Popular beard and mustache styles. 7 Beard Styles For Men In 2017 - Facial Hair, Short Beard, Stubble Regal Gentleman

We always see predictions and talks about "peak beard" and how the "beard is dead", but I think it's quite clear to see that the beard is still here in 2017, just in several different variations! Popular beard styles.

Perhaps the longer length beards that we really saw a year ago aren't as common amongst the masses now, but a lot of beards are still here to stay! So here's a look at 7 popular beard styles that you can look to for inspiration in 2017!

Probably one of the most common beard styles of 2017. As those longer length beards from 2016 start to come down, more and more gents are going for a shorter, cleaner style with their beards!

For gents not ready to give up on facial hair, the stubble beard is a great look - with relatively easy upkeep aswell, depending on how fast your manly mane grows!

Images of new beard styles

As fades are a part of almost every popular haircut right now in some way or another, the fade has moved down into the beard! Pairs well with a fade haircut, as keeps the sides short and well defined!

As more gents are starting to add a beard trim into their haircut routine, facial fuzz is starting to get more well groomed. The shaped cheek line beard gives a sharp line with a razor or clippers to define the shape of the beard and face!

For you gents who do want to keep a longer length beard, a popular trend is to have the side of the hair faded and the top of the beard also faded to blend in with this. This keeps the side of the hair and beard very clean and sharp!

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The David Brent / Craig David is back, but now looking a lot more stylish and well groomed in 2017! Works well for gents with strong jawlines!

And finally, the bearded gentlemen here may want to look away for this one!! But the clean shaven look has come back to reality, with more men getting rid of their facial fuzz altogether!

Most popular beard styles 2012

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