They have always hide things behind American people. The secret society. Satan can’t fool God Almighty. Because the Lord our God knows everything before it happens. Satan knows he will be cast in ever lasting fire along with the other fallen angels. No body is powerful than the Lord our God Almighty. Evil the battle field either way it goes. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that Jesus is thy Lord savior. Rather you believe in him or not. No sin is allowed in the kingdom of God. Turn from your wicked ways and get to know him as your personal savior. He wants to get to know you, bless you, and love you. You can’t serve to masters. The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of lightness. You will be judge. Everyone will have to face to creator when you die.

So I can kill repent and be saved?

no that was purposely done that is taking advantage god knows you took advantage

The one of ten commandments says thy shall not put any other gods before me. Also if you read 2 kings 17:17 says and they caused their sons and daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger. 1 Corinthians 8:4-6 says As concerning the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one. For though there can be that are called gods, wether in heaven or on earth, as there be gods many, and lords many. But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. Satan was kicked out of heaven before the foundation of this world and mankind. He deceives people for their sold. He comes to still, kill, and destroy. The bible is being fufilled right before our eyes in America. The presidents of America since this land was discovered was never putting their trust in God almighty. They put their trust in false gods. They have always hide things behind American people. The secret society. Satan can’t fool God Almighty. Because the Lord our God knows everything before it happens. Satan knows he will be cast in ever lasting fire along with the other fallen angels. No body is powerful than the Lord our God Almighty. Evil the battle field either way it goes. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that Jesus is thy Lord savior. Rather you believe in him or not. No sin is allowed in the kingdom of God. Turn from your wicked ways and get to know him as your personal savior. He wants to get to know you, bless you, and love you. You can’t serve to masters. The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of lightness. You will be judge. Everyone will have to face to creator when you die.

Satan don’t care about you yolanda. Thank you Jesus for the holy spirit. I love you yolanda. Jesus Christ said love your enemies. God is coming soon. As I was in a shelter back in 2011 I heard the voice of the Lord said don’t be supprise when I crack the sky. These governments and presidents just don’t know what they are getting them self into calling on the kingdom of darkness. Acts 2:17-19 it says in the last days God will pour his holy spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall propecy. Young people seeing visions the old people dreaming dreams and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my spirits and I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath; blood and fire, and vapor of smoke: the sun shall turned into darkness, and the moon into blood before that great and notable day of the Lord come. Ephesians 6:12 for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of this age, against wicked angels in heavenly places. Put on your full armor of God so that you would be able to stand against the devil and having done all, to stand. John 10:27 he says my sheep hear my voice I know of them, and they follow me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my father’s hands. Many are called but few are chosen. Please build a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and savior now. The heavens and earth will but God’s word will never pass away. He is going to create a new heaven and a new earth. Satan will be locked up in a thousand years. After those thousand years he a little while. Then he will try to deceive the city of the saints who God loves. Satan then thrown into the lake of fire with the false prophets and anti Christ. God always wins no matter what. Revelat 20-21 talks about what I just said. God bless my sister’s’s in Christ. Even my enemies. Like yolanda.

amen,let us keep reminding each other. i believe that it is so hard specially for unbelievers beacuse it is said in the bible,their spiritual eyes has been blinded by the darkness lord that is why even how tried we convinced they are deaf and already blinded by the truth.thats why many are called but few responded and path of darkness is so easy to journey but God’s path is so tight that is hard to walk even elect can be decieved still and fallen by satan’s schemes.always check your heart if it still under the authority of Christ,some say they are but it doesnt make show on their truth is painful but its the way to set you free from our enemy’s captivity of every people God created all human race few are children of God. God bless, readers

I now believe dat satanism is true, I’ll never give up from serving Jesus Christ as my savior never. Natasha continue with the same spirit God is with you.

surely i do believe people have rebelled against the creator

How about everyone stop trying to convert people to Christianity? We are entitled to believe what we want regardless of what it is.

Free to believe as you choose, Yes, and the Consequences with it, Yes, but Deception is a powerful and convincing thing, otherwise it wouldn’t be Deception. So how bout a loving heads-up to the unwittingly deceived? How will they hear the Truth of YHVH’s loving gospel unless someone tells them?

Bravo that is the main fact every man his own every women hers… however be aware of the consequences (hope I spelled that right).

Florence, the Bible says that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Crist is Lord, so will you like or not. May GOD bless you and have mercy on you.

To all you santanist…the only good thing is, as long as you have breath, there is Hope. Jesus Christ loves you!!

you’re right,if they don’t want to suffer in hell.

Yeah daugs” Y Satan sis his the enemy:

IF satan comes, he will make everyone, including his followers, suffer. I think the symbols r cool and im into deathmetsl and i have dark humor, but that doesnt mean u are a satamist or whatevr

child u will soon see out dark lord come and see his glory and power

Yes. He was one of the first true Satanists.

God loves and forgives,we r all siners and if we say we r not den we r deceiving ourselves n de truth is not wit us!…I think we should stop judging each other and rather pray 4 one another de only enemy we should fyt against is de devil himself…we should pray 4 our dear leaders,pastors,musicians.etc. to see dat God is de way, de truth, n de life whilst time is still wit us; let us be wit each other n nt against each other…these ppl r our model and no matter wht God loves them…oh God have mercy on us and dnt 4gt dat we r ur children,dnt 4gt us on Judgement dat…I live to serve Him n my knees shall nvr bow to any idol or god.Amen!

honestly this makes me sick in my stomach to realize this is actually what our world and our generation has come to. Our world needs to wake up and look at what is staring at them in the face!

Lol I can’t believe you fucktards don’t know this yet. What ignorant followers might I say. Well looks like I’m gonna have to blow your mind so here it goes… your Jesus (a.k.a “christ”) IS Satan. And for you other fucktards out there saying No! Satan’s name is Lucifer!, please kill yourself. Satan and Lucifer are two different beings. One tried to over power god and the other was the keeper of the gate. Don’t believe what people say including me, go read and do research and make your own conclusion. Ps: Remember history is written by the winner.

I believe christ is the liar and so called devil… maybe satan is christ and christ is satan!!!! 666

If you voted for Obama, You’re responsible for the creation of HELL on earth

But neither has your puny, weak godling won against Lord Lucifer. GOD is the evil one! He steals your hearts and minds with false thoughts of paradise and lies! Your god demands that you kneel before an ancient symbol if torture and submit your soul and will to him, where as satan demands nothing. Lucifer as an angel saw what your god truly is, and rose up against him to try and free our hearts and minds from god’s corruption, but lucifer lost, and was cast into hell; a horrible prison where all others who wish their minds and bodies to be their own are sent for eternity. But one day lucifer will rise.

And we who believed in him will become as wolves, and you will become as sheep.

Do not pray for me. There is nothing on this earth that would wound me more than some misguided soul begging their tyrant-god-king to forgive me for something I haven’t done.

If God gave us free will to decide who we want to worship, then how can you be so unbelievible arrogant to try to convert others. Thus denying others the, in your opinion, divine right to choose?

Satan shall rise again! God has all these complicated rules and commandments, Where Satan has The eleven Satanic rules of the Earth

1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.

6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.

