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Spurs star Kawhi Leonard is rocking a new summer look, which made its public debut at Chris Paul’s basketball camp in San Diego this week. Braided beard styles.

The two NBA stars paired up again on the hardwood after going head-to-head in the 2015 NBA Playoffs, but this time it was for a less competitive reason. According to a few Instagram accounts dedicated to posting Los Angeles Clippers and Spurs happenings, Leonard was invited by CP3 to speak to young ballers at the point guard's West Coast Youth Camp.

Unlike his teammates, who share their off-court escapades on social media, not much is known about what Leonard does while he’s not shooting a ball from his massive hands, but thankfully to the spursmemes Instagram account, we know how at least a few hours of his vacation panned out.

Leonard traded in a basketball for a microphone for the occasion and showed up decked out in his signature hand logo on a T-shirt and a cap, tucking away short dreadlocks. Leonard has sported cornrows in the past.

Braided beard styles

The now-bearded Leonard posed with the California campers and handed out big high-fives. It also looks like he has been spending more time in the gym and Spurs fans commenting on the photos took notice.

“Kawhi trying to get the bench press and beard game up,” Instagram user vik.31 commented. “Someone tell Harden we coming baby […]”

And for others, the Leonard’s change was so drastic, they said they didn’t recognize him.

Braided beard styles

Click through the gallery above to check out his new style and catch up with the rest of the team during the off-season during their country-hopping, commercial-starring adventures.

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