Funky facial hair styles Funky beard styles. The Ultimate Guide to Men s Hair Beard Grooming Spray - NO GUNK

by Sal Essa September 21, 2016 Funky beard styles.

This couldn't be more true for hair styling. In the 80s the "big hair" phenomena made the hair mousse the product of choice (I thought mousse was just a chocolate cake, I must be a 90s kid.) In the 90s, gel took the spot as the men's grooming staple. In recent times, the advent of products like clay, wax and pomade has come to fulfil the demand for a matte or classical look. Clearly no matter how far we move forward, we still miss the good ol' ways.

The latest trend in the hair styling business is bringing back the "natural" look; fuelled by a rising demand to look, feel, and consume all things natural. This is where our men's Hair & Beard Grooming Spray comes to the rescue.

The Hair & Beard Grooming Spray can offer you softer hair to shape into any hairstyle; a touchable natural shine that can be adjusted; strength & nourishment for your hair & beard, all under one roof. Other products on the market may give you the natural look, but will leave behind a trail of gunky residue on your hands. What a pain...

Funky facial hair styles Funky beard styles

Natural should mean natural. That's why our Gunk Free Spray is simply made of nature's finest Argan oil infused with natural essential oils. They are centuries old & renowned for their nourishing, softening, and strengthening properties for the hair.

Let's move onto the 3-step styling routine:

Preferably after a shower, when you've towel dried your hair, whip out the Hair & Beard Grooming Spray. Before applying, you can comb your hair (optional) for an even easier time. Pump it into your hands and rub them together, right to the finger tips.

Funky facial hair styles Funky beard styles

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