8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

9. Do not harm little children.

10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.

11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

I think these rules are fair enough, where as good is greedy, here is the ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

5. Honor thy father and thy mother.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Now tell me, which worshipers are better off?

Does it really matter what we believe? We are all people. Most of you Christians I wouldnt CONSIDER calling you one, by the way you’re acting toward my fellow Satanists. If you dont like it, keep your rude thoughts to yourself. If you all want to know, I am a Satanist myself, and I act more mature than most of you on here. So, get over it you fools, and stop being rude bitches toward others. Thank you.

All hail Satan…the true being who wants us to be happy. god says we are to worship him for all of eternity once we go to “heaven” that sounds more like of a hell to me.

If you are a satanist and you are still one after the apocalypse, you will all be DAMNED. If you just commented ” satan is cool”, God is thinking about damning you. If you know these symbols, do your best to avoid anybody who expresses them, or try to help them.

Anyone who got “you shall be damned”, from me, don’t even think about saying anything smart. It is only a fact that if you love satan in heart, you will be damned. If the world ends today, that is. Instead of saying creepy stuff like satan is my savior, you should try to get some help.

I saw a 666 satanic symbol in cellphone, my friend intended to use it…is she one of those who were against God words?

if satan comes and try to conquer all in the end he will betray you as he he did jesus,we need more prayers in our give us life and we repay him by praising satan,how ungreatful we are as human,but the good thing is that christ still love us and will always love us and wants us to have eternal life with him but satan wants to destroy and conquer all and have us burn in eternal fire with him,god is almighty and powerful and he is just allowing satan,so people dont ever thing that satan rules GOD is the boss,and is just giving allowance to see who is him and who is for rules.

In revelations satan surou nds god and his whole army.

In two sentences fire from above comes and takes out the whole army of satan and satan goes to hell for eternity.

remember this is not your home your true home is heaven and unless you accept jesus in your heart you will burn in the lake of fire for eternity.

God is our savior, and satan is poisoning our minds with his demonic symbols and showing people the wrong way.I think that we should stop doing what satan says and start doing what’s right, the Bible way!

By praising god’s name we will count act this devels, devels has no power over our lives, our father be with us, satan is powerless over your childrens

Jesus is coming, not soon, but right away. Please stop fooling around, all of you Satanists and turn to God now. Do you realize that satan doesn’t love you? He hates you with a vengeance – he can’t harm our God (whom he also hates) so he tries to harm us instead because

God love us and because we were made by God – when he makes us unhappy, God is also unhappy because of the love that He has for us. So this is how it works – Satan is not you friend, LEAVE HIM ALONE, HE IS WICKED, WICKED, WICKED! and our God is the complete opposite – look for Him and find Him, you will not regret it. GOD IS LOVE!

Jesus is powerful and ill always believe in him im just searching up 6 symbols form my homework

It’s better to be aware all of the things around us

Beard style for v shaped face

Just listen to your selfs… do u really think there is some higher power when u got ppl who cheat steal kill and lie to eachother??? Let alone the government… Please… grow up the lot of u… its so sad reading some of these comments and to think u guys really believe the crap u come out with… wars start over idiots like u! guys saying there is some god… yeah some god u got there. only millons of ppl die for this crap and u think your going to heven!!! Ha! like hell u r. its amazing to think that your god looks after u, yeah right just like he looks after the trap in your town how is living on the streets in the cold well your in the warm… u r your own person, no1 is ruling over u… just the government…

Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one comes unto the father except through Him. JESUS IS LORD!!! JESUS IS KING!!! JESUS IS LIFE!!! Believe in Jesus and you shall be saved, you and your household. Isn’t that great! Hallelujah!

I have all these symbols tattooed

If you haven’t believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and confessed Him as Lord of your life, (Romans-10:9,10) Then the end result will be eternal separation from the only true God.

I believe IN him I just (really really really) DON’T believe him. I may be 12 but God’s influence will never take hold of my soul. I have no soul. I’ve already sold it to Satan. ALL HAIL THE TRU LORD!!! HAIL LORD SATAN!!!

Open ur mind and dnt be sheep some of these clames are soo faluse

I love these I have all of them tattooed on me so ppl will know dont judge me bcs of it I dont think I should believe in a god when he puts ppl so through much crap in life

honestly i beleive that one day satan will come back and take over because what the bible says is wrong and what theyre teaching at the catholic church is wrong. i am just expressing my opinion. god judges you and jesus judges you and i think satan is also wiser because he doesnt judge nor give anyone bullshit.

Your right Jesus I like the symbols too and all that but that doesn’t make you a devil worshepser

Yah! pictures and asymbols are cool bt wat z inside of em z wat z important. lyk dem all KIP CALM AND LOVE LUCIFER|||. Capital322 4sho!samfya

believe or dont but the devil is alive i feel him breathin, in my sleep and in my conscienseness, he is alive… and he is going nowhere anytime soon. too bad “we” worshipers will prey on you, till your god saves you… but then agen if ther z no finish line who is the real winner…

Our destiny is death. U cannot escape this. So are you gona spend eternity with Jesus in heaven or with Lucifer in hell. Once he has u in hell he will reveal his true self to you and may God have mercy on u. Jesus Christ gave his life for you. Dnt expect Satan to do that for u. Instead u will lose ur life for him and spend it it utter misery. So if u want peace and unexplained joy and contentment even if your world is falling apart go to Jesus. His arms are never too short to enfold you.

Unfortunately, we live in the devil’s world and that is why there suffering and death that we have to endure. There was only one human that lived on this earth that was stronger than the devil and that was Jesus. He was the only one that was able to resist the devil’s temptation. He was sent to earth to give us a chance to resist the devil by becoming Christians. Florence, why is it when we do not care what you believe and definately believe in your right to not believe in Jesus; but you people want to tell us to “stop converting people to Christianity”??!!??? And why is that messing with your lifestyle? What gives you the right to tell us what to do with our life? Being in Jesus DOES give us a peace that passes understanding, which is something that I truely wish you would be able to experience.

3. the eye inside the pyramid you said “This deceptive doctrine is also taught in mormonism” this is completely wrong do your research the real doctrine about what your talking about actual comes from the bible and not of any mormon doctrine it says from the king james version of the bible the most original copy the bibles says in 1st Corinthians 15:40- “there are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the terrestrial is another” “there is one glory of the sun. and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars for one star differeth from another star in glory” it goes on in 44-46 ” it is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. there is a natural body and a spiritual body. And so it is written, the 1st man adam was made a living soul;the last adam was made a quickening spirit. howbeit that was not 1st which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual” now Mormons teach this “deceptive doctrine” straight from the bible saying after our bodies die we gain a spiritual body but our natural body is what grows our spiritual body in glory. so depending on how much glory you have gained from doing good in your life will determine which kingdom of heaven you go to so we go to the celestial kingdom with our celestial bodies and we become god like or we go to terrestrial kingdom with our terrestrial bodies. And again all this comes from the bible that so many Christians read but only Mormonism teaches this “deceptive doctrine” get your research right before you go posting stuff criticizing others beliefs

u will see death,after the death u will know who really rules the us. crying and suffer will not help u back to life, because a life just have 1 death,,not 2 or 3 times.

