Popular beard styles 2013. 3 Most Popular Beard Styles Coombe Barton

I know, I know –, you’,re hesitant to grow out your beard. Maybe you don’,t like the way it grows, or maybe it makes you feel itchy. The truth is, beards aren’,t supposed to be comfortable, they’,re a sign of virility and manliness -and does a manly man complain about an itch? Popular beard styles.

Alright, I’,ll drop the macho act.

The truth is that long before even the Civil War, beards have gone in and out of style. We are currently in one of those phases where have a nice well-trimmed beard is once again fashionable. If you want to have a sleek, well-groomed and comfortable beard you need to find a style and the best beard trimmer to fit your needs. I’,m going to tell you about three of the most popular beard styles out there today to help you decide what the best fit for your face is.

Top 10 beard styles 2014

More officially known as the Balbo, this style puts you well on your way to an Iron Man worthy presence. All you’,d still need is the suit. This look is more suited to men with narrow chins and those who don’,t want to deal with the hassle of longer facial hair growth. This can also be tweaked quickly into an extended goatee.

By Season 5, Walter White had ditched his timid school teacher look and hardened his features up with a nice circle beard. For less intimidating examples you can see photos of Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio sporting this look from time to time. This is a good look for those with a more round shaped face.

Most popular beard styles

Although theoretically simple, pulling off stubble and still looking clean and well-kept can be a challenge. Make sure to keep your neck and cheeks well-trimmed to avoid wandering into dangerous territory. Be careful edge shaving. The best beard trimmer you can find will assist you greatly in this endeavor.

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