Bald head with beard styles Bald head and beard styles. Taper Vs Fade Haircut, Choose The Best Hairstyle For You

Taper and Fade are two modern haircut styles highly sought after by men who seeking a stylish and confident look. Although the structure of the haircut is very similar in these two styles, but there are still some differences that is worth noting. We bring out these differences and discuss in detail Taper Vs Fade Haircut. Bald head with beard styles.

The Difference between Taper and Fade Haircut

Taper Vs Fade: The Fade haircut is a bolder hairstyle than Taper.

In the Taper style, the hair are longer on top, and then gradually getting shorter to the sides and back, until it gets very short at the end without any other change. The taper hair at the top is about 2-4 inches in length.

In Fade style, there is longer hair on top of the head that fades slowly on the side and back ending in an area where there is no hair at all, it is totally shaved. The fade haircut is generally shorter in the top of the head than the Taper.

Types of Taper haircuts

Taper haircuts have the advantage of being highly versatile, which means it can be adapted to almost every man, style and hair type. Just to list some of the options, watch the section below:

Taper For Curly Hair

If your hair is curly, don’t worry, because you will not have problems if you want a Taper hairstyle. Simply let your hair as natural as possible, nicely trimmed from the sides, but slightly longer hair on top.

Flipped Taper

In this type you can opt to use a slicked back hairstyle, the only thing you will need is a little bit of hair styling and fixative wax. You can draw the hair shape with your hands or with the help of a comb.

High Top Taper

The High Top Taper went popular during the 90’s among rappers, which has given this style a huge visibility, and everybody has wanted to try this at least once in a lifetime (even if only teenagers dream!). In this style, the hair on top is longer than the sides, and is modeled to stay up in all of its length.

Bald head with beard styles Bald head and beard styles

Asymmetrical Taper

This is a version of the side part taper in which the upper part of the hair is not symmetrical in relation to the head, being more narrowly to one side or the other, or even crossed or in waves. It gives a more fun look to the whole style.

Highlighted Taper

In the highlighted version of the Taper, the longer hair tips on the top of the head can be colored or discolored so that their color at the tips will stand out from the rest of the hair.

Mohawk Taper

You will achieve this result by leaving the hair behind longer than the sides, as if it were in continuation with the hair on the top of the head.

Front-Combed Taper

In this version of the Taper, your upper hair is combed to the front. This will particularly fit young man looking for a rebel look.

Taper with design

You can opt to use some design on your sides or back of the Taper. Just ask your Barber to shave in the form you want or simply lets the Barber inspiration takes control. This is undoubtedly a unique look that only you will have.

Low taper vs high taper

Low Taper and High Taper can vary according to how quickly the haircut decrease in length from top to sides and back.

In High Taper, there is a rapid decrease in length, resulting in a shorter hair on the sides and back, which is very close to a completely shaved hair on the sides.

Bald head with beard styles Bald head and beard styles

On the other hand, in Low Taper, the length decrease is slow and almost imperceptible, giving you a smoother look. You will still have at least 1 inch length of your hair in lower sides and back.

Side Part Taper

One of the options you will have if you decide yourself for Tape haircut is a Side Part Taper. This is a classic in almost every hairstyle, with just a little variation. Because it is simple to draw, the only problem you will have is to choose which side you prefer!

Long and short tapers

How long is your hair, and how much time do you want to spend on it every morning?

Types of fade haircuts

At Fade hairstyle, the side part hair is completely shaved. In this style, the hair on the top of the head is very similar to the Taper style, and be equally stylish. Similar to the Taper hairstyle, the fade can be either low or high, according to your preferences and what you more comfy with or best suits your lifestyle.

However, with Fade hairstyle you will need regular visits to your Barber in order to keep your hair shaved and symmetrically aligned. With the longer hair on top you can also use your imagination and create shapes and/or effects.

Here we listed few types of fade haircuts which you may try now.

Classical Fade

Classical fade haircut is the most popular one, as its easy to care if you compare it with other fade hairstyle. The hair is faded on all the side and back with same length and usually the full shave area is one to two inch only.

Bald head with beard styles Bald head and beard styles

Taper Fade Haircut

It’s combination of low fade and undercut. Everyone know this haircut because of its popularity. Just ask your barber that you need a taper fade cut.

Low Fade

Low fade is one of the best fade haircut, as the name describe in this hairstyle the shaved part of hair is less and near with ears and your neck. The above hair are long as compare with side hair.

High Fade

The most bold haircut, as the side and back hair are shaved 3 to 4 inches. You have to keep short hair on top of your head, otherwise its will look odd. High fade is perfect for those who like bald.

Fade with facial hair

Facial hair has been known far away from now to be one of the most appealing visual characteristics in men. If you join your carefully trimmed beard with equally careful hair is a sure hit.

I hope you understand now the difference between Taper and Fade Haircuts. If there is anything you would like to correct or add on this article about Taper vs Fade, please let us know. As one sided opinion is not always perfect. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends on your favorite social media network.

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