Biker facial hair styles. The Comprehensive Fall 2017 Beard Guide

The Comprehensive Fall 2017 Beard Guide

For those of you without beards you may ask, “are beards fashionable?” The answer is yes! Searches for the term “beard styles” have been steadily rising and beards have been gaining more and more notoriety. And even if you are skeptical about growing a thick, bushy beard, there are many levels and styles that you can adopt to match your overall look. As summer fades and fall comes into full swing, it’s a perfect time to contemplate growing a beard if you don’t have one, or mixing up your beard style if you do. Biker beard styles.

If you already have a beard or have had one in the past, you know it’s a special thing. When you stop shaving it off and let it grow, you find that having a beard is an amazing feeling. Looking at yourself in the mirror is a different experience than when your face is clean-shaven. You feel a sense of satisfaction and pride.

If you know the feeling, and you already have solid facial hair, come visit our salon. Our barbering students* can help you renew your beard and give it a new look.

Iconic Beard Styles That Are In

Here’s a guide on some top-notch beard looks for those who already have thick facial hair:

Bandholz - The Bandholz is named after a famous beard-man, Eric Bandholz. This beard style is all about letting the beard swallow your face. The Bandholtz is also much more distinct if you can tell where the mustache and beard separate. This beard style is absolutely timeless.

Garibaldi - This beard, long and thick, is much more blended than the Bandholz. The upper lip hair and beard are all united and flow into each other seamlessly. The bottom of the beard should be rounded, which makes this beard a great style for people with round or square faces.

The Broad Beard - The top of this beard should be kept clean cut and tidy. Sideburns need to blend perfectly into the hair. The bottom of the beard, on the other hand, can get long and thick. This beard is best complemented by a short haircut that blends everything together nicely.

Lumberjack - This beard is another great look for long bearded gentlemen. This one should also have clean sideburns that blend short hair into a full beard. Shape the bottom of the beard into a point, but cut the tip of the point off for a classic look.

Biker facial hair styles

No beard yet? Here’s some looks that you can start growing today, so put that razor down!

Thin Beard - This beard is commonly mistaken as “scruff,” but it’s not. This beard is just past the point of “scruff” and just short a full-blown beard. Some beards make young men look old, but this beard provides its wearers with a youthful look. All you have to do is make sure the lines are straight and well kept. You can wear this beard style as a stepping stone to one of the styles mentioned above, too.

Tapered Beard - This is a great look if you have super short hair. Instead of letting the beard spread across your entire face, taper and fade it so it starts more near the middle of your cheek. This is a great sporty look that doesn’t take too long to grow.

Full and Thick - This is a very popular beard style that you can grow in a short amount of time. Simply keep your beard at a consistent length across your entire face and keep a nice diagonal line down your cheek. Make sure it’s full, but don’t let it get too long. Keep it trimmed and tidy.

What Not to Wear: Beards Edition

While beards can be incredibly handsome and fashionable, there are certain looks that should be completely avoided. Actually, just one look that should be avoided: The Bearded Bum.

If you are going to grow a beard, adopt one of these styles or another good style. Don’t grow facial hair and never give it the attention that it needs. Why? Because an unruly beard is frowned upon in most social circles.

Other than The Bearded Bum, get creative with your beard and try new styles and looks. There’s so much you can do with a good beard, for example…

Biker facial hair styles

Make Your Beard Halloween Worthy

You can make your beard part of your Halloween costume this year. Hey, you can even make your beard the costume. Check out some of these awesome Halloween beards.

Spiderweb Beard - Go for a classic Halloween beard by adding some fake spiders and webbing. Easy, quick, and your friends will praise you for your Halloween spirit!

”Wolf Beard” - This is next level stuff. If you take this route for Halloween, you deserve a trophy!

Pick-a-Theme - A nice feature of beards that is usually overlooked is the fact that you can attach things to it. These guys are perfect examples. Pick a Halloween theme for your beard, and dress it up.

Old man - With the help of a little temporary white or grey dye, you could do an awesome old man costume. This can also be used to make a sweet wizard costume.

Be a Biker - Bikers are famous for their beards. If you have a beard, just throw on some leather, a bandana, and voila; you’re a biker!

Need Beard Help?

If you want help styling your beard just right or you want to create an insane Halloween beard, a good barber is where you should go. Our salon

Biker facial hair styles

is full of barbering students* who can help you trim, style, and shape your beard to get the look you are going for.

Become a Barber

If you want to become a barber, you’re in the right place. Paul Mitchell the School Salt Lake City can help you take your passion for beards and turn it into a career. Call us at 801-266-4693 to learn more about our barbering program!

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