This is incorrect 1 Satan is not baphomat.

2 most satanist dont care about christianity or their “christ” so they don’t mock it. Satanism from a religious aspect believes the demons are all the old pegan gods and no there is no sacrificing involved.

3 the eye of horus is Egyptian and traditional Satanism (the sect that isnt athiest and believes in the old gods) as previously stated that the beings that are currently labled as being evil and demons are actually just the original gods. Also it represents the third eye chakra. Along with mans ability to ascend and evolve (or as Christians say since they dont belivw in evolution “adapt to new situations” yes its the same thing) and finally 666 is a biblical creation having nothing to do with satanism at all.

Source: ive been a satanist for 3 1/2 years i know what im talking about.

“The great pastor Greg Laurie”?? The Word of God says that we are to study- in order to not end up ashamed- in order to rightly divide the truth. That means that things can be wrongly divided, distorted, that falsehood can be wrongly believed & taught. We are also warned that wolves in sheep’s clothing would come, false teachers entering in sneakily, entering in by the back door, as it were. You need to research these “men of god”

True disciples study- they do not believe every spirit. They measure every thing, every claimed “truth” by the whole counsel of the Word of YHVH, IN CONTEXT. They research these so-called teachers, they look at their fruit, they survey their associates, their memberships in ngo’s, they learn how they “came into the ministry”, who their mentor/handler was, they follow the money-trail, they survey the ecumenical agreements they have signed, the compromises in their books that are against the Word of YHVH. They study like the bereans, they take no man’s word for it, they find out for themselves. Who is Chuck Smith really? Greg? Billy? Rick?

True disciples survey the symbols these wolves use: the sun is extremely popular, as are the pagan phallic cross in crown (male rod in female circle, the pagan sex-organ worship), the modified star of rephan mentioned numerous times in the Word, found in Acts,now known falsely by a lying name, that came out of Assyria, brought by Solomon’s wives, an occultic symbol, a satanic symbol. If you’re not studying, you are going to be deceived by the great delusion foretold in 2 Thes.2. Why Sunday? Constantine, a sun-worshipper, ordered unto the death, that all worship take place on the Day of the Sun. What is the Johannim Comma? It was the passage added to the Bible that has become a “sacred cow.” What is the triqueta? Is it a godly symbol or a pagan symbol, out of ancient assyrian occult? What is God’s Name? Is it Jehovah or Yahweh? Has His personal Name really been lost? Is it really unpronouncable? Is there actually “no vowels in YHVH”? No. Is that V or W an English consonant, or an aramaic Vav? What is a Vav? What sound does it make? An uu sound? An oo sound? Hence, the letter name- the Double-U. When you study and discover the sounds that the 4 parts of the tetragrammaton make, & put those around together- what series of sounds, pronunciation, does that make? Really, ppl- Why aren’t you studying??! You were not called to be blind sheep following men. If you are truly YHVH’s, then you LOVE WISDOM, you LOVE the Truth, you won’t settle or compromise or fool around with or entertain falsehood at all!! You will search out a matter, you will search out the Truth, you will know the Truth, & it will Set you Free! Study!!

I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Stop sending me emails. I do not care for Christianity. If you want to do something do it. But if people get hurt or disagree with you let them go. We all have chooses. Do not force others to part take in something they do not want. Just leave them alone,they don’t care either about what you do. If you get all work up about people choosing differently then that’s your problem,do not force something on others before looking at the big picture. By forcing them or judging them you are not being a good Christian. I know that your mission is to spread the word of God. But,guess what,everyone already knows it they simply do not want to take part in your believe and practices. Do not forget that God, your God, gave everyone independent free will to choose. If you have a problem with what others choose than you have a problem with God. You don’t need to like them or respect them,just coexist with them. By belittling humanity you’re also belittling God. It is important that you understand that. Stop belittling God’s will. Live life and leave the “Satanists” alone. They won’t bother you as long as you don’t go to them. Do you know people convert to Satanist on their free will, no one tells them about it, or tell anyone to convert. Christians are the only ones that actually force people to convert. Stop being a Hitler. Stop targeting people who do not fall in your standards and forcing them to do something they do not want or care for. Please, stop it already. Is simply ignorance of rights, God given rights. Stop, please. I do not care of what you do. Just don’t evolve me in it or hurt people. That’s all I’m asking for.

Wow how fucking stupid are you people…

You know its people like you that made a atheist, I bet I know more about the bible than all of you but i reject Jesus Christ.

lucifer had a wonderful life when he is in god’s side,he had a peaceful life!i dont get it why he wants to be great and he wants to be better than god.

“the Bible is very clear about not making any graven image to represent the Creator.”

……So, does that mean even the crucifix is a graven image, that no ‘symbol’ what so ever shall be use in representation?

Satan used to be the Angel of forgiveness. I do study Wicca I’m also atheist and all that and I can tell you that yeah their is symbols that are bad depends on the symbol. People who are bible bangers just need to just accept other people’s opinions and not get butthurt over other people’s opinions about God and Satan. and if your a bible bangers and preach to everyone you see and if they tell you to leave you alone just do it cause it pisses people off when you guys do. If the person doesn’t wanna believe in what you believe in don’t bother them.

i WANT to go to hell so that i can aid in the rise of lucifer

stop making hate comments cuz if i beleive in satan, let me

Lucifer is the king lyk it or not.i m going to hell with him so dont deceive me about your god,life is a choice and death is a rich or die CASH MONEY

Lucifer is the king like it or not,6years working for him but nothing happened.devil is my god

Satan is a really bad guy first he was an angel. Why would he want to be bad. God is trying his best to make the world a better place. But satan is making it bad

Satan is not evil!! People say he was just because he wanted to stretch his limits!! Become stronger, more powerful!!

God is good and His plans are always nt too late,REPENT U PEOPLE!! the devil has blinded u,u have to see,JESUS IS NEAR TO COME THIS IS THE END TIMES…Make a good decision,hell was nt made for u bt for satan and his things are tough for you,tel me i wl help u in LOVES U SO MUCH AND HE ALWAYS WANT U TO FOLLOW HIM!

SO like i am not jugdeing anyones belief because i wouldnt want anyone to jugde what i believe “satan worshipers” are right if you are a christian and you believe in God why are you on a satanic website??????? I know that I am here because this is the first time i heared about anything like this and i was wondering what the big deal you are a christian and you stand by your beliefs then you really shouldnt worry bout anybody else believes in, if they believe that satan will win the battle with God (which most likey he will not because you know God is created Luifcer……i guess we forgot that) So like i think that it would be best if you know chirstians stayed away from this page because like you never know what these “worshipers” can do i personally dont want to know so i think it would be best to leave them be because they are all willing going to hell…………and thats my two cents.

people want to be informed about what is going on, and if you look at the satanism and illuminism creeping into mainstream secular culture, such as in movies and being promoted by lady gaga, kesha, rihanna, jessie j, madonna, lana del rey, kanye, jay z, and many others it is clear there is a pushing of these satanic symbols and ideas subliminally. Not only by them but by big businesses like google, apple, all the people in power in this world just now are under satans control and are being used to push his agenda and corrupt people – to understand and be aware of what these symbols and others mean helps people be warned about what is really going on, so as not to become trapped and deceived by it.

this misconception has to be fixed. check this out, Jesus(the savior) is the king ryt and God is his father. God sent his son to come and die for u and want to die for satan? damn thts messed up. ok judgement day is close. wht do u say to God whn he says something like “my child i gave you life and not to be an animal but to be human, and u sinned yet i still sent my child to save u agn and you give away wht i gave u? who gave u the authority to do this?” wht would u say?

