Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape. What Beard Style, Will Suit Your Face Shape?

The trend of growing beard and beard styling has only been booming since the last couple of years. Most of the men have been taking the plunge into this grooming trend and growing mustache and beards. Beard style according to face shape.

Similar to styling your hair, beard styling also needs some good thought and maintenance. If you are one of the men who enjoy growing some facial hair make sure you take good care to keep it in perfect condition.

However, before growing beard, you need to identify the best style of beard that will suit your face and compliment your face structure. Just letting your beard grow uncontrollably will not help in your overall appearance.

Take a look at the different face shapes and the best beard style that suits different shapes. Identify your face shape and flaunt that particular beard style that’s suitable.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

For round shaped faces, it is best to grow more beards to the bottom of your face. It will lengthen the face structure. Growing the beard towards the sides can give you a goatee look. However, emphasis on hair to the bottom will give your face a longer look. So you can keep trimming the sides of your beard and keep growing around the jaw and chin.

Again similar to the round face, square face shaped men can also opt for growing more beard hair across their jaw and chin to give the face more elongated look. Grow beard downwards to the bottom.

Men with rectangular face shape can grow more beard hair at the sides and trim around the bottom areas often. This will give a fuller look to your face rather your face looking incredibly long. It will be fun to just grow some stubble all around.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

Men with thicker jaws than their brow area should keep the minimal beard look. If you grow more facial hair than needed, there are more chances of the difference of your face structure to be highlighted due to the beard. The best idea is to keep it clean and trimmed.

The underlying idea is that your beard and jaw should work together in a manner to give you a uniformly arranged beard.

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