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The beard trend is commonly associated with Caucasian adult males. If you try to Google pictures of a beautiful beard, you will probably be presented with hundreds of different images of white men sporting thick, black or brown beards that perfectly complement their pompadour. This leaves us wondering about the African American brothers. Should they hop onto the beard bandwagon or remain with the old school facial hair styles? The answer is quite simple. When there is a particular facial hair style trending around the globe, men of all races and ethnicities should give it a try. Black beard styles.

Black men look quite appealing when they are clean shaved. But the beard is not a bad addition to their appearance. As a matter of fact, it can enhance their visual appeal to a great extent. Even though there are plenty of unique beard styles that you can try out, there are certain that must be avoided on account of the fact that they may not suit your facial features. In simpler words, some beard styles look great on black men while others don’t. It is not really a hard concept to wrap your head around.

The following are some of the most popular beard styles among black men. If you are bored of the same old, monotonous clean shaven look, then you should definitely experiment with one or more of these striking beard styles:

We start off with something that is undoubtedly the most popular beard style of them all. The full classic beard is often misinterpreted as a beard style that requires minimal effort to maintain. Sure, you don’t have to shave every week, but that does not exempt you from trimming your beard and conditioning it on a regular basis. If you have the power to grow a full beard, then you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. A black man with a thick black beard can really make a strong style statement. Once you have the full beard in place, you are not going to face problems asserting your dominance in public. It goes without saying that this look is both intimidating and charming. A full beard will definitely alter the appearance of your face. Thus it is a great option for black men who have always been clean shaved.

Black beard trimming styles

Some suggest that the chinstrap makes you look like a wannabe celebrity. But if you have a bold personality and aren’t afraid of being in the limelight, then there is nothing wrong with going for this look. It was never a sin to crave for attention. Besides, just because you have a chinstrap does not necessarily mean that you are an attention seeker. The chinstrap facial hair style is essentially an extension of your trimmed sideburns that trace the jaw line. This beard style has been popularized by some of the most well known figures in modern day music such as 50 Cent and Ice Cube. The chinstrap works really well with a cool moustache.

Do you have a knack for looking classy and elegant? Then the van Dyke and goatee combo is exactly what you need. If you are a black man with a rounded baby face, you are going to look incredibly handsome with this beard combo. It is a chick magnet without a doubt and one that is going to make you look like the most accomplished man in the room. It must be said that this facial hair style requires plenty of maintenance. Therefore, if you are not the kind of guy who likes to work on his beard, then you may want to try something simpler.

Speaking of simpler, the soul patch is probably the fastest and easiest way to grow a beard. Depending on your personal preferences, this unique style can be very wide or very narrow. The reason why it is called the soul patch is because it covers the small patch of hair that is situated right underneath your lower lip. Some believe that the soul patch does not really qualify as a beard as it doesn’t alter the appearance of your face to a great extent. However, we can assure you that a nice soul patch will give you an edgier look and make you appear less mundane than the average clean shaven black dude.

Black celebrity beard styles

The scruffy stubble isn’t exactly for all black men. Growing a sexy stubble is highly dependent on the nature of your genetic traits. It is the perfect look for the modern, professional and urban black man. Let your facial hair grow out for a few days before trimming up the areas around the neck and the cheek. Many have claimed that this beard style is the easiest to maintain.

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