Lucifer loves us. You’re an ignorant Christian with no swag.

wheather you like or you don’t, but Jesus is aking of kings. Shame on you who suport the devi. Cythia, whatever you say now, time will come you will regreat. No matter what, you have to REPENT, God is still waiting for you to change, and he loves you.

I can’t beleive what am reading, i can’t really!! So body suporting the devil? I will fight until the truth has been revealed to you followers of the devil.

Religion is loaded with symbolism and metaphor. The idea of faith is to give people hope and comfort, which was important in times like the 1300s, where death could come at almost any moment. Disease, bandit raids, war, all these are scary to have to endure; religion gave people hope. There were acts of atrocity, such as the Crusades and nowadays the Taliban, but religion generally makes people (or, at least, SHOULD make people) morally right and helpful towards others. These days, we have much less life or death concerns. Religion has become more of a characteristic of people than a way to draw willpower, and causes a lot of anger and frustration between people of different religious backgrounds. Literally, the entire world would greatly benefit from people understanding that religion is just a way to seek happiness. God is real, and he is just a thought that people have that makes them happy, or angry if they wish. Lucifer is real, and he is just the same thing. All the deities that a person can relate to exist in their own mindset, and that should not be judged, so long as they get along with others.

The world is a scary place. Faith brings comfort, but can also cause fear. Don’t let yourself buy into the fear. Just accept people as who they are.

Except for rapists, pedophiles, and murderers. They all need to die.

Should i believe there is god because some stupid and dumb pope told me that there is god? If there is god, why is he making us suffer? God is the most dictator(had he existed). He will throw us to hell”forever”. I am too intelligent to believe in the existance of your beloved and bloody god. Unlike you dumb believers, i have got a mind to think with.

I believe it’s called FREE WILL…don’t judge others beliefs because just as you guys think satanism is stupid…others also believe Christianity is stupid…we don’t all have the same thoughts and beliefs..

To all Satan worshippers,you sold your soul to the devil,and what did you get in return for your soul brothers and sisters?

I will tell you what you got from the very words you post,you got,hatred,envy,bad attitude towards others, a onesided closed mind,a love for evil

rather than their fruits you will know them huh!

I have seen your god,he is not a very happy chappy at the moment because his time is nearly out as is ALL those who trust in the god of this world.

Let it be known,we all have the freedom of choice to do/practice what we think is good for us,freewill got us into a lot of trouble.

If you think for one minute that a dark debaucherous sinister society is the way of life then take a good look around you right now and you will

see that it is pretty much here,you can have it,it is the Lord help us.Your blood is not on our hands brothers and sisters.

Coli, you are lost. I don’t care what excuse you can give, but the truth is: you have to save God. He LOVES u, he need u, and is waiting for you to take astep. JESUS is crying for u. Respect the one created you. To all followers of the devil, i have mercy on you, and i will not give up on you, you have to follow JESUS.

To be completely honest, I believe in Satan/Lucifer. To me, the essence of darkness feels good. No, I have not killed someone, no, I do not do drugs, no, I do not do anything bad or wretched to people. Darkness made me whole when I felt I lost all goodness and innocence in myself, darkness and evil filled in the holes in my heart. Yes, I know I seem crazy, etc. But, this is how I feel about Satanism, and I do in fact believe in Lucifer/Satan. To me, Lucifer is the best thing in my life, aside my loving boyfriend. I have a deep and strong trust, more with Lucifer than God. I’m sorry if Christians do not like my opinion, but I am not bashing anyone, nor do I want them to bash Satanists for their beliefs. B)

I feel for those who search for truth and struggle to find it. This site on symbols I think helps me identify some places Satan can be found so I can avoid being sucked in by his cunning devices. His first device has been from the beginning DECEPTION. He is the father of lies. He is often found trying to impersonate Jesus Christ to lead others astray. I believe in the existence of Lucifer as much as I believe in Jesus Christ. Satan plays a unique role in the system of things and Eve is the first to point it out. She talks of passing through sorrow to be able to understand and appreciate what happiness is. Because I believe in a loving God the Father I know that suffering and sorrow will be somehow erased as are our sins through the blood atonement of Jesus which is beyond my comprehension, but I love him for it. Evil and good are real. Why God allows Lucifer so much power is because we live in a fallen state following Adam and Eve’s transgression in the garden. In this day and age Satan has amassed great power and many followers. But, the Lord has been preparing all the while also. Good people need to follow their conscience which is an internal, a gift from Good, given to all. Trust that light, learn from the bible and other good books. Learn from good people, they are all around. Speak up for good. I once heard that all Satan needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing. Again, the battle is real. The lines have been drawn. There is right and there is wrong. Who’s on the Lord’s side. Satanism, witchcraft, pornography, abuse of others rights and much more needs to be pushed back into the dark corners from where they have come from. May God bless humankind to be

Heavenly father is real. Every good thing is in his hand


lmaaaao, all these people commmenting on how “they love god” & bullshit. i’m only 17 & i’ve been a satanist for 4 years. it shouldn’t matter what people believe in, i’m a good person, who cares if i believe in “god” or Satan, or Buddha.

want a good life?worshiping with god.

satan make promise to some of you.A GOOD LIFe?HA-HA-HA!

Funny.Yes!Maybe you’ll be rich,be famous but what if youll be dead?

soul burn at duh?Satan is a Fallin’ Chose to fight god because of his selfishness.

Im An underage and i don’t know either the true meaning of good and bad but i know satan is a demon and god is my savior.

I Like to taking picture of me wearing a satanic symbol.because i think its im loyal to jesus christ.

Why are you people arguing over this nobody will win the argument till someone wins the war. I accept the influence of God and Satan in my life because I know that both are there and both are more powerful than myself. All you people need to just accept each others beliefs and differences and get over it. Good and evil dwell on this earth its a reality we all must live with. Stop fighting and start loving!

Learn to spell. That is all.

wat i noticed is that many of yu hu claim to be satanists are so young, this shows that the devil wants to manipulate the minds of young people, y becoz he wants to position himself in the minds of us young, trough the music we listen to, things we watch everyday. Guys lets open our eyes and follow and understand that we are in the last days and God has given us choice and let us make the right choices

this is a page full of twisted Christians, who are either blind or stupid to understand their the demented religion… christaintiy is more like satanism, the deference is that one is popular than the other….. i aint no religious freak i’m an evolutionis and if i have to choose between god and the almighty satan.. i go for Lucifer…ALL HAIL LUCIFER

I don’t know what I believe in anymore

I was a Christian as well i haven’t read the whole bible. My brother is a christian. I’m not sure yet. But I understand some1 on here said that God treated her wrong. I don’t understand why God says we r his people when he treats us so badly. He says repent your sins and be forgiven I do if a lot but I don’t know when things are supposed to get better with not sure I changed my life a lot I used to be good now I’m terrible I’m only 15. I harm myself and turn away people that want to help me. I hav no friends no life.

