Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape. Best hairstyles for men, according to their face shape,

The next time you sit on the barber's chair, give a thought to how well your hairstyle is going to blend with your look, especially features. You may get floored with Salman Khan's latest hairdo. But what looks good on him might prove to be a disaster for you. The reason is simple because you may not have the similar face cut, strong jawline and broad forehead like him. Unlike girls, men can't style their locks in multiple ways, and have to bear the look for the next few months if the hairstyle doesn't suit their face. So, the next time you go for a new chop, keep your face shape in mind and chose the style that actually compliments your overall look. Confused with your face shape and the style to opt for? Fret not, boys! We have done the research and pinned down what suits you the best. Here are all the tips you need to keep in mind... Beard style according to face shape.

Those with a round face shape have almost equal length and width, and the cheek bones are the widest part of their face. People with this face cut should opt for hairstyles that add height. Fringes should be a big no as they will make your face appear smaller. If you have naturally straight hair, try to keep them short in back and opt for a length of around three to five inches in the sides. A quiff is a great option to try as it will add the much needed height to your face, and a balanced look. Those with wavy hair can use their natural volume to give an illusion of height, and can even use a sea salt spray to add extra volume and keep the hair intact. The key remains the same for curly hair- keep the crown area high. Plus, you can also grow a full square beard to make your jawline look angular.

Oval shaped people are blessed with a balanced look and can pull off almost every hairstyle. Their jawline is soft, and forehead is wider than jaw (imagine an egg upside down). Just keep in mind that your stylist works with your hair's natural growth pattern. Go for a cut with short hair on the sides and slightly longer on the top. Side-swept locks will help to give an illusion of angle to your face cut. Also, avoid fringes as they will hide your forehead and make your face look rounder. Most importantly, going clean shaven is completely heads up because people with this face shape have quite proportionate structure.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

The moment one talks about a square face, David Beckham is the right person to picture. Such face shape is characterised with angular jawline, sides of the face are straight, and the length and width of the face are almost equal. Your strong jawline is your best feature and your haircut should highlight it. Opt for neat, classic hairstyles including short layers and close fades. Side parting is a must for people with this face cut. Plus, a little stubble can add more sharpness and oomph to your look.

This one is the longest of all the face shapes, and the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are of almost similar length. Sometimes, also called rectangular, the trick is to not let the haircut further elongate your face. Try keeping length on the top and don't go too short on the sides- scissor cut fits your bill. You can also try styles where hair falls on the sides of your forehead to add width to your face. Steer away from long beards as it will only make your face look longer. Rather go for stubble or short beard to achieve a balanced look.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

In this face shape, the jawline is wider than the cheekbone, and the forehead. Hence, the trick is to add more volume to the sides and the top. You can go for fringes to make your forehead look wider, and face more balanced. Curly tops, quiffs are again some smart styling hacks for you. A thick beard is also a great option to balance the chin area, and obviously, clean shaven look may not go down well.

This one is the rarest of the rare face cuts. The cheekbones are the widest part, followed by forehead area, and the chin is pointy. Ergo, the key is to add width to the forehead and chin area. Side-swept bangs can float your boat as they will help to add texture to forehead as well as width to the face. Since the jawline is masculine, you can also try long hairstyles where hair are tucked behind the ears to flaunt your bone structure. Don't go too short on sides, and experiment with layers and deep side-parting.

Beard styles to face shape Beard style according to face shape

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