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The Undercut and Beard Combination Done Right (B)

Wearing an undercut and beard combination is a very trendy style. Many men sport the reinvented hairstyle and complete it with a full or partial beard. This is a great look, but only if done right. Mustache and beard style guide.

Wearing an undercut with a beard is a look that works well because the two elements that compose it balance each other. If you look at it, the high, long hair of the undercut is almost a mirror-image of a beard. Therefore, a well-proportioned (but not symmetric) undercut – beard combination can make a man look great.

The undercut is a hairstyle in which the sides and back of the head are shaved and long hair is grown at the top of the head. The length of the side hair and the length of the top hair can vary. The undercut is a very modern haircut, but it is based on a haircut that appeared in the Edwardian era and that was reinvented in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1990s and 2010s.

The haircut appeared due to poverty, as many men could not afford to have their hair cut at a barber that could blend in the sides like on a regular haircut, so what they did was to cut the sides very short and very abrupt from the top of the head.

Soon enough, men realized that the undercut was in fact quite a stylish haircut that can be styled in many ways and the trend caught on.

Mustache and beard style guide

Today, there are many variations of the undercut, given especially by the proportions between the short hair and the long hair.

Many mock the undercut saying it looks ridiculous, but the reality is that an undercut done badly can look a bit odd.

If you want to have a great undercut, you must make sure that the proportions between the hair you have on your sides and the hair you have on top of your hair are good. A classic undercut implies very short sides and a long top, but you can create variations on this rule. It is up to you how you mix proportions (very short – very long / very short – short / medium – very long / short – medium /, etc.), but you must have a proportion in mind when you do it.

Also, you need to always make sure that the haircut you have is always in shape (trim or re-do it every three weeks or whenever it is necessary) and that you always keep your hair washed.

Mustache and beard style guide

If you are a man who loves sporting a beard, you probably know a lot about growing and maintaining a beard. However, if you are considering the idea of growing one, you should be aware that the rule of thumb when it comes to beards is they need to be clean and groomed. Regardless of the shape and size of your beard, never go more than three weeks without grooming it one way or the other. Men who are rather hairy should trim and shape their beard more often, probably at least once a week. Always make sure your beard is trimmed, shaped, washed and, if it is necessary, combed.

If you want to sport an undercut and beard combination, you should always remember that if one of the two elements is not in good shape and unclean, the look won’t work and you are most likely going to look rather homeless than fancy.

In conclusion, having an undercut and a beard can make for a great look, but only if the two elements are proportionate and well-groomed. Feel free to play with proportions and with the many ways in which you can style an undercut (to the back, on the side, in a quiff, etc.) and you might be in for an everstylish look.

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Mustache and beard style guide

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