God isn’t treating you badly, there are two powers at work in the world, good and evil. When people are cruel and do evil things they have chosen to reject God’s way of justice, peace, love. If anyone has abused or insulted you it was not God doing that, God loves you. There is also an evil satanic force in this world, and people can join with that and become full of it if they turn away from God. God has given us an example of how much he loves us, by incarnating and taking horrible abuse just to get the message that he wants us to repent of our pride and hate and live according to his ways and follow him and his son. I am sure God does not want you to harm yourself, and you are not terrible, you are not torturing animals, raping, defrauding people – peace comes from God, not the world, God just wants us to try our best to be good, decent, honest and recognise him and seek him.

The teachings of Jesus are not easy, but they are the highest goodness and justice, to take the noble path and even try to forgive those who have insulted and abuse you, this is very difficult, but that Spirit sets us free. All struggle with this, no human is perfect, but if we harbour anger and hate towards others and ourself this is not healthy or what God wants. There is a false version of God that people have, God is essentially love and very merciful, even to the more evil, he gives them a chance to live and repent up to a point. If you have repented this is a sign you have humility to recognise mistakes and if you forgive others and yourself and repent, God will forgive you.

As the Lords prayer says – “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us” in other words

“Forgive us our harmful actions God, as we forgive those who have harmed and done us wrong”

Jesus teaches that if we recognise our sins and forgive those who have done us wrong, God will forgive us our sins and errors, we also have to trust that.

You are very precious to God who created the universe and all of the design, beauty and systems we see – but at this time the world can be a dark place as it is currently in the hands of satan, who controls things like the media, which is largely designed to ignore God and corrupt us morally.

I hope you stop hurting yourself, as God does not want you to do that, that is for sure, to repent is enough and God is there as a loving Father.

I know it’s sorta a question I’m not sure wat 2 do

God watches you suffer and learns from it. This is his will was to throw us all to the wolves and suffer for his understanding and learning knowledge were are all no more then test subjects in his labatory he calls Earth. Satan refused having any part in this experment of his and casted his revengefull fist on him and had all his brother and sisters turn on him and casted him to oblivion. Thus created an army in Hades and will recruit anyone who will put him down. He gives us the power to fight back anyone who has done the same to us this life filled of betrayal and punishment. For all you god doers out there. Screw me once shame on me. Screw me twice shame on you. Hopefully you turn your backs cause when the knife stabs you in the back it hurts less when you see it coming.

I just wanted to tell you I put in an order to have the empire to send me a shitload of badasses and pillage hungry murder machines. Instead all I got was you cupcake cockclowns and a side order of fucknuggets. I can tell at a glance that at least %50 of you are cocksuckers, and the other %50 are cocksuckers who’ve never been told to believe in themselves. You all reek of poverty and animal abuse. Every breath you take is a stunning endorsement of abortion. You shitstains are a collective masterpiece of failure. You cockgoblins circle jerk each other to exhaustion every night. You cried like sissies when you realized you don’t have a dick. Your sensitive pussies cry so many tears you can float away on a river of douche canoes. You glittered-toed cock wrangling fairytinkle fagpuffin fuckpuppets are gonna get your collective anal cavities stretched so far apart you’ll think you were getting doubled fisted by the Almighty himself. I will reorganize the failure that was of your lives. I’ll make you mongoloid rock chumping thunder cuts scream harder then yourbmother after her fourth failed coat hanger abortion. I’m going to chop off your shrivelled balls put them where your eyes should be put a sombrero on your head and beat you like a pinata. I’ll make you shit so many bricks you’ll put the Mexicans out of business. I will turn you cock monarch into masters of galactic destruction.

Of course satan does this to ruin our minds but he gets all of that power because we allow him

Okay, so I’m a Christian, born and raised, but I find both interesting as, no pun intended, Hell! I can understand worshipping God, and I can understand worshipping Lucifer. However, things like the subliminal messaging in things like Coca-Cola, it’s just not real, a sort of, again, no pun intended, Hail Mary to get people to hate Satanists.

Heavenly father is real. Every good thing is in his hand

Devil l feel sorry for you,All power belongeth to GOD,JESUS CHRIST n the HOLY GHOST

You have your opinion, I have mine, to each his own. I don’t study or get any of my information over the internet, I have some rare and very old books dating back 140-150 years, that’s where I get my info. I have an original John Wesley book of journals, which was passed down through out my family. That’s beside the point. I follow my own beliefs, no one else’s. Christianities beliefs came straight from paganism, the christmas tree represents fertility, the easter bunny and the easter eggs represent fertility, what does a christmas tree, presents, ribbons and bows have to do with the supposed birth of christ? What does a bunny and decorated eggs have to do with his supposed ressurection? All I know is I’ve done my research, I don’t believe the bible is 100% accurate. Who I choose to blame and who I choose to follow is on me and no one else, there are alot of things people do not realize, if I dare say how I know this, then I would be considered a freak, so I’ll keep that to myself. I do not worship Satan, I just acknowledge Him. Hail Lucifer.

the christmas tree, yule log, easter eggs and bunny have nothing to do with Christ or the Bible, that’s true. The Roman church which was corrupted by constantine’s paganism adopted Dec 25th as Christ’s birth, but the Bible doesn’t give a date. Most Christians know that is not the date of Christ’s birth – it was placed at that time to synthesis pagan’s into christianity.

Bringing a tree or log into your home and decorating it is pagan and nothing to do with Christ or Bible.

The honouring of Christ’s crucifixion and ascension comes around the jewish passover, which we have an accurate timing of. The passover recognising a historical jewish event and has nothing to do with the pagan celebrating of nature’s rebirth and the goddess which is honoured by bunnies and eggs.

satan lucifer is the “god” of this wold system at the moment, and if you honour him in devotion he will give you earthly power, riches and fame – but there are negative eternal spiritual consequences for this – and its not worth an eternity separate from God for a very fleeting earthly power

My blood is red, neither love nor hate exist, is just a state of mind!

The inverted pentagram is not Devil worship or evil.

In Wicca it is simply the symbol of the male energies or the Sun Gods energies.

the inverted pentagram is also a form of goddess worship, look at the “V” shape it makes.

One day you will all realise that God is light and there is no darkness in him. Satan fell because of his pride and he will never rise again. He is just a creature with no hope. All his powers now is lies and conspiracy. He plans evil against human race in a secret way to look like God doesn’t care. You are greatly deceived if you are think hell is fan. The devil himself is afraid of hell, that is why he is gathering more creatures through deceit to go there with him.

I pray that all of you that have been deceived will come back to your mind before it is too late. The devil has no where to take you that is why hell has been prepared for him. May the light of the living God shine on you lovely people. Some of you are too young, teenagers; be careful. You shouldn’t conclude that Lucifer is your lord. Ask the living God in prayer to reveal Himself to you and He will.

It doesn’t matter what you went through, God Almighty has the power to heal and restore you. God makes all things new to the level like nothing wrong ever happened. Lucifer your days are number and you will pay dearly forever for the damage you have caused in this little kids in Jesus Mighty Name.

