Beard and moustache styles for round face. To Beard or Not To Beard...

To Beard or Not To Beard...

Totally Male response... Part 1

Saturday, December 09, 2017 Beard and moustache styles for round face.

That routine question is one with several layers, says Sandra Samuels, managing director of Totally Male Club, Spa & Salon. “Many see it as an easy-to-do trend and a one-size-fits-all type of look. This could not be farther from the truth. A good-looking beard requires regular maintenance,” she explains, in fact, the perfect accessory is used to enhance your best features or distract from, let's say, that pointed chin. “Men should consider the shape of their face when beard shopping,” she continues.

“If your face is round, you wouldn't want a full beard. You probably would want a goatee to give some kind of definition or length to the middle. Some gents wear a beard because they cannot shave; this the result of ingrown hair.” There is, too, the question of the jaw line. Samuels suggests a circular beard to fill out a pointed chin. Think: Hollywood actor Shemar Moore.

Samuels alludes to the affirmation of power through appearance, a psychological influence beards like the Garibaldi or salt and pepper provide.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

“A goatee gives the face definition. It also frames the mustache and mouth nicely, as well. If you have a youthful look, [you] tend to want to wear a beard to look older, especially if [you] are managing older folks,” she says. Conversely, salt and pepper adds five or 10 years, so if you are not ready to seem mature you might want to opt for a clean shave.”

The 'Sling Shot', or so she jokingly calls the Balbo Bembo, which runs from side to side, adds a favourable shape to the face but she warns that at least four weeks' worth of growth is required and the final look depends on the growth pattern of your face and the shape.

The Garibaldi is quite the craze and Samuels believes that it will be around for some time. “The full beard is in full swing right now. I don't think it's going anywhere. The rappers made it popular but the goatee or clean shave is always in.”

Beard and moustache styles for round face

Naturally your Under the Dryer team needed a peek into Samuels's crystal ball. “I find men experimenting more and more with colour. What was once used to cover greys is now used to make a statement. Experimenting with different colours is definitely trending. Frosting is no longer frowned upon and colours like a light brown or peach are in demand.

Christmas is certainly looking very merry for the Totally Male customer. How merry? Take a look at these bearded gents.

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Beard and moustache styles for round face

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