Biker facial hair styles. GTA 5' Bikers DLC Release Date: New Motorcycles, Melee Weapons, Clothing And More Arrive Oct. 4 IMAGES,

At long last, Rockstar finally announced its GTA 5 Bikers DLC release date. The next update arrives on Oct. 4 and will bring a lot of really cool surprises. Rockstar also shared four screenshots from its new update on its Newswire, which we'll get to later. Biker beard styles.

Tipsters on the GTA Forum have already uncovered a lot of the contents in GTA Online: Bikers – motorcycle clubs invade Los Santos and Blaine County, bringing a new criminal underwater to disrupt the likes of mob bosses from the Finance and Felony and Executives and Other Criminals update.

Rockstar did not delve into the new competitive and co-op game modes coming to Bikers, but GTA 5 tipster Yan2295 shared the following source codes back in July: am_mp_personal_mod_garage, gb_biker_bad_deal, gb_biker_initiation, gb_biker_joust, gb_biker_rescue_contact and gb_vehicle_export.

Early rumors suggested that the am_mp_personal_mod_garage could be a sixth property for players, but we now know the property will be the MC Clubhouses with a special custom Biker mechanic. What's more, tipsters also expect the "gb" abbreviation in five of the source codes stand for "goon boss," which are likely VIP or Boss style game missions.

Biker facial hair styles

Surprisingly, Rockstar did keep one feature a secret – melee weapons. And not just new weapons to use, but any melee weapon in GTA online can be swung Road Rash style at rival bikers while riding a motorcycle. That alone makes the new GTA Online Biker worth the wait.

Of course, the latest GTA Online update will come with an assortment of new vehicles, weapons, clothing and more. First up is the new Western Rat Bike, featured in the picture with the biker swinging a machete. The Western Rat Bike has the signature rusty patina that rat rodders love. The one in the pic also features a cool little monkey seat on the back. Finally, the tires on this Western Rat Bike are not the same front and rear. The front features a classic white wall look while the rear is a little sportier with an Atomic stenciled to the sidewall.

Also note that the rider is wearing a new spiked bracelet, denim vest, big Mad Max style boots and a whole bunch of tattoos.

Biker facial hair styles

Next, the red bike doing a wheelie is all-new and also features a new set of wheels. The bike looks like a trials bike, yet its trussed chassis frame and red paint job looks more akin to a Ducati Monster motorcycle. The rider on the red bike is rocking some fresh gear as well, including a pair of shades that T-Pain would wear. Finally, the tires that are on the orange bike in the forefront once again features different types of tires front and rear, which suggests future mods will give us the choice of different tires front and rear.

Onto the group photo, we're seeing a lot of new apparel, tattoos and hairstyles in the new update. First thing are the vests, each with special titles on the left chest that indicate rank. First, the dude in the center is wearing a vest that reads "President," which suggests apparel may be exclusive to the position your character will have within the motorcycle the right is a guy wearing ripped jeans and a new leather motorcycle cruiser jacket with an "Enforcer" patch. To the left is a dude with a new Mohawk haircut, a new beard, a bunch of new tattoos, new jeans, a new melee axe, and a vest with a patch reading "Sgt. At Arms." Finally, the woman sitting on the Zombie chopper in the back features a new haircut, a sleeve tattoo on her left arm, new fishnet stockings, motorcycle boots, and a vest that reads "Vice President."

This final picture has the most moving parts of all. First, the guy in the forefront is riding on a Wolfsbane chopper from GTA 4 The Lost and Damned and it's great to see this motorcycle return in the new GTA 5 update. He is wearing a blue beanie with white stars, as well as a denim vest with a whole bunch of rad patches along the torso. Robust looking riding jeans complete the look.

Biker facial hair styles

Next, the guy on the left features a similar outfit with a different color vest as well as what looks to be a new hairstyle. Behind him is an older guy that is also wearing red vest and possibly new pants. To the far right on a Zombie bike is a rider wearing another vest, a skull cap and what looks like camo pants.

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