I speak PEACE to everyone.

I have read most of the comments here and can’t even begin to imagine how someone in his right frame of mind will insult the Almighty God in the name of being a Satanist. That is a sick thing to do but it’s my prayer God will show mercy on all of you, like He always does. But most importantly, i am glad you have all accepted that your acclaimed master is a fallen angel, which goes to tell there is a Greater being, who is God. I am not here to argue with any of you but κnow this for sure; God is God and there is no disputing the fact. Remember, you are a mere mortal, no matter what you think or say, you can’t change the fact that God remains the Mighty One. You can serve whom ever you choose to but one thing is for sure, we shall serve the Lord God. Let evil happen, we don’t care, God is our God. We who serve God are not moved by the things that happen here on earth because we κnow they will happen. We are not shaken neither are we deceived. Say and do what you like but remember, on that day you will have to account for your deeds. Let’s tell us the truth, no matter what we claim to believe, everyone of us somehow knows when we do the wrong things, so ride on in your deeds.

Hail Father Lucifer 4-ever!

Hail Father Lucifer! Forever!

Hail Father, Son and Holy Ghost! THey will give you salvation!

4 the love of lucifer, my father.

I believe that a deity’s power is based solely on faith. And, from a religious standpoint, it is blatantly obvious that more have chose to follow the ways of Satan, whether aware of it or not. Many church members have fallen deeply into their so called “sin”, which to us is literally whatever we do that makes us feel bad, if it doesn’t make us feel bad, it isn’t sin. In other words, there are more Satanists than Christians, giving the power to Satan. If God truly is all powerful and knowledgeable, then he wouldn’t have made the mistake of putting that apple in the garden. The moment man got free will, it settled the deal. Even God’s so called “perfect human’s” disobeyed him to do what made them feel good. If they knew him like the Bible says they did, then do you think they would’ve disobeyed him if they saw him as a threat? Obviously not. My point is, right now, and for a long time really, Satan has the advantage, and honestly, the world is in a rapid decline from Christianity, so why not just side with the winning force? Satan.

I agree. Also, to sin, is human nature.

It’s us that control our own destiny, not God. We make our own hell. If you trust satan, or should I say Samael’ then you get whatever you get, but it’s a mistake to. God steps in only when we need Him, it’s up to us which road we take.

God should for give people coz u don’t knw where ur heading with ur life……my people r being destroyed because of ignorance

We will keep following “our God” ‘The One True God’, It’s our choice. God might not step in to help us always, but He made us wise enough to make our own decisions in life and strong enough to correct our own mistakes, why must people always blame God when something bad happens? Why not think, maybe we caused it or someone else caused it? Free will is what that is, the choice to do whatever we choose to do and sometimes’ our choices get us into trouble. Be wise enough to realize, God will only step in when He feels there is no other choice, we need to quit blaming Him for everything, just because we can’t be strong enough to pull our heads’ out of our own butt and clean up our own mistakes. I’m not going to bad mouth anyone’s belief, you can make your own calls and decisions in life, but you are crazy if you honestly think that Samaels’ going to let you rule in hell, he is never going to give up His job and share His power with anyone, especially weak humans! I’ve made mistakes, I’ve even wrote things on this blog that I now regret, but there is nothing I can do about it, but try to correct my own mistakes. Things are not as they seem, open up your eyes and figure that out before it’s too late. I’m not going to preach, and I’m not going to quote the Bible, because I believe somewhat different then some do, but I hope humanity sees’ the truth before it’s too late for them, there is always hope. Namaste’ Kat.

Anyone who releases the demon will remember it until his dying day as the best choice ever. I am 16 and have been a satanist for over 6 years.

Everyday I wake up and prais the almighty Lucifer and I have never felt better after that so all you Christians forget your false idol and be welcomed to the real worshipping.

I’m ready help me please I’m tired of suffering

I’m here to help. Don’t let other choose your path. I chose the Path of Christianity, some chose other paths like Satanist and Atheist. It’s your choice to believe whatever religion. Thank you for letting me speak.

I am not trying to convert. I am just explaining, and also cautioning those who read this. Being involved in any kind of satanic group or organization isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is a seriously matter and can harm you without you even knowing it. Ive read several books, including “Captives Set Free” which tells the account of a lady who was used by God to help people leave occult. It is so disturbing to see 15 year olds proudly say that they “love satan” and “hail satan.” it seriously makes me feel awful. Yes, everyone has been given freedom of choice. So what you choose, let it be. But all I am asking, is to be careful. Our freedom of choices can lead us into circumstances that lead us into confusion, and ultimately, no escape, just how deciding to have unprotected sex, leads many teen girls to be pregnant. theres no real escape there. they still have to deal with reality. And yes, many Christians who proclaim they are christians are hypocrites, including pastors. that is also very alarming for me. but also, some “satanists” are just young kids who are rebellious, who want to fit in, who thinks its cool and dont fully understand the depth of the situation they are in. So we are all human, we make mistakes, some of us talk the talk but dont walk the walk. but mind you, there are those who are fully devoted to either cause. Another thing, Why does God allow bad things to happen to us? There are times He sheilds us from things that we may not realize till years later. He shielded me from abuse and a wayward life. it took me years, about a good 15 years to realize that and accept it. But yes He also allows bad things to happen to us. He allows me to go deep into depression and also loose my birth parents and also get molested during my childhood years. Why? The only answer I can say is to make me a stronger person. To make me realize I had to rely on Him. To wake me up and make me realize that I am only human. and most of all…. thats its ok to get angry and to feel hurt and make mistakes. To this day, i admit I dont understand why somethings happen to me. But because of my past experiences I can look back and have hope knowing that if He brought me through it before, He can do it again. Its all about building a relationship… building trust. Just like in any relationship you may come across. It doesn’t take over night. It doesn’t take a few years… sometimes it takes many years to fully feel comfortable relying on Him. Many people think God requires so much of us. It seems so doesn’t it, because of how people talk and how people act and how its written in the Bible. But really, all God wants us to do is take that one step, and He will do the rest. All he wants is for us to make that decision, any decision that is good and useful in our lives and let Him make the rest happen. Lucifier aka Satan fell from heaven because of his pride and selfishness. You think God wanted to let him go? no. But to prevent the war that was beginning to get any worse, He had to cast him out to keep order. Lucifer was special to God, very special. But just like us, if you do something wrong, you have to face the consequences, even if you apologize. thats how we grow and learn. But Satan never ever apologized. He never repented.

God does love you, no matter what race, ethnicity, religion. no matter if youre for Him or against Him. We are humans, we can only learn from each other and hope to grow from each others company. We cannot redeem ourselves or each other.

Anyways, just be careful. and to you 15 year olds, I’ll be praying for you. Cause satanism is a deep deep thing. it isn’t shallow and no you can’t leave whenever you want. Be careful on what you believe and if you want to believe in it, make sure you do your research before hand. Dont play around with it, cause it will play around with you. Focus on enjoying life and making friends and being a teenager before jumping into the deep end like that. And if you think its cool just to fit in and be proud of something you know not of, youre wrong, very wrong and not smart. Dont do something you will regret later on… like putting yourself in a situation where it is very hard to escape from.

