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This wonderful beard grooming kit from Men’s Society contains all the essential products needed to help soften, moisturise and style any moustache and beard. The best part is it can be used for any type of skin or beard! Beard styles and grooming kits.

Kept in a fancy pocket-sized gold tin, it’s the perfect accessory when travelling, easy to store in the baggage, in the work desk or at home.

The beard grooming kit includes:

A quick four step beard styling guide, to help understand how to use each product and look damn handsome.

Beard Oil – 10ml – The all natural age-old formulation, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to moisturise and cleanse the skin beneath the hair, soothing irritation, whilst conditioning the follicles. With a light masculine spiced scent of the forest and soil, it can be used as a beard oil or as an oil based cologne. Apply it sparingly, just a few drops go along way, warm in the palm and rub in to the bearded area and skin beneath. Voila.

Beard styles and grooming kits

Moustache Wax – 15ml – this all natural formula is perfect for tidying and adding a touch of flare to your moustache. Scratch some off with the back of your nail, warm between your fingers and apply a smidgen to your tash for extra hold and style.

Stainless steel moustache shaped comb – 7.4cm – perfect for grooming and detangling.

Stainless steel scissors – 8.6cm – for trimming any stragglers.

Beard styles and grooming kits

Beard Oil: Vitis vinifera, Persea americana, Citris sinenis, Zingiber offinale,

Moustache wax: Beeswax (Cera Alba), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Comb and scissors – stainless steel

Beard styles and grooming kits

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