Best beard style bald head Beard styles on bald head Beard styles for bald head Beard styles with bald head. Will You Look Good Bald? Five Ways to Know

Not everyone is a good candidate for a shaved head. That’s just the unfortunate reality, even though some people want you to believe otherwise. Chances are, you’ll look decent bald. However, there is a small possibility that you’re in the unlucky minority, and that you have no business buzzing your head, ever — like me. Beard styles on bald head.

To find out once and for all if you’ll look good bald, read on!

In this post, I’ll go over the five ways to know whether or not you’ll handsome as a bald guy. I’ll also give you some free tips on how to look your best, assuming you have the courage to ditch your mane. First, check out the picture below.

The Five Factors To Consider

Whether or not you look handsome with a bare scalp will mostly be contingent on the following:

1. Your Head Shape

This is factor #1, of course. The nine most common head shapes are oval, round, square, heart, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, diamond, and oblong. Picture below.

I’d say the heart and oblong faces probably look the worst shaved, though there are exceptions. Some guys with oval-shaped heads have a distinct, “egg head” appearance when they buzz off their hair. That’s typically a bad look.

And finally, if you have a cone-shaped head (i.e. an unusually high crown) like I do, then keeping some hair on your dome is recommended, if possible. Most men have decent head shapes. If you’ve ever cut your hair very short and looked good, then you’re probably fine.

2. Head Symmetry

This is fairly straightforward. Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical head, but if the features on each respective side of your head and face — ears, cheek bones, brows, etc. — are mostly congruent, then you’ll probably have no issues rocking a bald head.

3. Your Skin Tone

Generally, tanned dudes look better bald than those who are pasty or albino like. Why? Dark skin conceals flaws and other abnormalities more effectively than light skin. That’s why black guys pretty much always look good bald.

I know the PC police may come after me for that last point, but that’s alright, I can take it.

You’ll have less margin for error if you’re pale, but you can still look sexy bald, I assure you. Case in point: Bruce Willis. Jason Statham isn’t exactly a tan fellow, either. But if you’re a pasty dude and looking to shave your head, adding a little pink to your color will probably help your cause.

Best beard style bald head Beard styles on bald head Beard styles for bald head Beard styles with bald head

4. Your Physical Condition

As I state in my article featuring the top 12 dating tips for bald men, staying in shape is critical! t can help you compete with your more follicly blessed peers. The bald and uber-successful comedian Bill Burr agrees with me, by the way.

Women love the feel of a slick-bald head between their…you know.

But only if the slick-bald head belongs to a fit guy!

Some beefcakes can pull off the buzzed look, granted. But ideally, you should try to stay in shape if you’re going to keep your dome bare. Excess weight may build up in your face and neck otherwise — and that extra girth will be much more noticeable without your hair. You don’t need to get ripped, you just want to avoid getting fat, if possible.

5. Your Skull “Abnormalities”

Does your head have unusual peaks, valleys, dents, or inclines? Mine sure does!

And if you’re like me and your head shape is similar to Mr. Conehead’s, then buzzing off your locks is likely not your best option. And that’s okay.

You have a variety of receding hairline styling options to consider — and of course, there are hair loss treatments available if you’re interested, such as minoxidil and finasteride. Keep in mind that your facial and head scarring, if applicable, will also be more conspicuous if you shave your head.

Before You Bust Out the Clippers…

Here are a few tips to help you look your absolute best as you embark on this journey….

1. Consider Leaving Some Stubble

Maybe take it down to a #1 guard instead of shaving it all off completely. Whether you have a mature hairline or you’re a full type 6 (e.g. Louis CK) on the Norwood Scale, a little stubble can make a big difference.

2. Pay Extra Attention to Your Facial Hair

A well-groomed beard or goatee can compensate for your lack of hair elsewhere. So if you’re going to sport facial hair, make sure it’s well-groomed and crumb-free.

Best beard style bald head Beard styles on bald head Beard styles for bald head Beard styles with bald head

3. Hit the Gym a little Harder

This can’t be emphasized enough. Fit bald guys are always in-demand with the ladies. This is optional, but staying in shape will increase your confidence and your level of perceived manliness. Without question, staying fit is one of the best ways you can deal with hair loss.

4. Accessorize

Again, you probably don’t want everyone to focus exclusively on your bald head, even if it looks fantastic. A nice pair of glasses may be the ticket — even if you don’t need them. Non-prescription lenses are dirt cheap. Invest in some cool shades while you’re at it.

Not a cowboy? No worries, neither are they! Of course, a regular ball cap will work just fine, too. And if your wardrobe’s outdated, give it an upgrade.

5. Find Bald Inspirations and/or a Mentor

Just do some basic Google Image searches. See if you can find good-looking bald dudes with your head shape, and take inspiration from them. Or seek advice from a confident, well put-together bald man in your area. Chances are you can find several bald mentors at your local gym.

A Fun Graphic

Breaking it Down by Race

What % of Men Look Good to Decent Bald?

All these figures are approximate. Yes, this is the second politically incorrect section you’ve read in a row, and there’s another on the way! I’m on a roll. Here goes. I would say:

97% of black men look fantastic bald — that’s why so many black guys with full heads of hair elect to shave it all off!

87% of Latinos look good to okay without hair.

And 75% of Asians — No offense intended. It’s just some bald Asian guys give off a distinct “monk” vibe. If you’re Asian, you’re much less likely to go full-on George Costanza, so that’s the good news.

Another Worst-Case Scenario

You Look Like a Cancer Patient...

When weakly, pale, white guys shave their heads, they can, unfortunately, resemble cancer patients in some cases. But of course, you can fix that problem by getting yourself into shape. Ultimately, what’s worse: looking like you’re on chemo or looking like Prince William? I don’t know either.

But if your hair loss is really getting out of hand and you’re rocking a sloppy-looking Prince William or David Axelrod-like style, shaving it all off may be your best option, no matter how white or weak you are — and even if you’re sporting one of the five worst head shapes for bald men.

Best beard style bald head Beard styles on bald head Beard styles for bald head Beard styles with bald head

Closing Thoughts – Will You Look Good With a Shaved Head?

The only way to know for sure is to try it. Face your fear.

I’d say the majority of men look perfectly fine bald.

Sure, they may lose a point or two on the looks scale, but that’s okay — men don’t have to be pretty! A smaller percentage of guys look good to excellent bald. If you were handsome with hair, you’ll probably be handsome without it, too.

And then, finally, approximately 10-15% of us have no business buzzing our heads, ever. We’re the unlucky minority, as I said earlier!

Let’s wrap this up. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to embracing hair loss — and thankfully, there are effective hair loss treatments available for coneheads like me. Do you agree with the look good bald parameters I set forth in this article? Do you think you’ll look awesome or horrible with a shaved head? Leave a comment and we’ll compare notes.

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