And if anyone is wanting to get out of satanism, i know it is hard very very hard and it can be deadly. just hold on in there remember that the darkness can not defeat the light. If you call out to Him He will answer…. Satan can try but trust me… no matter what God is there. He created you remember? Why would He abandon His creation?

And the 10 commandments…. the first five: love to God… the last 5: love to humanity. simple. he wants us to love Him above all… and Love each other. and Yes God was working actively in the Bible. Moses and the Israelites, Paul, Lazareus, Joseph, Daniel and the Lions Den, the three Hebrew Boys, Abraham and Issac, Job, Esther, Jonah, Noah’s Ark. He was there, He is here and He will always be here no matter what.

Jesus is Lord and who ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 God so loved the world so much that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him shall have eternal life.

If you’re truely serious this time about returing to Christ, do a cleansing. Get rid of all your satanic crap, burn it all, call in a priest or priestess, make a vow to never return to satanism in front of God or Christ, keep your promise, stop letting things and brainless morons sway your decision making and tempting you to keep going back and forth. I had the same problem, but I finally made a decision and kept to it. My problem was, when things got tough, I gave up and went right back, you have to really want to change, because if you don’t, it will keep happening. Good luck.

If that persons choice is to be a Christian. Then all you need to do is believe and pray.

its also good to get rid of any old paraphernalia or items associated with other paths as these can have spiritual ties to you

guys i live in ethiopia and i swear by father setan

i want to sell my soul for him pls help cause in our country no one accept this

but i do cause i am rational and want to teach all ma peoples

wow, what an idiotic thing to do! It’s not worth it.

I’m a terrible person….I don’t believe in god or the devil…..I mean why should I give me scientific proof god is real or the devil is real…look at all these other religions how come their gods aren’t real who says they are false what if yalls are false…. like in the Greek and roman times they believed in Zeus and Hera and Poseidon etc….. and later on we come to find out they weren’t real or how about in the time when people thought earth was the center of our solar system and years later we found out it wasn’t like seriously guys

I’m hearing all these sad sob stories and it sucks to be in the situations described but to all of you who think God caused u to hurt or God affected your life and made it bad or who think God hasn’t done anything for u then SHAME ON YOU god doesn’t owe you anything your 100 times in debt just for being born on this earth we are all awful sinners and deserve to be cast aside spit on kicked and tortured you can pray all u want but none of us deserve any kind of blessings from him but he still hears and answers our prayers but u have to be thankful why would anyone wanna do something for someone without at least a thank you. Satan will just keep us miserable but the Lord sent Christ so that when are miserable were not alone cuz Christ felt our feelings when he took our sins in the Garden. I really pity a lot of you following false vain and foolish doctrines of man. Seek not unto the counsels of man dont go to ur preachers, priest’s,or bishops for counsel but rather read the scriptures pray thank the lord and ask for wisdom and it will be granted but do it with strong faith in the lord without wavering for it is by faith that you witness the blessings and miracles of the lord and pray always in everything you do humbly and most of all thank him and pray for others before yourself ask for little and he will grant ur needs ask for forgiveness always and you will be strengthened to become conquerors of the devil and of sin.

Wiccan/Satanist, that’s one unique combination. Wiccans don’t hurt others, but Satanist have the ability to, if they so wish, so how are you pulling that one off? I have to ask, because I’ve never heard of such a Wiccans don’t believe in Satan. Not all of us are going to spend eternity among the damned, no one is perfect, but we still have to try and live our lives right, and by a certain amount of rules. I’m Wiccan too, but not a Satanist, most of your Wiccan communities would not except the combination of two opposite religions. To each his/her own, I guess, pick a side. Blessed Be.

Some people wouldn’t know what to do, even if they had a brain. Satan doesn’t care about you, he cares only for himself! You think you’re going to reign in hell, you have another thing coming. Broken promises, to people whom believe his lies, takes a real weak mind to do so. Grow up and pull your head out of your backside. Like I said, “If brains where gun powder, half of you wouldn’t be able to blow their noses.”

My head is well out of my backside jesus brings pain to those who have lost he breaks hearts even more we turn to satan because he gave as something to feel and thats anger to jesus and ill never call jesus god because satan is god/lord, you wait till the day you lose and your heart fells. ill see you in hell

I agree, Dave from Kingston.

Anyone is allowed to be on this website, it’s not just for satanist, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

So I’m hearing a lot of sad stories let me just say i don’t wish to turn anyone into a christian, to each his own I have a curious mind I’m open to learning all religions Islam, satanism etc. I noticed many people mention heaven hell and I will say this iv been molested by my cousins when i was 8 iv been raped when I was 15 I have herpes and I haven’t even had consensual sex yet, I’m gay both men and woman have taken advantage of me I have every reason not to believe in Jesus. But I believe in his divinity why? Not cause I’m going to be rewarded not cause of Satan or hell, I have seen goodness in him i have seen and I see him everyday I am able live a beautiful blessed life I am far too imperfect to want to praise myself his goodness his purity is what I strive for.

Dear Dark Angel, imagine you created a robot and programmed it not to harm humans but you had a son and one day, you came from work to find that your robot had killed your son what would you do? Would you not disassemble the robot or even destroy it? satan diobeyed his creator and thus he is going to be punished in the lake of fire but he wants humans whom GOD loves so muchto perish with him please i beg you do not be a victim.

Anyone who says Satanism is awsome. I am twelve and i’ve been praising Satan scince i was eight and i love myself i feel better about myself and when i thought god was better worse things have been happening to me, so go to hell, aim for hell, yes i know it sounds bad but trust me, it better than heaven

I dont care i can put what ever i want on here

people u r denying the creator why…..? hold my hand brothers and let me remain holy

im not gonna preach to anyone or tell you being satanist is wrong and you shouldn’t do it because no matter what anyone says you will do what you want as everyone until we Lear otherwise I believe in God and that he is good my family is catholic but I myself am not sure what religion or if I have a religion ( I’m 19 FYI) but I do know I believe in God and believe that satan is evil again everyone is entitled to there own opinion but I’ve read comments about how God takes away the people you love and about horrible thugs that happen to you which I am so sorry you aren’t through but if you say God is bad and has done bad things to you let me ask you WHAT HAS SATAN DONE FOR YOU? For example there’s this woman’s comment who says God is bad and that she and her family are having hard times but since becoming satanist HAS IT CHANGED? HAS YIUR HUSBAND OR SON GOTTEN BETTER? I dont want to offend you I just want to know what had satan done to make you think he is so good and perfect and made you believe God is horrible I am seriously curious

The world is evil because SATAN EXISTS. He is a fallen angel jealous of our God almighty. And the devil will do EVERYTHING in his power to BRING YOU DOWN. Have you never heard of the wolf in sheeps clothing??? Satan bribes everyone with lovely things so that he can take your soul to HELL! You will BURN in everlasting acid people!!! And it will HURT like HELL! Where do you think the saying “Hurts like hell” came from!? Why would you want to do that when God loves you and wants to take you to heaven and live with him!?!? There will be NO sorrow or hate or anything evil in Heaven! ONLY HAPPINESS! Whoever thinks Satan the devil is good is BLINDED by him. Evil dragons, devils and all the “bad” creatures in stories- who do you thing they represent!? THE DEVIL! aka EVIL aka LUCIFER aka SATAN. Open your eyes people! Stop being blinded by a coward Devil who thinks he can bribe you by giving you a pony! He is a LIAR! In the end he will screw you over!

