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Only this morning somebody asked me, What is a Moustache? which I thought was a bit odd. But, if you think about it, moustaches are way out of fashion these days, so some people, especially the younger ones, won’t have had much experience of them. Victorian beard styles.

What is a moustache?

In essence, a moustache is the facial hair that’s grown, or left to grow, on the upper lip, ie the space between nose and mouth.

Wikipedia tells us (always be wary of what Wikipedia says, it may or may not be correct) the word moustache is French and derived, via the Latin moustaccium, from the Greek word for ‘lip’: μύλλον or mullon.

Whatever the origins of the word, the moustache as we know it, along with the beard, which is the hair grown on the chin and cheeks, has been a popular ‘accessory’ over the centuries and, as a sign of masculinity in male dominated societies throughout history, it’s easy to see why.

Victorian era beard styles Victorian beard styles

I suspect another reason for the popularity of facial hair over the years may have been the enormous (and bloody) palava a close shave would’ve been before the invention of the various precision razors we have to choose from these days!

Other than once a year for the Movember charity , the moustache on it’s own is currently out of fashion, and even ridiculed to a certain extent. But of course anyone sporting full facial hair has a moustache as well as a beard, so they’re still a common sight.

Like all body hair, moustaches can be styled and shaped according to personal taste and the fashion of the day . Facial hair, including moustaches, have often been seen as symbols of power and authority. In fact, the beard and moustache were a characteristic of almost all great Victorian men but, as Professor Richard J Evans points out (albeit rather drily) it was not always the case:

Victorian era beard styles Victorian beard styles

Unpopular though they undoubtedly are at the moment, as recently as the 1970s the moustache was a definite fashion statement, and men of all ages and backgrounds were keen to grow them. I never grew one on it’s own, preferring the full beard, but I remember many friends showing them off and looking pretty cool, or so it seemed at the time!

If you fancy the idea of growing a full on moustache and you’re looking for some inspirational examples, as well as great tips on how to maintain one, check out the guy in this next vid, I don’t know what you think but I reckon he’s cool!

What do you think? They might be ‘out of fashion’ at the moment but I actually think moustaches can look great, and who wants to be a slave to fashion anyway? My only advice would be to steer well clear of the ‘toothbrush’ moustache, for obvious reasons!

Victorian era beard styles Victorian beard styles

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