Short boxed beard styles. Mustachioed Musicians of Movember Canadian Music Hall Of Fame

Nov 22, 2012

It’s nearly the end of November and many men have taken the opportunity to flex their follicular muscles by growing a ’stache as part of Movember, the burgeoning men’s health awareness movement. Men from all walks of life participate, but there is certainly one group among them that stands out particularly in this regard: musicians. As a group, musicians have been rocking the mo’ since time eternal. In fact, some of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame’s most auspicious members were mo’ bros long before Movember was ever heard of. So let’s take a look at some of their preferred styles. Short boxed beard styles.

Now here’s a hearty helping of facial hair. Not one, not two, but three of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame’s 2010 inductees were rocking moustaches on the cover of their 1979 Greatest Hits album – with beards to boot. From left to right we have Gary Moffet, sporting a short boxed beard, Brian Greenway (hairless), Myles Goodwyn (also hairless), Jerry Mercer, also rocking a short boxed beard – a classic style, and finally Steve Lang in identical moustache/beard combo. Overall affect: Dishevelled, hard-partying rock and roll.

Here we have English-born, Toronto-raised former Blood, Sweat &, Tears vocalist David Clayton-Thomas, one of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame’s 1996 inductees. He’s photographed here at the 2010 Canada’s Walk of Fame ceremony in Toronto and, apropos of the occasion, he’s chosen a neatly trimmed Van Dyke beard and moustache combo – still rugged enough for rock and roll, but classy enough for any occasion that requires a bow tie. Well done, Mr. Clayton-Thomas.

Short boxed beard styles

Here’s another CMHF inductee from 1996, Mr. Domenic Troiano. Born in Modugno, Italy, he was raised in Toronto and would go on to various musical achievements, perhaps most notably as a member of The Guess Who, playing guitar on their 1974 album, Flavours, and their 1975 album, Power in the Music. Troiano then went on to release two albums with his own eponymously named band – the first of which appears here. For the cover, he has adopted a fairly standard issue ’stache, paired with medium-length hair and a beret for an overall Che Guevara–esque portrait effect.

What was going on with the 1996 CMHF inductees? Here’s another one – Steppenwolf’s John Kay – and he too is rocking a totally legit ’stache, seen here luxuriating on his upper lip like a well-manicured caterpillar. Somewhat more reserved than Troiano’s hairy masterpiece, it is a testament to the ethos informing such Kay hits as “Magic Carpet Ride,” “Rock Me” and “The Pusher.”

Short boxed beard styles

And finally, I’d like to conclude with the late, great Zal Yanovsky, yet another CMHF inductee from 1996 and the guitarist for The Lovin’ Spoonful. He can be seen here at his beloved Kingston, Ontario, restaurant, Chez Piggy, buried beneath a veritable mass of hair, one aspect of which is, of course, the mighty moustache. This is kind of a Rasputin style of hair/beard/’stache, and while it’s hard to pull off, it seems to suit him well.

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