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A fade with a beard that has definition and design to it is a stunning style that can often be changed. This is an especially good look for black men that want a clean and well-groomed look that has a lot of styles. This can make puffy and kinky hair much more manageable. Celebrities such as Drake have been known to use this look. Best short beard styles.

Beard trimming guides and other tools can help you get his look at home but don’t expect to get pro results the first time. Videos on Youtube can hone skills but as always go to a pro at least the first time and pay attention.

You have seen this beard a lot before but maybe more in old photos than out and about. There is no question at all that the lumberjack look is being sported in fashion magazines and by celebrities around the world.

Best beard styles for short hair

A very short beard offers the advantage of a rugged look that isn’t too over the top. Beards are hair and like any hair, they need good care to look good. Bigger beards can just be too much for some men to deal with especially if they live where it is hotter or have dark and thick hair.

No beard article is complete without mentioning the most famous haircut to complement the beard. The undercut has seen such a resurgence in popularity, and there are plenty of reasons for this. You can reduce volume and weight while maintaining some longer hair. This is an edgy look that still is okay for work. For even more attention you can get a pompadour cut on top.

Short beard styles neckline

Hipster beards are not complete without some emphasis on the mustache. Just a little bit of wax or cream and a mustache can go from nothing to perfect! Styling a mustache is not hard, and if you mess up, it is easy to wash and start over.

Handlebar mustaches can be small or large but be prepared for a lot of attention regardless of what size you grow yours out too. Make sure to always keep some product around made for mustaches and beards. These mustaches are made to be styled and can look a bit off or get in your way if allowed to droop too much.

Short beard styles 2012

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