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When you are trying to take your beard to the next level, you have to try out different beard styles. Having a beard is on the peak of the list on how to be a real man. Beard is the definition of courage, strength, self-assurance, charisma, reliability and you can be recognized from a faraway distance. Circle beard styles.

In today’s world, parents teach their son to clean shave their face when they are 15 years old and are habituated to have confidence in that they must have a clean-shaven look to look decent in the eyes of culture. However, as with all principles in the past and other generations, it has been confirmed to have been an absurd notion and totally incorrect. As every man with beards were fortunate and had a big advantage with the women.

The function of the beard is to display power and masculinity. The ladies are used to seeing hairless males everywhere and when a man with stylish facial hair walks into the room, he occupies it with his attendance, and instantly all eyes are on him. No women have ever said that they do not like a beard. In fact, they consider a man with a beard to be a reliable person whether as a father or a husband.

Let us explore some of the beard styles which can be your best friend during cold winter nights, make you a happy man along with protecting your face from burns and skin rashes.

1. The Handlebar

While some might confuse it for being a moustache style, it is actually one of the major beard styles that is getting popular. Most men adore this look but they are afraid to try it on. If you are thinking of something to upgrade your look, you should try this. Even though the full look will happen after 90 days, meaning three months, you will still manage to appear handsome in the growing process.

By the time it is maturing, you will need to use wax to keep hairs away from your mouth. Unless you ever had a handlebar before, your moustache believes it is going to be like its usual self and will not look anything like you want. its natural pattern.

Circle beard in style

Lip hair follows a pattern for growth. You can train them to grow in the direction you wish using the wax. Proper utilization of the wax can result in a beautiful handlebar in no time. A curly moustache has always been a companion to German dictators and if you think you are one of the extremes, this is perfect for you. The style requires patience and wax. Twist the moustache’s ends every day thrice and you will get the shape you want after a few days. Grow a beard to accompany the moustache.

2. The Full Beard

Whether it is this year or the next, one thing for sure is that the full beard will never go out of style. You can look back to the past or the present days, you will see that while many beard styles come and go, this one stays. While other beard styles will ask you to use wax, or use beard trimmers, the full beard can have an impact on how you treat yourself.

Also, there are some hurdles you have to deal with such as the itchiness that lasts for a week. You can reduce the itchiness by using a skin moisturizer. Let us get back to the part, where you should take care of yourself for being the master of a full beard. Rather than only focusing on beard products, concentrate on your diet and get a good night’s rest. If you are not a constant routine, you can forget about this look. You will need testosterone in your body so that facial hair can grow. Those who slept less and tried to grow a full beard had patchy areas that were not filling in. It is one of the beard styles that takes a lot of commitment and gravity. To take care of the beard and the skin underneath, you can shampoo it so that all the bacteria and dead skin wash away. The best part about this look is it goes perfectly with any face shape: round, square, rectangle or oval. While choosing a moisturizer, you can go with the one that has eucalyptus. Those who looking for forward to grow the full beard quicker can try facial massage and keeping the skin clean.

3. Extended Goatee

Most men confuse it with Hollywoodian beard but they are not the same thing. The extended goatee does not accompany a sideburn. It is also known as a tailback beard because it is a blend of both moustache and goatee. Goatees come in other forms as well such as full one and classic goatees. It is for those who do not like to groom themselves each and every day as this style does not require much upkeep.

You need a shaver to get this style and have to work through your cheeks and chin until you get the main outline. You can begin an inch above the Adam’s apple. As mentioned before, to have a full beard you need to have a proper diet and perfect sleep. If you are someone whose daily life does not incorporate these two things, you can go with this look.

Circle beard in style

The requirements for this look is a medium stubble and the mustache. It can match any type of shape but looks excellent on oval or square faces rather than round ones. A lot of celebrities go with the goatee look starting from everyone’s favorite Colonel Sanders to the Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio. A tip to maintain the look is to ensure that the moustache is well defined and sharp corners should be present at the jaw line. The two sides should be symmetrical.

4. Balbo

If you have watched Iron Man or Avengers you should have seen the Balbo beard style. In fact, the actor has been going with this style for many years. If you can maintain it and matches your features, you will not need to worry about changing your beard style for a long time.

Italo Balbo was the first person to wear this style during the World War II. He was a Mussolini assailant and from there the name of the look came. At that time, some of the men tried to copy his beard style but he did not receive any fame or recognition then. As of recent years, it is one of the most popular beard styles.

The requirements are: growing a beard for more than a month, leaving hair on chin and a mustache. A long beard will let you shape. Define the contours that will let you trim your old beard into a Balbo shape. You will need a razor and a beard trimmer for this look. During trimming, begin from your ears, there should be a space of one-fourth of an inch within the mustache and goatee. It is the main part of the Balbo look. Combing is what you have to do for the beard’s upkeep.

5. Circle Beard

Circle beard is considered as one of the decent styles that have solidity and firmness. As you can tell from the name, it is going to be similar to a circle because the mustache and beard are supposed to connect to each other in a round manner. Men with round face have issues finding a beard shape and style that matches with their features. The circle beard goes suitably with the round face.

Circle beard in style

Do not think that it is a child’s play to maintain this. You must trim it regularly and do not let it grow out. The requirements are a light mustache, but not too light. Grow a goatee and then add a round shape for the outcome to be a circle beard. Celebrities like Kanye West and Brad Pitt are going with this style and you can too.

For this look, you will require a beard trimmer and select the length of 3mm to 5mm. Your cheeks should be clean and free of hair. The secret to getting this look is all about shape. Ensure that both sides appear the same. People attempting this look for the first time make the mistake of making two sides look different. If you know how to grow a goatee, this should be less difficult for you. The circle beard is being a trend in this year. It is a style that will last and not just disappear.

Here you have explored five beard styles to try. The most important part is to take care of the beard no matter which style you pick. Do not forget about the bacteria that grows so you need to wash it on a regular basis. Whether you want the full beard or the Balbo, you can get it all. Do not be afraid of trying them and remember that you will look excellent. Grow out your beard and keep your face groomed and under control all the time. Do not forget that your facial hair will be in first-class condition if you are using tools that are of high-quality: the best beard trimmer, facial hair care products and etc.

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