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It’s all fine letting that facial fuzz go, but make sure you have a hair-do that complements rather than clashes.

Not only is a well-maintained five o’clock shadow the contemporary favourite choice of facial hair, but short whiskers suit every face shape and are very versatile to a variety of hairstyles. The laid-back vibe of three-day growth suits medium or long hair — the messier cuts you couldn’t get away with with scruffier beards — or at the other end of the spectrum, smart clean styles like a side part of a quiff complement well-groomed facial fuzz, as does a buzz cut keeping everything the same short length all over, especially if your feathers are thinning. Beard style for v shaped face.

This also includes other facial hair styles shaped around the chin, from the Robert Downey Jr balbo to the V-shaped Van Dyke to the rounder circle beard, which are all either designed to add some definition to a round face, soften an angular jaw, or add some extra volume to a narrow chin. There’s a range of hairdos that work with whiskers sculpted around the chin, from a man bun balanced out by more restrained facial hair and nonchalant Captain Jack Sparrow-esque longer locks to David Beckham’s old go-to, a quiff with some chin-heavy whiskers.

A mo flatters men with long faces by adding some much needed width to their dial, and a retro 1940s type of facial hair might as well come with the haircut to match — a slicked back style or a well maintained side part contribute to that vintage overall vibe. A quiff or pompadour are other stylish accompaniments to this slightly flamboyant choice of facial hair, too.

Beard style for v shaped face

If you’ve gone to the effort of growing out your beard, your hair should leave the focus on your face, meaning no messy or longer cuts. The bushy beard’s volume juxtaposed against the tight tapered sides of an undercut draws a striking, stark contrast — but if this is too severe, you can taper the beard as well as the hair, or go for a shorter beard, keeping the clipper length the same for your sides as for your beard. A well-tamed side part is another way of offseting the voluminous man mane on your chin — a nice balance between rugged and well groomed.

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