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The trend of having a big bushy beard is normally considered a little scruffy. But for anyone reaching for the razor, you might want to think again. The days when women used to appreciate a man with a clean shaven look may be coming to an end.

While men’s trends change quickly, facial hair, especially beards have never been more appealing. With the beard style back in trend, men are taking utmost advantage of wooing women with a stubble or a long bearded image. It is no secret that fashion is a fickle game and as soon as a trend becomes truly popular and is adopted by celebrities, many want to copy it.

Many celebrities are now sporting long beards. In barbershops and men’s medicine cabinets around the world, sections devoted to facial care have grown. Items such as beard soap, wax, combs and oils have become staples. Beard-appreciating groups have gone viral on social media and men have been flaunting their beards using the hashtag #beardgamesmatters.

One of them is the “Beard Games Matters” Facebook page created by American artist Mike McMillan in an effort to create space where other bearded men could collaborate and learn about his beard care products. To people’s surprise, the group, which boasts 82 000 members, has recently gone viral.

“I am shocked that women really love beard like that. I always thought that they liked it when we had the clean look but I guess I was wrong,” commented one Facebook user Tinei Musano.

Pictures of bearded men are splashed all over the page and all sorts of accolades mainly from women have been thrown. It is quite clear that women have grown to appreciate a well-cared for beard and some have even confessed that bearded men are more attractive.

“A beard is one of the ways that a man can stand out in a crowd without resorting to a too wild for work look. Perhaps men are simply hoping to reclaim a bit of their alpha male status by wearing such a masculine style. It makes them more attractive,” commented one Theresa Chikore on Facebook.

Another reason however that men have turned to growing beards is simply to help them look older or more mature as noted by 23-year-old Tinashe Makamure from Chitungwiza.

Most attractive facial hair styles Most attractive beard styles

“A full beard shows the world that a guy has become a man. I love keeping my beard because I look mature and people respect me more. Of course, the right style can also help an older man show off his youthful side,” he said.

Some ladies also agree with him as said by 29-year-old Tami Mlambo from Avondale.

“This is obviously dependent on many factors and it is completely subjective but I think whether or not a woman likes a beard is a little related to why men love certain features on women. I think a lot of women think facial hair on a man makes him look more masculine and mature. A man, not a boy and I am one of those women. I have always preferred at least a little stubble to a clean face, and my boyfriend has a beard, and I love it,” she said.

Some think that the masculine styles that a beard represents are a direct reflection of the blurred gender roles in society. As women become more powerful and men take on increasingly gender neutral roles, beards are a way of showing the world that a man is still masculine as explained by gospel musician Mathias Mhere.

“Yes I think a beard is really stylish. It just distinguish us men from women and it is one thing we get to keep to ourselves,” he said.

Beards have always held a certain allure for an example, the father in many families is often the one to wear a full beard, while younger men wear more carefully trimmed styles.

Wearing a beard may reflect a bit of yearning for days past when men’s trends relied less on fashion and more on the benefits of age. A study co-authored by Glasgow University’s Dr Anthony Lee and St Andrew’s Sean Talamas, found that a beard could compensate for smaller features. They said “We found that bearded faces in which the jaw size was manipulated to appear less prominent were judged as most attractive, followed by bearded faces and clean-shaven faces with larger jaws.

“Clean-shaven faces with smaller jaws were rated the least attractive”

Most attractive facial hair styles Most attractive beard styles

In the study, 37 male faces were rated for their attractiveness, and dominant appearance, when clean-shaven and fully bearded. For all men having a higher facial width-to-height ratio worked out by measuring distance between cheekbones, the top lip and eyelids was a sign of both masculinity and attractiveness. Some women have confessed that men with beards throw out a confident and strong personality.

“Whether it is a goatee, a stubble, a moustache or a full-grown beard, facial hair make men look confident. There is something about men with beards. They define the sense of being a man. It is the masculine look that just make them attractive,” said 25-year-old Runyararo Fundi from Highfield. “A beard makes men look more mature and serious when compared to men who go clean shaven. This is another reason we love bearded men, because it makes us feel secure and easily rely on them,” said 23-year-old Teclar Masamba from Borrowdale.

Just like any other trend, the beard trend has received both positive and negative feedback and some men like fashion designer Ngonidzashe Motsi are slamming women for supporting the trend.

“I feel it is ridiculous. And especially now that women have taken it up. Most women do not have their natural hair. They have Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian hair, with the majority walking around with cheap weaves and dollar for plenty braids a packet.

“Should men without beards then opt to getting Brazilian and cheap beards, because it is either I have a beard or you do not like me. And it is infuriating if I cannot change that. A lot of women do not even have hairlines, they have cellulite, and all these are things we have to start talking about,” said Motsi.

Clearly the beard trend is causing commotion on men and even leading to insecurities, something that is uncommon among men. Because of that, some men are resorting to beard wigs. Yes, beard wigs do exist and just like any other wig, they come in different textures, colours and sizes. Mildred Kakumi from Waterfalls is a businesswoman who has achieved a lot from selling facial hair.

“I started by selling full head wigs and hair products which I imported from China, however I started receiving requests from men who wanted to grow beards. Some would ask me to find them hair growers and boosters to grow their beards but when I looked into it, I actually saw that there are beard wigs. I purchased a few just to see if they would sell and the sold out within a day,” she said.

It is astonishing to think that some men that are seen around with beard could be rocking fake beards.

Most attractive facial hair styles Most attractive beard styles

“Business has been good. I have a lot of clients and they request different styles. I have taken it upon myself to learn how to cut and style beards so satisfy my clients’ wish,” she said

Trends come and go. It just depends on people if they do want to follow them or make their own. As for musician Dereck Mpofu, he is not worried about women’s perspective but will do what he feels he feels looks good on him.

“I only keep a moustache. I think it works for some ladies and doesn’t work for some,” he said.

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