Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape. HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT BEARD STYLE FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE ALPHAPOLITAN

Hey guys in today’s post I’m going to be addressing something I see many guys doing incorrectly, choosing the correct beard style for your face shape. You should know that whilst there are thousands of hairstyles out there not all will suit you and similarly not all beard styles will look good on you, there are eight face shape categories and it’s most likely that you fall into one of those categories if not a combination of two. Below are the major face shapes and guideline on how exactly you should be shaping your beard. Beard style according to face shape.

All you need to help you determine which category you fall in is a piece of measuring tape:

Facelength: you want to place the tape at the centre of your forehead and run it down to the tip of your chin.

Forehead: It’s extremely important that you start at the peak of one eyebrow arch and measure all the way to the next one.

Cheekbones: start by measuring from the highest point of your cheekbones, that is the part directly under the end corner of your eye. Start from one side and move across to the other side.

Jawline: start from the tip of your chin and move to the are underneath your earlobe, the tape should angle upwards. Multiply the measurement by two to get the length of your jawline.

Okay guys once you’ve taken the measurements it’s time to check which category you fall in.

The length of your face and cheekbones have quite a similar measurement.

Your cheekbones and face length is larger than your forehead and jawline.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

Your jaw is soft and not well defined with angles.

If you’re round faced and you’re keeping a bushy beard your friends are going to mistaken, you for really cool bushy soccer ball to avoid this go for a short beard starting from your cheeks and keep it thicker as you move done to your chin. This will create the impression of a longer and more defined chin.

The length of your face is greater than the width of your cheekbones.

The width of your forehead is greater than your jawline.

Your jawline is more rounded as compared to being sharp.

Okay guys if you have this face shape you’re a luck one, oval is a combination of round and square features which means you can pretty much pull of any beard. But to look neat keep your beard square at the jaw and connect to the cheeks with neat lines keep your beard shot on the sides and cut underneath.

Your jawlines measure is greater than your cheekbones.

The measure of your cheekbones is greater than your forehead.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

If you have a triangular face you want to have a bread that takes away the attention from your chin, avoid the cheekbone completely or it will create the impression of a long prominent chin, instead go for a moustache beard combination. Be sure to square off at the bottom and don’t keep the hair too long.

The length of your face is the greatest measurement.

The jawline, forehead and cheekbones are all similar in measurement.

Having a rectangular face means your face is on the long side, so you want to avoid long and pointy beard styles instead go for something that fuller on the cheeks so that your face looks more square than long. Keep the hair longer on the cheek area and shorter as you move towards the chin and jawline.

the measurement of your face length id the greatest.

Then in descending order comes your cheekbones, forehead and your jawline.

Your chin appears pointed.

Your aim with a diamond face shape should always be to take the attention away from the cheekbones and move it more towards your chin. Make sure you square it off at your chin so you achieve a balanced look.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

The measurement of your forehead is greater than your cheekbones and jawline.

I hate to break it to you guys but this is the smallest face shape you get, and it’s the most difficult to groom. Go for a stubble at the sides of your face and keep the hair longer at the chin and moustache area.

The measurements of your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all similar.

The angle of your jaw appears sharp rather than rounded.

This is the most desire face shape amongst men so if you have a square face shape you’re an extremely lucky guy. Go for beard styles that lengthen your chin, a good example would be a goatee, this will ensure a well sculpted look.

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