If you prayed to God and He didn’t listen, was because you didn’t believe in Him! You can’t get everything you want people! You can’t be a Satanist and ask God for a rabbit. You FIRST need to admit that you are a sinner! Every one is a sinner. Just admit it, don’t be stubborn. THANK God for being your saviour! Invite Him into your heart and BELIEVE in Him! Loving God is the most SUPER AWESOME thing I have done in my entire life!!!!! He has saved me from everything! He helps me with everything! He is there for me NIGHT and DAY! You know why? Because I BELIEVE in Him. I TRUST in Him! And I LOVE Him!


I hope that everyone who seeks, finds God! He is SO amazing!!!! It feels like my soul shines from the inside!!!

God is the ALFA and OMEGA! The BEGINNING and END!

If God is sooooo nice how come he isn’t stopping the bad things???huh??

heaven is God’s perfect will – earth was created to allow freewill, consequences, cause and effect. This results in evil, abuse, imbalances when the wrong choice is made and people turn against God. If God didn’t allow humans to sin and disobey, there would be no independent creation

eyy satan wil never be good he wants to destroy our souls only

Tonight I Rose Linh Do Vietnamese Italian age 26…… 4 1/2 pregnant with a Boy I think seen a vision I was looking at the wall and I Glanced over at the Catholic Cross on My best friends wall whom is firm Believer in God and the Cross was upside down and the clock above it hands was on the 3:15 and then I looked it up to see what it meant and I felt a cold breeze and seen like a dark mist in the corner of the room and started bleeding from my left shoulder, I wiped it and now there’s a small whole in my arm……??? And as I looked over from chair at the computer desk at my Guy friend he said that my eyes turned white all he could see was the whites of my eyes and none of my color which my eyes are brown??? What should I do??? 1(978)286-8195 text me please if u have any type of Info or my other cell 1(207)608-2423 that’s…… Weird Right what does thus,Mean??? or my Face book email

your email address ends with 666 I notice – if you have made any ungodly or satanic associations or ties in the past I would pray to Christ for them to be disconnected and repent of my sins – then God will be able to intervene and help protect you

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Tonight I Rose Linh Do Vietnamese Italian age 26…… 4 1/2 pregnant with a Boy I think seen a vision I was looking at the wall and I Glanced over at the Catholic Cross on My best friends wall whom is firm Believer in God and the Cross was upside down and the clock above it hands was on the 3:15 and then I looked it up to see what it meant and I felt a cold breeze and seen like a dark mist in the corner of the room and started bleeding from my left shoulder, I wiped it and now there’s a small whole in my arm……??? And as I looked over from chair at the computer desk at my Guy friend he said that my eyes turned white all he could see was the whites of my eyes and none of my color which my eyes are brown??? What should I do??? 1(978)286-8195 text me please if u have any type of Info or my other cell 1(207)608-2423 that’s…… Weird Right what does thus,Mean??? or my Face book email

it sounds like a demonic attack – If I were you I would pray to Jesus for intervention, repent of all of my sins, renounce any previous involvement in ungodly spiritual things and pray for the Holy Spirit to come and protect me.

Even the word Jesus is very powerful to protect you from any demonic activity. The best thing to do is pray for forgiveness and God’s help and protection, and stop doing any pagan occult practices like astrology, seeing psychics, witchcraft, as these open doors that allow demons to connect to you. You should also probably try and find a church leader somewhere who believes demons exist to help direct you if the problems continue

Wow, Im so happy Im a devil little daughter, I fucking hate all those Haters who hate my dad, Satan.


All of you guess that believe in the devil are so stupid you guess are betrading your creator and you know what that is so stupid for doing that.

Your Satan, your fallen angel, Lucifer has NO POWER over me because my RISEN king lives within my soul. I am NOT afraid because you cannot touch me, my soul will NEVER be his to claim.

You bible thumpers seem to believe that “God” is great well let’s put a reality check here, in the bible it reads “let us make man in our image” yet it states that “God” created all and let’s not forget that the bible was written by men, and in the group of men that wrote it was a man named king James who didn’t write it at all he made other men write it and if they wrote it differently than what he wanted it he killed them now correct me if I’m wrong but that’s not allowed in the tem commandments because in the tem commandments it states thout shall not kill. I have to say that was very much him being a hypocrite. I used to be a Christian when I was younger and I learned a few things one “judge not lest ye be judged” and that I can’t have faith in a being that puts a Veil over man’s eyes Satan showed eve the forbidden fruit to unveil her so she could see things as they truly are Satan gave her knowledge, he told the truth when “God” wanted them ignorant and let me tell you ignorance is not bliss. So I congratulate all Satanists.

king james didn’t invent or add to the bible – as we have the earliest texts now translated hundreds of years before the KJB was translated and it is highly accurate. Even the original meeting of churches at around 300AD, the council of nicea which decided which books already in circulation should be collected together as accepted scriptures did not create or alter any of the texts, they just agreed as leaders of the early churches which were the best, more authentic scriptures. All of these books that make up the bible were already being taught and in circulation before the canon, the finalised collection was decided.

If you think about it, the Earth is like purgatory, it’s a pilgrimage of your soul leading you through suffering but also, through love and hope. I followed Satan for a few years believing he would lead me to a better, truer version of myself. But it was a compromise, to get what I wanted, I had to become someone I would never want to be. And when I refused to do so, he would always lead me right into a dead end with the law, with financial problems, all this shit. God, however, will always accept you for who you are, as long as you are willing to accept him in your heart.

It is true some of you are synagogues of satan. He is your father. The bible was written for Hebrew Isrealites, gods chosen people. If you are not that (so called american blacks, native indians, and hispanic the twelve tribes of Judah) then gods promise was never meant for you in the first place. You are already doomed. Gods chosen people were cursed for not following his laws and conforming to this world. He will deliver us from this captivity as more and more of come into the truth through gods eyes. This world is a do as thy wilt kind of world, but god left his people commandments and laws. The sooner we get back to following his laws the sooner we become free from bondage. This is not about hate, it is about truth.

God chose to save and establish the hebrews out of compassion – they fell away from God also several times, as we all have done – God now accepts anyone, jew or gentile who humbles themselves, repents and acknowledges Jesus/Yeshua as the messiah and son of God, God incarnated into an earthen vessel for to atonement. True repentance brings the fruit of following God’s moral commands, this is a sign of if someone has repented or not. Faith and our behaviour and deeds are connected. We should all be humble as we have all sinned and disconnected ourselves from God, but through His mercy he has provided a sign of reconciliation that requires our humility and faith to accept, also obedience is a sign of our faith.

I am Satanist and the way I see it is that the satanic beliefs support all that is enjoyable and part of human nature. While the Christianity beliefs sh-t on human nature and say that we need to change in order to be ‘good”.

Fun watching the Christians get mad, im watching my satamists and waiting for you all in hell


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